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Postby Quästor » Fri Oct 01, 2004 5:23 pm

Narratir: Leta isn’t the only one who wants to bestow a world of hurt upon the Luggers. Hidden by a large statue Hella van Singen the vampire Sta(l)ker, watches the various Raiders of the Lost Cookies most of her scornful glances going to Jade and his partner.

Hella van Singen: You DO realize this is reality and that you don’t need to comment every move I make, do you? :?

Narratir: Well, it’s my job.

Hella van Singen: Look,you are starting to distract me, I mean I really understand that you DMs need to stay in shape and all but...

Narratir:*icey look*I’ll have you know Madam that I’m not a DM! I’m a Narrat*r !

Hella van Singen:
Yeah whatever you are, you sure are annoying, and you sure keep me from working.

Narratir:Since when is watching some handsome guy dance with a girl work?

Hella van Singen: Hrmpf HE’s just a puppet.That’s not about him! Even if he is a bonus. It’s about HER.

Narratir: HER? You mean Novaya? What about her?

Hella van Singen: I have to stop her, before something terrible happens.

Narratir: Aww come on she isn’t dancing THAT bad.....I’d even go as far as saying it’s quite a pleasure to watch her.

Hella van Singen:
Quit drooling. :x It’s enough this stupid cleric was distracted by her feminine wiles enough to waste his energy on her minion and get disarmed by this meat-golem. Ha, abstinence my ace.

Narratir: Says the woman who spent the past twenty minutes oogeling some pretty boy dancing.

Hella van Singen:I told you I was just collecting informations! I’ve gotta be cautious: this isn’t the harmless girl she seems to be, she’s not even human.She’s a vampire

Narratir:Waitaminute you think Novaya is a VAMPIRE? :huh:

Hella van Singen:That left you speechless eh? She’s a vampire and I WILL make sure she and the other abnominations that arrived with her won’t leave this building alive...undead.Fortunately I was able to sneak some stuff out of the arsenal.

Narratir:With the last words Mo_Navaya’s Sta(l)ker starts rummaging in a big sea-sac pulling forth various items needed for the hunt muttering under her breath:

Hella van Singen: Now lemme see...:For the vampire I’ll need my collection of stakes every one made out of a different sort of wood and each one marked with a special code so I’ll be able to differ them blindly,some silver stakes wich could also prove useful if there is a Lycantroph under her minions and where did I put this mini-crossbow, ...the vials with holy water are a must of course, ... ahh there is the crossbow...and a chainmail-ruff.. hmm better take the sawed-off shot-gun too, it’s a classic against Zombies. And where are Zombies there also has to be a meat-cleaver to behead them,...or a chainsaw?...Why decide if you can have both?...and garlic mustn’t forget the garlic, yeah lot’s of garlic.......wasn’t there something about faes and cold iron? ...’sppose this sword classifies as cold iron, so that’s taken care of, now what do you use to repel a meat-golem? holy symbols? bad poetry? ’sppose superior fire-power repels nearly everything.... Molotov-cocktail?... well it‚s a bit crowded in here to use, but..ahh what can it hurt to take a few bottles along ....

Narratir: Just in case you are wondering where all of this stuff goes...well, lets just say that Atti isn’t the only one who found out a crinoline dress and a wig offer lots of storing space
,especially the baroque versions.
After checking her variuos weapons one last time the Hunter sets out to bring death and destruction upon Mo_Novaya who’s currently enjoying what should be her last quiet moments in Jade’s arms....Aww damn, Narratoria will lynch me, for my client destroying one of her precious love-scenes...I mean even I think they are kinda cute, :roll: but it’s not like I could have done anything, or something...

Narratir: <_< >_>....Fortunately for me, the Buffy-wannabe realizes she forgot the most popular Tradition of vampire-hunting ; the getting-totally-stoned-so-mindcontrol-won’t-affect-you; and instead of disembowling Mo she settles for disembottleing some startled waiters.
After emptying the third bottle of champagne she lurches on to wreck heavoc upon the assued vampire.... and collapses due to the alcohol and the weight of her „accesoirs“ ...*sigh* I’m such a wuss. :dry:
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Postby Sendaz » Sat Oct 02, 2004 11:08 pm

Narratyr: After Clang's ...err..... rendition...there is some polite clapping, then the band starts up again with some 80's dance music for a change of pace. Stargirl tosses her head back to laugh as the star on her forehead begins to glow and she ascends to join Eekee in twirling about the chandelier......

Ben: *cranes his neck back as he gawks up at the flying female* Whoa..... I see London...I see France...I see Stargirl's... awww man.... she's wearing Speedos under that dress.... what fun is tha-- OWWWW!!

