Who dunnit?

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Who dunnit?

Postby vengerofthelight » Sat Aug 28, 2004 9:26 pm

I'm very new at this ThunderDome bit, but I am an excellent DM, so I think I'll give this a whirl (a DM who doesn't actually control the outcome of the game? Woah, my head...). I have what I think is a good start for a story, so I'll just set it up and let people have at. Of course, the "focal point" of the story (so to speak) will step in occasionally -- in a manner of speaking. But enough talking about it, time to dive in and see how cold the pool is...

Narrator: The bright moon would gladly shine down upon the little home were it not for the dense canopy above, but darkness enveloped this damp, quiet place... as well it should. No mere man lived here, but instead a cursed man. A man who's fate was to weild a sword in defense of all things he held dear. A man who spilled a river of blood in his quest to fufill that destiny.

A man who bore the wieght of every life he'd taken.

After a lifetime of war, agony and death, this thrice-damned man sought shelter among the quite of the trees and the solitude of the small rays of sun the struggled to the forest's floor. But no man escapes retribution that easily.


Lathanderin: Ahh! *sits up in bed and grabs a Katana* ......... Who goes there?! *listens intently for a few moments...*

*sigh* I need to relax.

Narrator: Lathanderin could not be more wrong. As he lowered his bare skin back down to the silk bedding, gently holding the hilt of his only weapon, there indeed was something to worry about. Several such things, and all just outside of his small home.

After only a few moments being relaxed, Lathanderin saw a tiny glint of steel out of the corner of his eye...

Lathanderin: Wha-? *rolling aside* Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-ya! *without thinking, takes a wide swing with his blade* Who dares?!

Masked Individual: I do! You are an abomination, and we are here to end the scourge that is you. Die! *lunges at Lathanderin while several figures join the attack from the shadows*

Narrator: Under attack from an unknown source for the first time since coming to this home, Lathanderin did what he knows best: he fought. Easily taking down the first two lackies that charged him, he brought his sword against the ringleader... who effortlessly parried with twin Sais. Jabbing one down towards his torso, the mystery assassin grunted heavily with the strain of Lathanderin's weapon's weight on only one hand.

Instinctively, Lathanderin tucked and rolled backwards, bringing his edge up above him... and impaling an attacker behind him. The assasin took advantage of the move and threw the formerly parrying Sai at Lathanderin, which bit deeply into his left thigh.

Without a sound, Lahtanderin pulled out the Sai, grimaced and was on his feet, running through another attacker with his Katana.

Lathanderin: You won't kill me with such sloppy aim! *flicks the Sai back at it's owner*

Maksed Individual: *catching the projectile deflty* Perhaps, but you'll not live to see the dawn. Die, foul Demon! *breathes a sheet of flame as tall as a man at Lathanderin*

Narrator: Only lightly toasted, Lathanderin flips out of the way, bringing a bare foot down on another assassin's face - and killing it instantly.

Lathanderin: Magic? Fight with honor, or die in shame!

Masked Individual: There is no honor in killing a plague, only duty.

Narrator: With that, the ringleader assassin threw a fist of silver dust at Lathanderin. Seeing only a sheet of silver, Lathanderin instantly stilled himself. Hearing the world around him, he barley parried a pair of blows intended to strike his face and stomach. Whirling around, Lathanderin slashed at the Masked Individual, parting flesh.

But it was a short lived victory, for he'd struck another nameless/faceless flunkie... and the Masked Individual rammed the Sais through Lathanderin's back. Though he could not see, he could feel the spikes portuding from his chest, and his lifeblood spilling from the wounds. With a sickening sliiiiiiick the Assassin pulled the Sais from Lathanderin's torso and kicked him to the ground.

Masked Individual: He's dead. Burn the Demon's sanctuary, our work here is done.

Narrator: And that was it. His home burning around him, his assasins (or what was left of them) vanishing into the unforgiving darkness, Lathanderin coughed and sputtered, still fighting - but for his life.

The searing heat pressing on all sides had no effect on the dying man as he crawled, leaving a slick of blood behind him. Finally, collapsing in front of his house, Lathanderin rolled onto his back. He could see only a single ray of moonlight kissing his blood-streaked face... or was it a light of another kind?

Lathanderin: *cough* I-i-it's finally co-come to... this. I wish - I wish I knew who fi-fin-finally ki-killed me... *sigh*

Narrator: Releasing his last breath, Lathanderin, silouetted by the raging fire that had been his refuge for the last 7 years, finally met his end... and the dying wish of a condmned saint would be granted.

And nearly 7 days later, Mael'ren the Merchant, perhaps the closest thing Lathanderin ever had to a friend, came to his home wondering why Lathanderin had neglected to come purchase this week's supplies. Of course, he discovered why rather quicker than he'd expected.

Mael'ren: *sees the charred house and stinking corpse that was once Lathanderin* Oh! Lathanderin! What happened here...

This little story is designed to be a "who dunnit" in that this merchant returns to town (about 30 miles away) and offers a reward to anyone who can discover who killed "this upstanding citizen" and brings the killers to justice with evidence. Create whatever details of history you like for Lathanderin (he's around 35 years old and has fought in war after war after war, go with it). Yes, I purposefully did not specify a sex for the Assassin, nor any kind of designation (except that the assassin in not a simple lackey)... only that the Assasain uses Magic and Sais to kill.

Have fun! If this base story sucks, please tell me. Also if this is not how I should start something like this, I'd really like to know. :)

P.S. - Mael'ren, althou an elven name, isn't necessarily an elven person. His color is #A044A0.
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