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Postby chippercheeta » Thu May 27, 2004 6:49 pm

1. Character type Human female.

2. Language restrictions: PG with small bits of PG13 if scared or annoyed. (like at copy machines and anything else electronic)

3. Weapon preference: herbs. which I guess is magic in itself.

4. Personality: Quiet (for the most part), kind, generous, bewitching

5. Quirks: tend to act like a cat, enjoys mojitos with friends, does not like being refered to as a "furry", loves tea.

Well I guess that will do for now.
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Postby DemonStalker » Tue Aug 31, 2004 8:19 pm

Color - #CC6666

1. Character type: Human male; 7' tall, very musclular (inhumanly strong)

2. Language restrictions: PG-13, will curse in ancient languages if angered or stressed; enjoys a good punning.

3. Weapon preference: Prefers close combat, usually punches and grapples. When long range is needed, he can use a chi powered energy blast (no name for it, as those are silly), though he'll more likely toss a boulder or a semi. ^_^

4. Personality: Polite, Gentle Giant, slow to anger, self sacrificing (will use self as human shield when needed).

5. Quirks: Immortal; fast regen (severed limbs would grow back in 2 or 3 hours, for example); will not attack women, unless absolutely necessary.

Tried to keep it short. Will write up a post soon. ^_^
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Postby liria » Wed Sep 01, 2004 12:57 am

1. Character type : Half succubus, Female.

2. Language restrictions: PG-13

3. Weapon preference:
While liria prefers empty hand combat, she's dangerous with the katana and the shuriken .
Is also partial to the kunoichi's traditional weapons - the Nekote (small iron claws usually tiped with poison) and the Fan .

4. Personality: Quiet , fun-loving , somewhat sarcastic at times , serious
loyal to the bones , suspecious.
Has a bit of a temper .

5. Quirks: There is her peculier lineage, and the special traits that come with it (written as they are revealed ) , an absuloutly irrational fear of proccupines , a fascination with magic (and consequentially the fae) , suspecious of technology , sings a bit.

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Postby eekee » Wed Sep 01, 2004 5:09 pm

1. Character type: Anthropomorphic swift

2. Language restrictions: PG, very occasionally PG-13.

3. Weapon preference: his plasma 'rifle'. Can use his claws when absolutely neccessary.

4. Personality: Scatty, fun-loving, loyal, generally forgiving unless you really threaten his or his friends safety, has a passion for adventure.

5. Quirks: Often prefers flying to running, even when there's hardly enough room. Curses a lot under his breath when frustrated, but a lot of his cure words seem made-up, although they could be from some alien tounge, nobody knows.
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Postby Clang » Sun Sep 05, 2004 8:18 pm

1. Character type: Lego man

2. Language restrictions: Swears Only in false swears ( Frick, Holy Carp, Bass hole...Think Roman Moroni from Johnny dangerously :wink: )

3. Weapon preference: Any / all types.... Has a lot of Lego weapons avaliable..but none of them are "real"... Has to rely on Le Fae to make to them real (and work.) Has a medallion (Stamped Taiwan :shock: ,Taiwan? what’s that? :P ) that Sendaz gave me that allows me to make Lego items(Go-karts, simple items) out of thought.

4. Personality: Friendly ,helpful, never serious about anything. Jokes around a lot.

5. Quirks: Obsessed with real items (especially weapons), enthralled what non-Lego folks are doing an will try to do it myself. Can live though a cannon blast but my parts tend be scattered after that..and on fire... :shock:
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Postby Mtaal Avron » Sun Sep 19, 2004 6:28 am

1. Character Type: Crinos-form Werewolf

2. Language Restrictions: PG-13; R & Davies in her native tongue (Cheysuli)

3. Weapon Preference: Large, double-headed battleaxe named Mashadar.

4. Personality: Basically a loner, but is fiercely loyal and protective of her friends. Not too serious, but not too playful either.

5. Quirks: For some reason, the word "Belgium" is considered unspeakably foul, and she's totally disgusted at the thought of anyone saying it. Tends to black out for periods of time when her human ego manifests.

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Postby paranoir » Sat Nov 06, 2004 11:11 pm

1. Character Type: Elemental

2. Language Restrictions: PG-13; occasional R if the costume demands it.

3. Weapon Preference: Fire/Ice element magick, Costume magick (PN wanted to be a glamour, but dropped out of the course, left only with costume magicks: i.e. can change clothes into different (shoddy) costumes at will). Also uses Janice (see Quirks).

4. Personality: Really odd, but it mostly depends on the costume. Funny, strange, loyal... most of the time.

5. Quirks: PN changes costume alot, as if that somehow makes up for dropping out of glamour school. Also has conversations with Janice, his invisible re-occuring Esquilax friend.

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Postby Pepsi214 » Sun Nov 28, 2004 3:55 pm

Only just finished my actual bio, but what the heck...

1. Character type: Human, commercial icon.

2. Language restrictions: Mostly PG, restricted to whatever's allowed on public access TV commercials.

3. Weapon preference: All equipment it Pepsi/soda related. Favorite item is a squirt gun filled with Pepsi. Careful if it gets you in the eye.

4. Personality: Cute, affectionate, bubbly, energetic, arrogant, cheesey.

5. Quirks: Likes to be the center of attention. Think Jessie from Pokemon.
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Postby PieceFrog » Wed Apr 27, 2005 12:29 am

Kitsune (aka Michelle Khang)

1. Character type: Human Female (23 year old), Vietnomese.

2. Language restrictions: PG-13, please... ^__^΄

3. Weapon preference:

a. Modern projectile: Two spiffy 9MM pistols. Basic training with rifle & crack shot with pistols (trained to use, on a dare).

b. Melee: Anything goes street fighter, learned on the mean streets back home (not wise to be on the receiving end of my haymaker).

4. Personality: Clever, daring, outgoing, somewhat mischievous & maybe a bit odd at times.

5. Quirks: Easily overexcited, rambunctious, a bit immature at times & I have a low tolerance to sugar...
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