Erka: Eyes front and center mister :evil: *extends her claws for emphasis*

Ben: :shock: Yes ma'am *gulps*

Narratur: Meanwhile, a certain young pair are taking an impromptu tour of the Hall...

Kenny: And this is the R&D room where the HS does alot of their tinkering........

Penguins: :shock: OMG!! What is THAT?!? :bigshock:

Kenny: Oh this? This is just a little something I put together for the next paintball tourney. This is the Twin Turbo Tomato Cannon or as I like to call it the T3C. Twin Independantly firing Shoulder-mounted High Pressure Veggie Launchers with 45 degree swivel arcs, Backpack Reserve, as well as Full Optic targeting system. ^_^

Penguins: *runs her hands lovingly over the T3C* So you actually built this? :shock:

Narratoria: The penguin in princess clothing turns and leans against Kenny, her head resting on his chest, while the shortstuff samurai begins to blush.....

Penguins: So you're cute, like anime and manga, and smart? :shy: I don't think I've felt closer to anyone than I do right at this moment :wub:

Narratoria: Penguins slowly lifts her face to meet Kenny's gaze in the dimly lit room, eyes sparkling. Kenny tilts his face down to meet her upturned one...lips drawing closer then fi--

Nocturne: *coughs* A-HEM ¬_¬

Narratoria: Nooooooo :x .... at the sound the two youths leap back from each other, blushing furiously.

Penguins: Um... we were... I mean....we were just... :oops: :oops:

Kenny: It's my fault sir.... I was just showing her some of the toys here in R&D and ..... err....

Nocturne: Uh-huh...

Shiney: *pops up on Penguin's shoulder* Don't worry Pengs! I can take care of him...Wark


Shiney: Wark! :bigshock: *ducks behind Penguin's head*

Nocturne: I was young once too...but I don't think you two should up here unchaperoned....Why don't you two head back on down to the ballroom and we can forget about this, okay?

Kenny,Penguins: Yes sir. :oops: *the two scurry off*

Narratoria: Way to go Nocy.... just crush their young love....

Nocturne: *chuckles* They have plenty of time for need for them to rush into anything. I'm going back coming? I think I saw Jade and Mo heading out to the balcony. :wink:

Narratoria: :shock: OMG! Out of my way! *practically tramples Nocturne in her rush to get downstairs*

Nocturne: That girl is just plain dangerous

SnakeEyes: Yesssssssssss


In the meantime, a few blocks from the HS hall, a familiar pair are stomping down the lane...

Leta: Oooooohhhh ... when I get my hands on him. :x He's.....he's... EVIL! :evil:

Kleommas: Sure are singing a different tune now. :wink: And here I was worried you were going to don the princess outfit and ride off with that lumbering lump of luggage.

Leta: *sniffs disdainfully* Don't be silly. What could anyone see in that big jerk?

Kleommas: Well for one he does seem to have a penchant for giving you roses. *chuckles as she reaches up to pull a green rose free from Leta's hair*

Leta: :shock: What?!? How?!? :x

Kleommas: Guess maybe he is as good with his hands as he is with his li--

Leta: Shut up! :x *throws the rose to the pavement and stomps on it* He's mocking me...I mean...mocking us.... :evil:

A voice from behind: I am assuming by your current lack of transporatation ladies that the mission didn't go well?

The ladies spin about and see a limo has slid up alongside them

Captain Tresk: *stepping out from the vehicle and motioning them to get in* Let's debrief you two on the operation. *climbs back in and sits across from them after the two have taken the rearmost seat*

Mr. Drake: Indeed, but first things first....were you able to complete the secondary mission?

Kleommas: What secondary mission? :?


Narrator: Meanwhile as the dance goes on, Sendaz, Mtaal, and Piecefrog are taking a moment around the punch bowl......

PieceFrog: HA! I wish I had had a camera....the look on her face was priceless! ^_^

Sendaz: Now now PieceFrog... it is unseemly to gloat.

PieceFrog: Spoilsport :evil:

Sendaz: *chuckles*

Mtaal: So you gonna keep the collar then?

Sendaz: :? What?!? *reaches up to his throat*

Narrator: The startled dragon in men's clothing finds a thin choker apparantly woven from silk or hair or something similiar wrapped tightly about his neck.

PieceFrog: When did that get there?

Flashback wrote:Her hand caresses his cheek ever so gently before slipping behind his neck as her eyes search his.

Sendaz: :oops: Heh...guess I was a bit distracted :oops:

Mtaal: It looks good on you.... no ...really....*giggles*

PieceFrog: Yeah...guess she was just marking her territory. :wink: *makes a calling whistle* Here boy...heeeeeeeere boy *tries to stifle a chuckle but fails miserably*

Sendaz: Will you two hush. :oops: I will never hear the end of this if Clang gets wind of this. :roll: *frowns a bit as he tugs at the choker*

PieceFrog: What's wrong Boss?

