Pulp Tales from Word War II

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Pulp Tales from Word War II

Postby Sendaz » Sat Dec 25, 2004 3:54 pm

Now every schoolchild should know their history of the global conflict called Word War II. Of a high school dropout and mediocre soldier with an interest in ancient literature and fascination in the occult who stumbled upon an idea that would forever shape the course of his path. In his pursuit of arcane secrets he was constantly vexed by the question 'Why did the words of one language seem to hold Power when another did not?' How did the Ancients first discover those Words of Power or were the Words given Power because their language was dominant? If the various ancient languages held such Power, how much more had the original tongue held before the scattering at the Tower of Babel? How much Power would a language gain if it gained dominance over all others today?

Thus was a plan hatched. With dreams of uniting the world under one Berman Language, the young man used scraps of knowledge and an uncanny charisma to build a regime that eventually rose to power within the Berman nation. But it was not enough. Soon he was extending his reach across a multitude of borders to crush all other major languages and thus the Second Word War began.......


While the Storythread is certainly continuing, I thought it might be amusing to have a thread where one could contribute bite-sized pieces to an anthology of WWII tales, perhaps regaling us with other adventures of the Hard Luck Company or a colorful recounting of the Battle of the Bilge to help flesh out the history of our mythical world. :wink:
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