Fast Color Scheme List for ThunderDome Players

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Fast Color Scheme List for ThunderDome Players

Postby Sendaz » Thu Mar 04, 2004 8:25 pm

To help keep color continuity for the ThunderDome we have been asked to present this fast list of characters and their colors.
Now this isn't a requirement, but I find it does make it a bit easier to follow and helps identify the character.

If you aren't on the list or want to change your current colors, just PM me and I can add/change your color accordingly.

In Alphabetical Order:

Color Name/Fast Copy
---------- --------------------
#9900CC Atticus color=#9900cc][ b]Atticus[/b] [/color]
#008000 Bunny M color=#008000][ b]Bunny M[/b] [/color]
Olive Chi color=olive][ b]Chi[/b] [/color]
Orange ChipperCheeta color=orange][ b]ChipperCheeta[/b] [/color]
Blue Clang color=blue][ b]Clang[/b] [/color]
#CC6666­­ DemonStalker color=#CC6666][ b]DemonStalker[/b] [/color]
#ff3f00 Eekee color=#ff3f00][ b]Eekee [/color]
Violet Erka color=violet][ b]Erka[/b] [/color]
None Handy b]Handy[/b]
Blue Janice color=blue][ b]Janice[/b][/color]
#85356A Kitsune color=#85356A][ b]Kitsune[/b][/color]
#353549 Lathanderin color=#353549][ b]Lathanderin[/b] [/color]
Red Le Fae color=red][ b]Le Fae[/b] [/color]
#B03B00 Liria color=#B03B00][ b]Liria[/b] [/color]
#003399 Mo Novaya color=#003399][ b]Mo Novaya[/b] [/color]
Orange Mtaal color=orange][ b]Mtaal[/b] [/color]
Olive Nocturne color=olive][ b]Nocturne[/b] [/color]
#6E7800 Paranoir color=#6E7800 ][ b]Paranoir[/b] [/color]
#3399ff Penguins! color=#3399ff][ b]Penguins![/b] [/color]
#003300 PieceFrog color=#003300][ b]PieceFrog[/b] [/color]
#666666 Quästor color=#666666][ b]Quästor[/b] [/color]
Darkred RedFox color=darkred][ b]RedFox[/b] [/color]
#57AD00 Sendaz color=#57ad00][ b]Sendaz[/b] [/color]
#7F7FD4 Shiney color=#7F7FD4][ b]Shiney[/b] [/color]
Green SnakeEyes color=green][ b]SnakeEyes[/b] [/color]
#FF0099 Stargirl color=#ff0099][ b]Stargirl[/b] [/color]
None Starguard b]Starguard[/b]
#663300 Texarcanum color=#663300][ b]Texarcanum[/b] [/color]

And Special Appearances by:
Olive Linney color=Olive][ b]Linney[/b] [/color]
Violet Cookie color=violet][ b]Cookie[/b] [/color]
Red Catzy color=red][ b]Catzy[/b] [/color]

Narrat*r Family

Narratoria--baby sister breaking into the narrating biz

Narra Von Torr --Grandfather to the majority of the Narrat*r bunch

Frank--Texan Narrator called in from time to time.
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