Sendaz: I...hmm... erm.... can't seem to get it off. Give me a hand will you? :?


Back in the limo as it pulls away into the night....

Kleommas: What secondary mission? :? We never talked about a secondary mission.

Leta: Well, once I was inside, one of Tresk's operatives on the inside provided me with the dress and room to change as planned. Then he gave me this funny rope collar with instructions to try and 'bell the dragon' as he put it. Thought it was strange seeing that the Siren's Kiss should have worked, but it was easy enough to slip it around his neck while he was distracted.

Captain Tresk: I didn't authorize any such action....

Mr Drake: I did. I suspected your mission was bound to fail so I put my own plans into action. *looks at Leta* Frankly I'm surprised the old Wyrm let you live. I guess he *is* getting soft in his old age.

Kleommas: Wait a sec. You knew the op was compromised and you sent her in anyway?!? :x She could have been killed or worse! :evil:

Mr. Drake: I didn't know anything. While the dragon may not be half as smart as he lets on sometimes, he does seem to have the damnable knack of surrounding himself with people of unusual talents to make up for his own deficiencies. Your mission was multifold. Had it worked we would certainly have enjoyed the benefits of swiflty gaining the hammer. In any case we've learned a bit about the dragon's defenses and will adjust our own actions accordingly. Plus right about now I suspect our 'dread lord' is finding there is more to the collar than meets the eye...*snickers evilly*


Sendaz: What do you mean it won't cut? :shock:

PieceFrog: *Tossing down his mangled bolt cutters* Boss, I know that choker looks like it's made out of silk, smells like it and heck even kind of feels like it, but it sure isn't any silk I have ever seen. I have worn off the edge of my K-Bar combat knife, stripped my wire cutters, and just notched a bolt cutter that was rated to snip 1 inch steel bolts like warm butter! :x The stuff doesn't seem to burn nor does it react to any acids I carry for busting locks. I'm out of ideas.

Mtaal: Well... what if he shapeshifts back to his normal form? Won't that break it?

PieceFrog: And if it doesn't, he'll pop his head off like a big zit. I mean if you want to try it Boss, go ahead. But could you sign my pay chit first so at least I can submit it to Payroll?

Mtaal: But what if he shifts into some other say a snake or something like that so we can slip the collar off?

Sendaz: Now that is a thought. While my natural ability to shift is limited to my draco and human forms, I have learned some transformational magicks over the years. Here goes nothing......

Narrator: Sendaz closes his eyes and focuses his will.....several moments go by......

PieceFrog: Anytime your ready Boss

Sendaz: *his eyes snapping open*I can't .... I can't change form.

Mtaal: Your spell isn't working?

Sendaz: It's more than that.... I ... I can't access anything... I can't tap my Core, the source of my magic....I can't even access's like there is this wall cutting me off from everything. I even tried to shift back to my dragon form which is a natural ability for me and I couldn't do it. What the F.O.D. IS this thing?*tugs at the choker futilely*

Mtaal: your own magic is a no-go. Let's try some external magic. ^_^

Sendaz: What do you me---ACK!!

Narrator: Sendaz' question is cut short as Mtaal whips out her ax with blinding speed and strikes at the choker before anyone can react. As the weapon makes contact with the collar, a brilliant flash of light and small thunderclap engulf the pair, throwing them violently apart.

Mtaal: *blowing a stray lock from her face as she sits up* Whoo! *looks at her ax, whose edge is still as razor sharp as ever but has a small scorch mark where the air had burned from the contact between the two artefacts.* Okay... that didn't work. Whatever that is, it's at least relic level to have countered this Axe.

Sendaz: *coughs as he rubs his throat* THAT was your plan? *gags a bit* You could have killed me? :x

Mtaal: *snorts* I am a Master of this Blade... I was going for a shallow cut to just break the choker. The worse you might have gotten was a shaving cut if you had moved the wrong way. Maybe Le Fae could shed some light on this....

Sendaz: I suppose we have no choice.... was really wanting to keep this quiet. :oops:

Narrator: Mtaal scurries off to gather up Le Fae and the two return shortly....

Sendaz: Sorry to drag you away from the festivities Le Fae, but could you look at this? *shows her the choker*

Le Fae: *peering at the collar* Why Sendaz! I never knew you were into that sort of're just full of surprises aren't you? :wink:

Sendaz: :censored: :censored: :censored:

Le Fae: And such language! *laughs* Okay... let's see what we can do.

Narrator: The Fae makes some arcane gestures and utters some words that twists the air about her...sparks crackle along the collar.....

Le Fae: Well... it's definately magical in nature. