JW and her new friend Kennedy. [SPOILERS S8/S9(sorta)]

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Postby Blind Cadria » Tue Nov 30, 2004 3:07 pm

Finnegan wrote:And how much more intense can you get than trying to end the world after your lover is killed? In the real day-to-day grown up world there's no way to maintain that sort of intensity.

I got you now! Actually I agree with that. I don't think that's a bad thing though and I don't think it means they couldn't be together. They have to pull back away from all that world-destroying stuff first, and now that you point that out, I think that's what JW has been doing and why it's taken so long. The intensity level had to be kicked back down again first.

I hadn't even thought about it like that before. Suddenly it's all making a lot more sense than just being frustrating!

Finnegan wrote:Ironically, a little darkness might make her more interesting to me - just so they don't make it Willow's fault.

I like a little edge, but not too much darkness please! We don't want to destroy the Taraness.

Finnegan wrote:Just got S7 on DVD, and again found myself almost cheering at Anya's "that doesn't make you better than us. It makes you luckier than us" speech to Buffy during the big living room mutiny scene in 'Empty Places.' Ah, how I miss Anya's brutal honesty...

I know! I hate that scene but I love that line! Anya puts it all on the table right there- and she's right!
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Re: JW and her new friend Kennedy. [SPOILERS S8/S9(sorta)]

Postby Jessie » Sun Aug 30, 2015 8:02 am

I did not read all the replies on this forum, so I may be repeating other's thoughts on Kennedy. Anyway, it's incredible how you gave a voice to an existing character and made her likable. In season 7, Kennedy sucked. She was annoying and a space filler. I didn't necessarily dislike her character, but I didn't care for her one bit- which means I absolutely didn't care for any of her scenes.

In The Chosen, I still don't really care for her character, but I LOVE her scenes. To me, she has some of the funniest/quotable lines. I read Jigsaw, for example, and there are several quotes there from Kennedy that were just hilarious (these aren't accurate):

"Thank you for that valuable input. I don't see you offering anything up besides off color commentary"

"Boy, it's a good thing you're around. I might of sat on my ass for the next 5 hours admiring the lack of view"

You created a lovable (not annoying) smartass in Kennedy. Naturally too! Like I can 100% see her character having that personality on the show. I'd be curious to see if the show had lasted a few more seasons, how different BTVS Kennedy would be from The Chosen Kennedy.

Anyway- I wasn't really sad to see her go. I loved her personality/dialogue, but she was still very much Kennedy- the peripheral character. Weirdly though, I do like her more than some of the core characters.... Great job with her!!
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