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Postby Mo Novaya » Tue Nov 02, 2004 3:53 pm

Le Fae wrote:Le Fae: It is possible, of course. If so, he is more a fool than I thought -- he will be as incapacitated by the collar as we are. More, actually, since we have had some time to learn to adjust for its effects. This may be our best chance to get rid of him.....

Ben: Hrmph..mpfhteeheee.......Oh-My-Gosh! :lol: *MWAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!*

Narrater: All LUGs turn silently towards Ben as he bursts out into excessive laughter.

Jade: Um, Ben... Are you alright?

Ben: *WHUIHIHIHUAHA!!!* :lol: :lol: You really GOT me there, elfgirl!

Le Fae: I'm. Not. An. Elf! :evil:

Ben: Whatever! ^_^ Heehee! *wipes off tears while he catches his breath* Faerie! Hight Court! Puck! That was the most wonderfully told campfire story I've ever heard! And how y'all played along... great show, folks! Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got an urgent business to take care of, if ya know what I mean.. be right back. Heh, leave me one of them marshmallow things, will ya?... *giggles* Puck!

Narrater: With that, he wanders off into the bus.

Jade: Sorry for that. I, uh, barely know him. :oops:

Le Fae: Anyway. *cough* As I was saying - Puck is probably not far off, and we need to decide whether and how to take action.

Nocturne: Why, I'll go for him on my own if neccessary... :mad:

Kenny: Yay! Let's go kick a--

Jade: AHEM! Watch it, kid.

Kenny: Sorry. :oops:

PieceFrog: What do you think, boss?

Sendaz: Hmm... I'm thinking that the best thing we can do right now, is probably... nothing.

Le Fae: But-
Nocturne: But-

Clang: Aaawww.. No buttkicking? :(

Sendaz: ...because if Puck really is a coward, it won't be an easy thing to chase him down; especially considering that we're not exactly the most inconspicuous of travellers. :roll: We could lose valuable time, which we can't afford, if I may remind you. And splitting up? I wouldn't want to do that at this point. Again, time is not on our side, and our mission is too important to take such risks. We must not lose focus.

Mtaal: But the collar-

Sendaz: Indeed, if he really is attracted to the power of the collar, I don't think it will be long before we will encounter him... one way or another. And when he does show up, we better be prepared. *stares into the dark of night* I have a feeling it won't be long...

Atticus Funt: "Dun dun DUNNN!" :)

All LUGs: :?

Atticus Funt: What? It was the obvious thing to say... :oops:

* * *

Narrater: Five minutes later. Sendaz, Le Fae, Mtaal, PieceFrog, DemonStalker and Atticus are still sitting around the campfire. The other lugs have returned to the comfy inside of the bus, but only few are able to sleep at all.

Mo: Oh great. I'm gonna die in a friggin' dirty desert, ain't I? :sniff:

Stargirl: Wha-? Oh I see, you're still in bat-mode. ^_^;

Mo: I'd friggin' transform alright, but I'm too low on energy.. :mad:

Penguins!: What does that mean?

Mo: Right, like anyone cares... :roll: Our collar-bound F.O.D. master-consumer has prohibited me from getting another food ration before morning.. cause I already ate twice as much as everyone else yesterday. Big deal. :evil:

Liria: Well, I guess he has to be a bit strict with the rations, even more so as we are more persons than he originally had planned for... Wait a minute. Are you saying that your transforming ability depends on food?? :?

Mo: Not directly, but it does burn a great amount of energy... think of it as extreme sport. Plus, the collar makes it an even bigger effort. So, I'll have to wait with the transforming until breakfast. If I even endure that long. I hate my life. :sniff:

Erka: The question is, will we endure that long with you doing your manic-depressive-bat monologue? :mad: Cause I'm gettin' hungry for blue-colored annoying rodents, y'know... :twisted:

Mo: Go ahead. End my suffering. I've been waiting for this moment... :puppyeye:

Jade: No worries ladies, for I can help. *pulls a muffin out of his bag* I thought this would come in handy eventually.

Mo: *eyes the muffin conspicuously* Blueberry flavored?

Jade: Naturally. Thought I'd forgotten? :wink:

Narrater: They watch Mo amazed as the small blue bat devours the entire muffin - which is bigger than her head, I should add - in a matter of seconds. :eep:

Mo: What? I'm hungry. :P Now step back a bit, unless you wanna get hurt.

Narrater: And so Mo does her now-not-so-exciting-anymore transforming act and then, as a blue-skinned humanoid, falls around Jade's neck and gives him a spontanious kiss on the cheek. :roll:

Mo Novaya: My hero! ^_~

Jade: Well, err... :oops: May the Muffin be with You... :P

Erka: Guys? Get a room. :roll:

* * *

Narratir: In the meanwhile, outside...

Le Fae: ...Don't get me wrong, I do understand your decision. But I can't tell you how much the bare thought of his presence troubles me. Just sitting here doing nothing feels like such a mistake...

Sendaz: I know, but there is nothing we can do about it tonight. Look, we are now a group of more than twenty, and some of them have not the slightest idea of what sort of evil we are talking about here. Even though they heard your tale about the Puck, I am quite sure they have not actually realized the danger of our position... And yes, being the leader of this mission, I do feel responsible for the safety of each and every cub in that bus.

Le Fae: Big Daddy has spoken... :P

Sendaz: Heh. And like I said... I have a feeling that it won't be long until--

Narratir: He is interrupted by the sound of the bus door being shut, and the six lugs turn simultaneously towards the approaching figure. They recognize Bunny M as he steps into the dancing firelight.

Atticus: Hey Bunny! Fancy a marshmallow? :D

Mtaal: But I thought you'd eaten the last one?

Atticus: Oooh.. right. :oops: I forgot.

Bunny M: Don't worry, we have bigger concerns right now than the absence of snacks. *turns to Sendaz* Someone is taking a walk out there in the dark.. on his own. I saw him leave the bus a few minutes ago and then watched him on the monitor...

Sendaz: Hmm... I can't say this surprises me.

Le Fae: And I think we all know who it is... :roll: Should we go after him?

Sendaz: ...No.

Atticus: But-

Sendaz: He knows what he's getting himself into, and there is no reasoning with him when he acts like this.

Mtaal: Well, we could just knock him out, tie him up and drag him back into the bus.

All: :?

Mtaal: *shrugs* Just a thought.

Bunny M: Anyway, he'll soon be out of radar range...

Le Fae: ...and the fire orbs aren't working because of the collar...

Sendaz: we'll lose all contact with him. I see. *sighs* Alright. I'll send someone to keep an eye on him... but without getting noticed. Bunny M, would you please go and get Mo?

BunnyM: Um.. Sure, boss. *walks off*

Mtaal: Mo? But- I mean, isn't she, you know, a bit- err--

Sendaz: You don't know as much about her background as I do.(*) :wink: She'll do fine as a scout. Trust me.

Mtaal: No offense meant.. :oops: I just mean, when she's a bat, she's kinda.. weird. Sort of.. fickle, you know...?

Sendaz: Oh, that. Well, yes, but I think if we promise her enough blueberries for the effort, I imagine she'll be quite reliable. :wink:

Narratir: Bunny M returns with Mo Novaya, who gives the round an uncertain look; after Sendaz has explained the situation, she nods in comprehension.

Mo Novaya: ...but how am I gonna stay in touch with you?

Sendaz: Well, we don't have any working communication equipment just now.. but I'd expect that with your sense of echolocation, you wouldn't have any problems with finding your way back to us.

Mo Novaya: Well yeah, but if you travel on before I come back... *passes an alarmed glance at the bus*

Sendaz: I expect you to return as soon as the sun rises - whether with or without Nocturne -, and we'll be waiting for you.

Atticus: But what if-

Sendaz: And if we for whatever reason have to move, we'll leave traces. Don't worry. We're not gonna leave you here. But we're running out of time... I'd just like you to keep an eye on him, and if he gets into serious trouble, come back to alarm us. Look, if you feel uncomfortable about this, you don't have to do it.

* * *

Narratur: Later, a few miles away from the camp, a dark figure which is well known to us wanders swiftly through the desert night, stopping every once in a while to take a sharp look around, and murmures to himself...

Nocturne: Focus my butt. I'm not gonna let him get away... not thisss time...

Narratur: Not far behind him, he is being followed by a tiny shadow in the sky. *cue Pink Panther main theme* A shadow, who also murmures to itself...

Mo: Holy carp, that better be a whole bush of blueberries... :mad:

(*) See "Thunderdome Secret Origins Vol. #1", available nowhere in this dimension.
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Postby paranoir » Mon Nov 08, 2004 4:05 pm

Narratoor: In the middle of... well, nowhere I've ever really been before, an odd looking teenager and a pink rabbit appear. They -

Janice: Save it, toots.

Narratoor: I beg your pardon?

Janice:(*whirls around*) Shut yer trap! I do the introductions around here!

Narratoor: Fine. (*walks off in the other direction, sucking his thumb*)

Janice: The marvellous ParaNoir, as skilled as he is wonderful, his fasion sense rivalled only by -

ParaNoir: (*rubs amulet, as his clothes suddenly change into that of a pirate's*)

Janice: himself, and a fan-damn-tastic Esquilax, he's here at the ready, for anything anyone could throw at him.

ParaNoir: Arr. (*looks around*) ...where are we??
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Postby Sendaz » Mon Nov 08, 2004 10:38 pm

Al Avkr, speaker for the tribe: The two pilgrims continue their way through the desert night, when Meheret stops yet again.

Hyena: *high pitched laughter*

Addis: Abba, tell me what you hear now.

Meheret: Hyena. The Devourer. Something has drawn the hunters out this night.


ParaNoir: Arr. (*looks around*) ...where are we??


Nocturne: I'd say your exactly 10 seconds away from getting a third breathing hole unless you can explain who you are and what the carp your doing out here. Who sent you? Drake? The Professor? Puck? :evil:

ParaNoir: Um...who? what? There is no need to swear you know.

Jane: You don't have to take that from him!

Nocturne: Who said that? :? *keeps the gun trained on Paranoir while glancing about for the source of the other voice.*

SnakeEyes: Itsssssss the tassssty bunnnnnny

Nocturne: Where? I don't see it.

SnakeEyes: Right by the huuuuman....sssssss....

ParaNoir: What was that? :shock:

Janice: It's the big black snake hanging off the guy. And who are you calling tasty you sorry excuse for a belt?!? :evil:

SnakeEyes: Ssssssssssssssssss...........

ParaNoir: You sure? I can't see a thing.

Janice: Open you eye!

ParaNoir: They are open!

Janice: Your other eye! Like back in glamour school.

ParaNoir: Oh yeah. :oops:

Naratoor: Both men cautiously expand their senses, letting their Sight gaze on the other and their companions.......

Nocturne: This is just wierd.

ParaNoir: Yeah.

Naratoor: The two men stare at each other, then slowly the pair begin to chuckle. The dusky armed gentleman lowers his weapon and reholsters it.

Nocturne: Looks like we both have a spiritual monkey on our backs.

ParaNoir: Yep. :wink:

Janice, SnakeEyes: Hey! :x

Nocturne, ParaNoir: *laughs*

Mo Novaya: *circling overhead* Freaks :roll:


Narrator: Meanwhile the stars look down on our campsite, finding Sendaz and Co. pouring over a rough map of the region.

DemonStalker: So where do we go from here?

Jade: Umm.. I might have an idea about that.

Sendaz: Oh?

Jade: May I?

Sendaz: Be my guest...

Narrator: The lad moves forward and begins tracing a finger along the surface of the map.

Jade: We know the convoy passed through Kairyo back in Word War II. Mr Stalker's patrol met up with them here. *points to a spot on the map* Now, Camp Hippogriff.....

Penguins: What's a Hippogriff? :?

Kenny: It's a mythological beast with the body of a horse and the head, wings and claws of an eagle.

Penguins: Oh.

Jade: Right, Camp Hippogriff is where...

Penguins: Are they still around?

Le Fae: Not around here, they are magical creatures and typically aren't found in the Lands of Man.

Penguins: Oh.

Jade: Like I was saying, :x we found the patch a---

Penguins: So what did they eat? I mean, did they eat grass like a horse or meat like an eagle?

Erka: Legends say they ate inquisitive little penguins who ask too many questions. :twisted:

Penguins: :shock: *gulps* :shock:

Jade: Thank you Erka. As I was saying, the patch turned up at Camp Hippogriff, which is here. *points to a spot a day's travel southwest of their current location.*

DemonStalker: So that's our next stop then?

Jade: Well, it would be the most logical place to go. The patch means they went through there, or at least one of them did. Might find a clue as to where they went next. Plus we could restock our supplies there. Unless you like short rations.

Le Fae: Sounds good to me!

Sendaz: You think they'll have F.O.D. there?

Jade: Probably not sir.

Sendaz: Carp. :x But you're right of course. Okay, Camp Hippogriff it is. We'll leave in the morning after Mo (and with any luck, Nocturne) returns.
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Postby paranoir » Tue Nov 09, 2004 12:44 am

Naratoor: Making their way across the barren land, our four intrepid explorers -

Janice: Excuse me?

Naratoor: O-huh?

Janice: We're standing right here, y'know.

Naratoor: *slightly worried* ...yes?

Janice: Therefore you shouldn't insult us, bub!

Naratoor: I'm sorry, but did you just call me bub?

Janice: Insult as again, and you'll find yourself in a very bad position.

Naratoor: Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy...

Janice: Relax, bub. I'm screwing with you.

Naratoor: *token sweat drop*

ParaNoir: So... where're we goin?

Nocturne: To find Puck.

Janice: Is that like finding Nemo or something??

ParaNoir: *turns to Janice* I doubt it. Puck though.... wasn't Puck from A Midsummer Night's Dream?

Nocturne: No. Well, actually, yes.

ParaNoir: Yes??? That's like... I mean, wow!

Janice: You'll have to excuse my human, he has no friends, and therefore reads books. Including, as you've probably already figured out by now, Shakespeare.

ParaNoir: Hey, shut up! A Midsummer Night's Dream is a play, not a book! *snorts indignantly*

Janice: See whaddamean?

Nocturne: Puck is not good. Puck is a bad faerie, not some kind of... celebrity.

SnakeEyes: Ssssilly boy.

Janice: *glares at SnakeEyes* He's not silly! He's just... mis... guided.

Naratoor: A silence falls over the quartet of wonderous... uh... *thinks* people... untill -

Janice: Huh. What's with the bat?

Naratoor: Janice asks suspiciously as she raises a furry, pink-tinged paw to the glistening night sky, alerting the others as -

Nocturne, SnakeEyes, ParaNoir and Janice: Shut up!! .... :? That was weird.

Nocturne: *sigh* Mo! Come down!

Mo: *swoops down* You called?

Nocturne: Why're you tailing us?

Mo: Sendaz told me to. I'm trying to bring you back to camp.

Naratoor: At this, the pretty bunny's ears prick up, and she thinks to herself...

Janice: [internal monologue] My paws are sore. I'm damn hungry, this place is getting to me, as are the present company, and Sparky here could sure use a bath... we gotta go to camp. I'll have to be subtle about it, though...[/internal monologue] Alright! Now listen here, Nocturne! My paws are sore. I'm damn hungry, this place is getting to me, as are the present company, and Sparky here could sure use a bath... we gotta go to camp.

Nocturne: I dunno...

Janice: C'mon, Noccy... You know you want to... *thinks* We could get more people, so we could find this Puck guy quicker....

Nocturne: .....still....

Mo: Le Fae seemed pretty antsy. I'm sure she'd be willing to help...

Nocturne: *sigh* ...oh, alright.

Janice: Thank the Lord!

Mo: *looks at ParaNoir* I'm Mo, by the way.

Naratoor: And so our five wonderous explorer-types make their way home, where new adventures soon await them. For there will always be -

Nocturne, SnakeEyes, ParaNoir, Janice andMo: Shut up!! Oh carp, not again!
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Postby Quästor » Tue Nov 16, 2004 10:37 am

Sendaz: Carp. But you're right of course. Okay, Camp Hippogriff it is. We'll leave in the morning after Mo (and with any luck, Nocturne) returns.

Narratir: With that said the Lugs start to look for some means to kill the time 'till morning comes since only few of the LUGs dare to sleep after being informed there is an evil elven on the loose.
Soon the group disbands after Clang's sugestion for reverse Strip-Poker(*) was denied in unison.
While Pengs and her new friend start toying with the radio looking for a decent programm, Quastor takes

Quästor Please exuse me but...There's something that's bothering me and I thought maybe....?

What’s on your mind?

Quästor Well I have to admit that I'm downright impressed by your regenerative abilities....

Hold it right there! I really don’t like the way you are grinning!

Quästor What’s wrong with a gentle smile?

Narratir: Perhaps that yours is the sort of smile that’s closing in on hapless swimmers really fast and that is usually associated with a triangle-shaped fin?

Quästor hmm: .Come to think of it, someone who can but up with the constant abuse of us and even survives an vivisection should have some regenerative abitlities too.

Narratir: Errr you know what they are saying, about pain being just an illusion and such? I found out it's a real unpleasent one....And...And I'm such an attention-hugger, why don't you pay less attention to me and direct more attention to the radio that CONVIENTLY plays something that should really interest you.

Radio-speaker: ...peat! Kayro is attacked by a giant radioactive choclatpudding! Recently a mysterious accident caused a choclate factory to spill gallons of gallons of choclate pudding into the streets of Kayro. The leading expert for cocoa Dr. Nesquick suspect that the pudding that drained into the sewers mixed with some chemicals of nearby factorys and that this mixture somehow allowed for the fusion of the choclate-atom, thus emiting radioactive energy. This radiation along with other chemicals sped up the natural evolution of cocoa into a intelligent being.
Why it is constantly moaning something along the lines of "Looks" evem the Dr. couldn't explain.
The validity of this theory is somewhat hampered by the fact that it was uttered between the bursts of laughter that followed our question how choclate-pudding could possibly turn into a monster.
At the moment police and the armed forces are desperatly trying to stop the rampage. Since the begin of the attack about an hour ago three of those brave men were already killed in action after giving in to their natural urge for sweets. Considering that the monster is radioactive this didn't prove to be a wise move.
When asked to comment the situation and why his men are failing to put a stop to the carnage he simply said "The government cut our funds. That's why we never got around to erecting this "1001 ways to incapacitate your dessert"-training-center.". ....Well to be honest to boot we just never that being attacked by food was an option" in a sarcastic tone.
As a sidenote we are way off the 1th of April.
I repeat! Kayro is attacked by a giant radioactive choclatpudding! Recently a mysterious accident caused a choclate factory to spill gallons of gallons of choclate pudding into the streets of Kayro. The leading expert for cocoa.....

Narratir:At wich point [ b]Bunny M[/b]
of the radio.

Meanwhile back at Kayro:
Mysterious Silhouette 1: Glad we joined forces?

Mysterious Silhouette 2: Looking at what you choose to call your best monster ever: YES, yes I am. *sigh* But I'll need every help I can get to take down those abnominations. Especially the Vampire.

Mysterious Silhouette 1: What's wrong about my creation?

Mysterious Silhouette 2: You didn't really create it.Your radioactive microwave malfunctioned and caused it to mutate. Why you even put the pudding in your microwave is beyond me. And that you call you mircowave call "Mutate-o-Matic Mk.I" now doesn't change the fact that it was sheer dumb luck.

Mysterious Silhouette 1: Luck is half of science. And as long as it followes my every command thanks to my patented "HypnoRay Mk.VI" and hunts down the LUGs , who cares?

Mysterious Silhouette 2: *sigh* Whatever.

Clang's Game of the month:Reverse strip-poker: The loosers put on more clothes until they collapse of heat stroke
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Postby Sendaz » Sun Nov 28, 2004 7:04 pm

Narratir: Shortly before dawn a dusty five (four visible) arrive at the camp where Sendaz and company and packing up.....

Sendaz: Ah Nocturne, good of you to return.

PieceFrog: About time too, who's the newbie?*jerking a furry thumb at Paranoir*

Janice: Well I NEVER!!! How rude! :evil: *kicks PF in the shin*

PieceFrog: OW!! What the???*hops around on one leg*

Nocturne: I'm liking her more all the time :twisted:

SnakeEyes: SssSSssssSsssSsssss (serpentine version of a chuckle)

Paranoir: Janice! Be good....Sorry about that. She gets.....protective. I'm Paranoir and you've met Janice.....sort of. :oops:

Narrator: And so ensues the usual bout of introductions......

Penguins!: So what exactly is an Esquilax again? :?

Paranoir: Well, an Esquilax is a A legendary horse, with the head of a horse, and the body of a rabbit. Except she has the head of a rabbit too. She's a bit sensitive about it, that's why she prefers to be invisible.

Penguins!: Oh... can we see her anyway? Promise we won't laugh...

Paranoir: That's up to Janice....

Janice: Well, I don't know.....

Penguins!: PLEEEEAAASE?!? :puppyeye:

Narrator: And so a snow white bunny with just a tinge of pink slowly fades into view.......

Penguins!: COOL! She's like if Bunny M and Erka got married and had kids!! :o


Erka: :oops: :evil: :oops:

Penguins!: OW! :x What did I say? :?

Everyone: :roll:

Meanwhile Nocturne and Sendaz are having a little discussion.....

Nocturne: Alright, I'll tag along for now, but the first real sign of Puck I am going after him. And I won't let anything or anyone get in my way.

Sendaz: I understand completely. We all have to follow our own paths, plus I still think I smell his handiwork in this whole mess. Now let's finish loading up and get rolling.

On the other side of the transport......

Clang: What ya listening to Bunny M?

Bunny M: Sshhh... I'm getting a broadcast outta Kairyo *Bunny M fiddles with the radio and turns it up..*

Radio Announcer: As the first rays of the morning sun slowly creep across the city, the night's devastion really hits home. Parts of Kairyo are still burning while other sections are buried under piles of chocolately pudding goo. There is no sign of the monster itself, although authorities suspect that it may have escaped into the sew---*click*

Bunny M: What did you DO Clang? :shock:

Clang: Nothing! I don't think I did anyway.... :oops:

Meanwhile inside the armored bus.......

Narratoria: ............. *watching the TV raptly*

Quästor: Heya

Narratoria: Hey *still watching the TV screen*

Quästor: *flumphs down on a beanbag chair* Whatcha watching?

Narratoria: Buffy.... Season 8

Quästor: Um... Whedon never made a Season 8 :?

Narratoria: Yeah, I know. But this stuff was written by a pair of fanfic writers....some AeroDog and Ecartlu. It got so popular on the web that the Vulpine Network noticed it and took a chance, turning it into an animated series that they show late night on VX and just came out on DVD. They even got a bunch of the original actors to do the voice work.

Quästor: Nifty... Popcorn?*offers a bowl*

Narratoria: thanks.....


While the L.U.G.s are starting off to Camp Hippogriff, on a C-130 transport plane circling over the smoking ruins of Kairyo, a mysterious duo are hatching their plans while a HUGE vat of brown goo bubbles in the cargo hold....

Mysterious Silhouette 1: Yes, YES... My monster is a SUCCESS!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Mysterious Silhouette 2: Chill out Doc. I'll admit the Pudding-thing did do quite a number on Kairyo, but I'm still not sure it's up to defeating a full-blooded vampire like Novaya.

Prof. Doc: Trust me Miss Singen, nobody is more anxious to deal with that braineater than me. Threaten to eat my genius will she? :evil: My mutated Pudding will simply crush her and any who stand in our way! Speaking of which, pretty spiffy transport, must have cost a pretty penny.

Hella van Singen: The Singen family is an old and noble line, not to mention wealthy. A quick call to Mummy and Daddy and voila! One transport plane. Now we just have to deliver this deadly dessert and the leech-girl is history. Plus when I rescue her hunky hypnotized himbo, he will no doubt be soooo grateful. :wub: *closes her eyes as she pictures it in her head*

Delusional Dream Sequence wrote:Jade: You saved me from that horrible beast!! How can I ever thank you? *Takes Hella into his arms, his green eyes burning with desire as he slowly lowers his lips to hers*

Hella van Singen: *squeals in delight, eyes still closed*

Prof Doc: Ooooookay.... :crazy: *coughs* So how do we find them anyway?

Hella van Singen: *blinks as her delicious daydreaming is interupted* Oh ... I don't know. You're supposed to be the mad genius, don't you have any ideas?

Prof Doc: Not really, plus Tresk hung me out to dry, good thing I had a contract with the HS----wait a sec. I think I have an idea. *begins rummaging in his baggage*

Hella van Singen: What do you got?

Prof Doc: A-HA! *pulls a small device from one of his bags* While I don't know where that band of misfits are, I DO know that &@$%@&*! Tresk might be. I provided a bunch of tech gear for him, which I just so happen to have tracking devices installed in, for insurance purposes mind you. We follow Tresk and they will lead us to our little blue braineater. :D

Hella van Singen: Works for me.....
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Postby liria » Mon Nov 29, 2004 10:42 am

- While Nocturne rejoins camp Lug and paranoir and Janice make their grand opening,
In Camp Hippogriff..... -

Britishly accented voice : Say m'lad any sugar left ?

Lieutenant : No M’lord. For the seventh time in a row.

British voice : Well what are you waiting for boy , run to the Gallo and bring some.

Lieutenant: We have no Gallo m’lord , only ships have gallows , and even if we had, there’s no one there to give me sugar .

British Voice : Really? Well blimey, reprimand the cook then .

Lieutenant : He ran off m’lord, remember? with all the others.

British voice : He did ? Then do hire another . Oh, And see if there’s any sugar left .


Narratoria : The sun is nearly halfway across the sky when the vague smidges of Camp Hippogriff finally pips above the smolder-y horizon …

Bunny M : We're only three miles away .

Narratoria : *sticks her thumbs in her ears* broken glimpses of light reflecting off of the once grand door of commerce and travel , who would see thousands of exotic desert men, and even stranger travelers, into the feverish hug of Her, can barely be seen across the wandering tendrils of dust--

Quastor : But we can already see the windows.

Bunny M : And that might be the problem , they’re shattered, *turnes his head around and shouts* Sendaz!.

Narrator : As ‘Lug lightning’ comes to a screeching halt-

Quastor : Excuse me , as what comes to a halt?

Narrator :‘Lug Lightning’ it’s written on the side of the bus .

*eyes turn*

Stargirl : What? I was bored !

Narrator : *Ahem!* As I was saying , ‘Lug Lightning’ screeches to a halt as Camp Hippogriff , or what’s left of Camp Hippogriff, becomes more and more apparent.

Clang : Holy Carp !

Narrator : The sand colored buildings of the once renowned camp lay ruined and shattered , and sometimes split evenly in the middle , among splattered goods and forlorn household items , random frying pans , some pots , a damaged rug whacker...

Sendaz : This is unexpected, to say the least .

Narrator : Our intrepid heroes wonder out of the Lug Lightning spreading around the entrance .

Piecefrog : I suggest we form some sort of protective pattern Boss . it might not be safe to just wander off like that .

Sendaz : Valid point , PF , you and Tex advance as scouts ,I want Bunny M, Liria and DS in the rear, Nocturne and me in the front , All the rest fan out around Pengs and Kenny.

Penguins! : But !

Sendaz : No buts Pengs , some of these marks don’t strike me as very old .

Penguins! : :(

Narrator : The alerted Lugers begin a hushed entrance into the broken Hold, ready to explore the abandoned buildings.......

Ben : *low whistle*

Narratar : Inside the camp the rampage is even worse , some of the buildings have been burnt to a crisp , the very bricks melted into odd shapes , others look like a cat scratchier from hell , Ew, that one looks like a sick banana blew chunks all over .

Stargirl : Well, that one looks mostly whole . *points*

Narratar : Stargirl enters the wide lobby of what seems to have been an official building , bent metal rods still grip to strings of leftover flags and the remnants of gold lettering still adorn the remaining oak door .

Quastor : *squinting* Looks like ‘Emnagg’ ?

Lieutenant : Embassy actually, the Royal Girtish Embassy, And if you lot wouldn’t mind stepping outside, would you ?

Narratar : The lugs look up to the sight of a scrawny man in a somewhat unfitting Girtish military uniform, standing a top one of twin staircases winding down into the lobby, staring at them along the sight of an ancient crossbow.

Lieutenant : *stepping down* Now ,Er, Ladies and Gentlemen, I do hope you wouldn't--

Narratar : The Girtish soldier reaches the lower part of the staircase, when suddenly, the bow , that was never designed to actually be used with arrows, gives under the tension and fires, missing the Lugs completely and hitting the shards of a chandelier hanging from the roof .
Nearly at the very same moment the arrow leaves the crossbow the Girtish Soldier faces the unpleasantness of more then seven different gun barrels , a few blades , an arrow , a tomato , claws and DS at close range .

Lieutenant : Aha , I see , well um, nice weather isn't it, gentlemen?

British voice : Lad ? Where 'ave you been? lad ?

Narrator : From a door to the right of the top of the staircase , comes out an elderly man, dressed in ceremonial Girtish uniform , sporting several medals , along with a long white furry top.

British voice : Oh my , Hello Ladies, Gentlemen , top o’ the morning to ya! Say lad, have you asked our guesses if they’d like a cup o’ tea? Coffee perhaps ?

Lieutenant : Ah, no m’lord, I’ve been a bit... busy .

British voice : Then hurry up and finish whatever it is . The teapot is almost ready.

Lieutenant : Right milord . I suppose, eh, you lot wouldn’t want some tea, eh?

Erka : This is just lovely, Camp Hippogriff was brought down by two Girtish madmen.

Lieutenant : The bandits and sandstorms helped quite a bit actually . I’m Lieutenant Thomas Herald and , eh , milord is Lord Bernhard Opossum the third .
Reigning lord of Camp Hippogriff . Or at least was.
We are the last to stay in Camp Hippogriff , everybody else left after the last sandstorm .

Stargirl : A sandstorm did that? * points out to a building broken to pieces the size of a cobble stone *

Lieutenant : I believe those were the Antlers, actually.

Sendaz : Antlers?

Lieutenant : Oh yes , many strange incidents been turning up lately , even when you don’t count the sudden gush of sandstorms. You wouldn’t believe what we’ve seen.

Penguins! : Try us. :roll:

British voice : Lad!

Lieutenant : Coming milord , we better go up , ladies , um sirs .

Clang : *staring out the window* So Antlers :D ?

Lieutenant : Quite so , I fancy they must’ve been attracted to the sparkly orange soda all the water turned into.

But even that wasn’t as bad as the hail of candy corn .

-Inside the room-

Lord Bernhard : Swab the Deck ! Set the sails!

Lieutenant : Um , we don’t have sails milord , only ships have sails .

M’taal : Your boss , nuts a bit is he?

Lieutenant : I’m afraid recent event had not been good to him. Not that he had much sanity to begin with .

Lieutenant: May I ask sir, what are you lot doing here ?

Sendaz :* chuckle * You may, we’re a part of an archeological hunt , trying to follow the traces of a convoy we found in an old map from the days of the Big War , we were hoping to have a chance to look at you history archive, and restock , though I don’t suppose you have any supplies left now.

Lord Bernhard : Treasure huntin’ eh ? You should ask The Capt’n then, Capt’n Sados knows every corner of this desert , quite the desert pirate.

Penguins! : Desert pirate? :o

Lord Bernhard : Aye m’lass ! Famous he is , they only come about once every blue moon, though.

Lieutenant : There is no such thing as desert pirates sir .

Lord Bernhard : Oh there aren't!? Are you calling me Nanny a liar lad?!
Next you gonna say there's no such thing as gingerbread houses!

Lieutenant : :roll:

Lieutenant : Anyway sir, the bandits were good at, shall we say ‘cleaning the place ‘, but some of the underground stock got skipped over , not much left, but you can have it.
We’re leaving Hippogriff anyway.
And the archives are kept here , some of them are at a semi reasonably readable shape if you'd like to try.

Sendaz : I see , Thank you Lieutenant , Tex, DS mind checking stock ?

Texarcanum : Sure thing, Boss .

Lieutenant : Down to the right, two staircases and left .

Sendaz : Alright then Le Fae , Nocturne ,Stargirl , try the archives, I’ll join you in a minute, Liria , Pengs I need you to---

Lieutenant :Do excuse me sir, but how did you call this young miss ? Liria?

Liria :Yes?

Lieutenant : *gives her an odd look* We , apparently miss, have mail for you .

Narrator : The scrawny man goes to one of the corner tables in the paper laden room and fiddles around the huge staks for a while , after pushing around the mass , he finally picks up a sealed envelope handing it to the ninja .

Liria :Wha- ? *ripping off the envelope and opening the letter inside *

That little prick!

Erka : What? * gracefully climbs to the ninja’s shoulder *


Still angry, love ?

I thought you would , sorry our last meeting didn’t
involve anything face to face , I’ll correct that .
Hope things haven’t been too bumpy until now, and if
they haven't , they will.
Needless to say Kelommes is not too fond of your scaled
leader right now, I do hope he likes his gift .
Follow the snake if you need guidance, blue moon

I’m waiting for you.

Sendaz: My gift ? Hmm...

Stragirl : What did he mean ‘follow the snake?’ ‘blue moon tonight? ‘

Liria : That little prick!

Le Fae : Tresk likes riddles apparently , Liria do-- liria?

Liria : *fuming* That little prick! Waiting ah? Well I’ll ..!

Texarcanum : Heya Boss , stock’s not much, but it might keep us afloat for a while here .

Demonstaker : It’ll be a little tight though , what’s er, wrong liria ? *watches as the ninja fumes curses to herself like a steam engine*

Clang : *rolling in laughter* Morgan left Liria a lurrrve letter ! :lol: :lol:

Liria : *blushing* Clang!

Sendaz : Tresk seemed to have left us bread crumbs, though to trust his clues is...not so wise. Heh.
There’s not much time left until sundown, I suggest we hit the books.

---Hours later---

Narratar : The first stars are beginning to peek above the clouds, while our Lugers are still deep in the leftovers of Camp Hippogriff’s history archive , the Lieutenant, Lord Bernhard , Kenny and Pengs, who’ve taken a break, delve deep into a game of cards .

Penguins! : Go fish!

Lord Bernhard : Fishing ? where ?

Lieutenant : In the game milord .

Le Fae : *rubbing the back of her neck* How’s the game Pengs ? Kenny?

Penguins! : Fun , but it’s gets sort of over used after two hours. :roll:

Le Fae : Heh , You should try the history archive . :wink:

Quastor : Indeed , are we staying here tonight ?

Le Fae : I suppose , something’s wrong Quastor?

Quastor : I think , my hands itch , I hope it’s not the rats again .

Lord Bernhard : No rats on the ship m’lad ! they’re the first to run just ask the Capt’n !

Lieutenant : There is no--

Penguins : You hear that ?

Narratar : At that our little group of lugers can hear a distinctive ‘whoosh’ sound , like sliding sand that’s getting louder and louder , after a while the faint sound of singing can be heard .

Singing :.....Yo Ho Ho, An’ A bottle Of Rum!

Kenny : *peers out the window into the pea soup fog* It’s a ship!

Narrator : Indeed as the Lugers reach the window, they see an advancing ship unveilng from the fog , it’s torn sails blown full, it’s crew a bunch or pirate dressed skeletons, running around on it’s deck .
The ship draws near, until it’s almost three meters away for the windows.

Pirate Captain : ‘Ello Barnie ! An’thin’ new tonight?

Lord Bernhard : Oh nothing really Capt’n , just a few travelers looking for directions , say, mind if I borrow a cup of sugar ? we seem to be short .
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Postby Sendaz » Sun Jan 02, 2005 5:58 pm

Pirate Captain: Aye, should be able to.... had to restock the galley wot

with the passengers and all.....

Lord Bernhard: Passengers Sully?

Sully the Pirate Captain: Arr... Well, truth be told there ain't much loot to be had out in the desert nowadays. Not like the old days at all. So I took a Letter of Marquis from the Hegyptian government and me and the crew formed Skull and Sabers Desert Tours. We offer trips around the Savarha, show them famous landmarks, occasionaly re-enact a sand battle or two..things like that.....along with a complimentary buffet.*blushes a bit beneath his swarthy appearance*

Narrateur: Cut to the main deck of the ship where an elderly Girtish couple are playing shuffleboard while a bevy of bathing suit-clad beauties are reclining on some lounge chairs taking the opportunity to soak up some rays. Let's zoom in on a familiar-looking trio, focusing first on an auburn-haired lass wearing a sensibly conservative one piece.....

Cookie: Ahhhh.... Nothing better than winning a bake-off except maybe for the all-expense cruise that comes as part of the prize. 8)

Narrateur: Now we pan over to one of her fellow deck chair attendees, a blonde wearing a colorful sequined bikini....

Linney: Okay, I got to admit this is pretty far. Though I think the crew is taking this whole ghost pirate routine just a bit far... I mean, hello? we could really use a bit less cobwebs....

Narrateur: Finishing our circuit is a raven haired lady wearing... :shock: ....oh my.... :oops: Looks like three large bandages strategically place with some floss holding it all together. :shock:

Catzy: Who cares, so long as it's not costing us anything. Hey Cookie, could you put some lotion on my back? This Savarha sun is brutal.

Davies: *popping up with a camera* Oh Yeah! That's what we're talking about! Work it it.... :twisted: *begins clicking madly*


Davies: Image

Linney: *tossing the now-dented platter aside before laying back out* Freak :roll:

--cut back to the helm--
Lord Bernhard: That's a bit of a rum go there ol' boy.

Sully the Pirate Cruise Captain: Arrr... :oops:

Lord Bernhard: Ah well, what can you do? Why don't you and your passengers come aground and join us for some tea. Mind you bring the sugar of course.

Sully: Aye, don't mind if we do...I see ye hav some company too...

Lord Bernhard: Oh yes... some Americans here tracking down some bad folk or something like that. All rather frightfully dashing.

Sully: Ahh... adventurers then. *sighs wistfully* Must be nice.

Narratyr: Meanwhile, deeper in the bowels of ruined archives..............

Quästor: I think I found something....

Sendaz: OH? What do you have?

Quästor: According to co-ordinates listed, this was found in the same area as the Quartermaster's patch.

Narratyr: The zombie-boy attempts to blow the dust off a small black book he has picked up, but all the air escapes out through a flap on the side of his neck making a weird flapping sound, sorta like an undead whoppie cushion, but not..... :dead:

Quästor: Heh... :oops: Really need to sew that up sometime. :oops:

Stargirl: Here, let me. *takes the book and brushes the dust away with a hankerchief. Looks like somebody's journal, hey isn't this Bermanic? *offers the journal back to Quästor*

Quästor: *flips open the cover* Hmmm.... indeed, High Bermanic no less....our lad was probably an officer of some sort. One Lieutenant Freddriech Grüeber of the 31. Viertelmeister and part of the Schnitzelbuben Convoy. *flips toward the back* Here are his last entries...

Narrator: And the air ripples in flashback mode as ZombieBoy begins reading from the journal........

18 Dec 1942
Trouble struck as the cursed Hard Luck Company caught up with the convoy deep within the colony of Libya. While we were successful in crushing them, it was not without cost. Over half of our tanks were destroyed, their Uberman leader personnally accounted for several before Hans finally brought him down with a shell from his cannon. Mein Gott, I hope they have no more like that or I fear for our cause.
Besides the armor, we lost several of our half-track carriers and our progress has been slowed by the additional burden we are putting on our vehicles as we double-up our loads of delicious cargo plus one sealed chest which nobody seems to know what it contains save that it's marked ultra-secret, meaning the Major can shoot you in the head just for talking about it let alone look inside it. Major Bedlam has ordered a course change south into the Ubangi-Shari territories to throw off any further pursuit..............

19 Dec 1942 (early entry)
We have pushed on all through the night, not daring to stop lest other United forces are on our path. With the first rays of the sun we entered a shallow valley, a cul de sac where there are some abandoned remains of a town at it's bottom. The Major ordered us in and we proceeded cautiously, the desert nomads are no fonder of us than any other foreigner within their lands, but the place is truly empty. One could almost believe that it had just recently been vacated though the thick layer of dust and sand give lie to that thought. This place has been vacant for quite some time.

(later that same day entry)
We have found a well of sorts at the center of the town, though unlike any I have ever seen. It is easily 15 meters across at it's top and there is a ramp spiralling down along it's edge wide enough for a wagon or a truck to proceed down. Perhaps the natives have gone aground? But no, ours are the only tracks here. At the Major's command we position the remaining tanks around the hole to be dug in as lookouts/artillary and proceed downward with the carriers, a bit hesitantly but also with some relief to get out of this infernal sun. Below the well opens up into a large cavern with several caves lining its walls. The tunnels must run for miles, crisscrossing underneath the surface like a web. One of the major tunnels leads to another cavern, this one with a pool of water. Never has any water tasted so good as this. The Major has declared we shall make camp here for the day, even going so far as to allow everyone a ration of brandy, much to the delight of all.

Quästor: It's a bit choppy after this, the writing is cramped and there is some blood on the pages.

Sendaz: Do your best Quästor...

Quästor: right......

21 (I think, it's smudged pretty badly) Dec, 1942
.............not live out another day. ...leg broken .... bandaged side..... bleeding internally.... must warn... of the Major's treachery....
brandy ....must have been drugged. I never cared much for hard liquor ......half draught...... befuddled. ..... the Major giving us a speech.... about being honored....and sacrifices needing to be made....his personal guard moving about.....chanting....I think I was starting to doze off... then excrutiating pain..... wicked looking dagger buried in my belly..... Sgt. Schuller twisting it with a evil glee. Screams all around....Shots pistol....Schuller falling... staggered back out of the tunnels..... made it to the surface with a truck.... the air around the town was shimmering and..... taking shape... the look-outs are in panic... some dead...I race away.....can't stop....the look-outs firing into the well... things... no.... men...dead men coming out....dragging those above down into the hole....I hit a wall that isn't there..... like light, but solid..getting thicker.... I back up and ram it.... break through....thrown clear....blacked out...woke to find myself outside the town walls.... my men.... no.... not men anymore... inside it...can't get out... I crawl away..... oasis to the north...not gonna make tired....

Quästor: *looks up as he closes the journal* It ends there.
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Postby Pepsi214 » Mon Jan 03, 2005 3:12 pm

Sendaz wrote:Sully the Pirate Captain: Arr... Well, truth be told there ain't much loot to be had out in the desert nowadays. Not like the old days at all. So I took a Letter of Marquis from the Hegyptian government and me and the crew formed Skull and Sabers Desert Tours. We offer trips around the Savarha, show them famous landmarks, occasionaly re-enact a sand battle or two..things like that.....along with a complimentary buffet.*blushes a bit beneath his swarthy appearance*

Pepsi: Hey! Where's the bathroom on this thing?

Narrator: While the other LUGs are pondering over the cryptic journal, the little sister of erka, Miss Pepsi, comes up from below deck with a chicken wing in hand. She is sporting a red, blue, and white Pepsi-themed bikini and board shorts, and sun glasses.

Mo: O-M-G Where did you get that???*staring at the chicken wing* :shock:

Pepsi:*gulp*Um...the complimentary buffet?

Sendaz: There wouldn't be any FOD in that buffet, would there? *smacks his lips*

Pepsi: Um, yeah I think so.

Narrator: The would-be dragon twitches at the prospect of a buffet of FOD, and the drool dripping from his open mouth-

Stargirl: Ew? Do you mind? There are more important things to narrate than Sendaz's drool.

Quästor: Yeah, like this Journal that might have important clues for our quest and possibly some insite into a certain 7-foot-tall LUGy's past?

Narrator: Oh...yeah...*sheepish grin* :oops:
Now it's Pepsi for those who think young. The choice of a new generation.

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Postby Atticus Funt » Fri Jan 07, 2005 11:43 am


Narratir: Clang, Le Fae, Atticus and Tex sift through the last remaining storage area. The disheveled room is filled with wooden crates, maps, files, dossiers, notebooks and oddly enough, what appears to be an elaborate mascot costume for the Albuquerque Muffins, circa 1976. A haze of dust drifts through the sodium light provided by the single bulb suspended from the ceiling. Le Fae and Tex are pouring over a series of old ledgers. Clang is clearing away fallen debris as Atticus unstacks some of the heavier crates.

Clang: Okay, Atti, we have another free space. *points to a bare patch of floor*

Atticus: *sets crate down with a heavy thud* Wuf! I'll be so very glad when we finally get rid of that thing around Sendaz' neck. It's playing havoc with my liftin' and smooshin' abilities!

Narratir: The tall woman digs her fingers into the lid . Grimacing, she strains against the wood until she is rewarded with the groaning of nails as the top pulls free. Clang pushes a chair up against the crate. Shining his LEGO flashlight inside, a look of awe and wonder crosses his face.

Clang: Omigosh!

Le Fae: What? What did you find?

Narratir: Atticus pulls at the walls of the box, and they fall to the ground, kicking up plumes of dust and grit. As the clouds settle, a gleaming object shines in the pale lamplight.

Texarcanum: No way! There's no possible way! It can't be!

Narratir: The dust settles, revealing a golden chest, two cubits and a half in length, a cubit and a half in breadth, and a cubit and a half in height. Two cherubim sit on the lid, facing each other, their wings spread over their shoulders, almost as if to protect the chest. Clang approaches the artifact reverently, and kneels to examine the writing on its side. When he finally speaks, there is a catch in his throat.

Clang: It is! It is! The writing proves it! See? Property: Pair-of-Mounts Studios!. It's the Ark of the Government prop they used when they filmed "Mindy Anna Jones, and the Craters of the Lost Parking Space!" Do you have any idea what this would go for on E-bay?

Atticus: *smacks Clang gently on the head* Do you have any idea what a goofball you are?

Clang: Well, yeah. A little...

Narratir: The others groan and return to their tasks. Atticus and Clang open a few more crates but find nothing quite so spectacular. After almost an hour of searching, Le Fae looks up from her studies and over at Atticus. She stares a few minutes and then looks back down at a picture in the dossier she holds.

Le Fae: Atti? How old are you?

Atticus: How old? I'm twen... um-why? :oops:

Le Fae: Well, I know DS has a... long history, but in this picture it kinda looks like...

Narratir: The LUGs make their way to Le Fae's desk. She holds up the folder and the picture paperclipped inside. It's an old sepia-toned print, showing a group of men gathered casually around an old jeep. Some of the men are in Girtish or Hamerican uniforms, and a familiar looking, pale-haired woman stands in their midst. Dressed in what appears to be a flight-suit of some kind, she's smiling broadly at the photographer and holding up-

Atticus: Krossar!?

Le Fae: Yes. I noticed. And the woman, well, she-

Texarcanum: *lets out a low whistle* She's you!

Clang: Yeah, except she's, erm, bosomier

Narratir: Le Fae and Atticus turn to regard Clang coldly.

Clang: Sorry... I have an eye for details...

Narratir: Le Fae hands the photo to Atti, who studies it intently. A shy smile creeps across her face. She turns the photo over and scans the back side.

Le Fae: There's something written on the back, but it's in a language I'm unfamiliar with...

Narratir: Atticus laughs and her good eye brims with tears.

Atticus: It's written in Sweetish, Fae. The woman is my mormor, um, my grandmother... She's so young!

Narratir: Atticus furrows her brow, her lips moving slowly as she reads. A slow comprehension dawns on her face and her smile suddenly broadens.

Atticus: Wow. Just wow. Guys, if Sendaz can get us to the convoy site, I think I know how to get us in!

Narratir: The group starts to move as one towards the door when Erka suddenly darts in and jumps to the table.

Erka: Hey guys! You're never gonna believe who's little sister was on that goofy pirate boat, I- *stares at the picture in Atticus' hands* Woah! When did Atti go through puberty?

Clang: See?
Oh man, not her again!
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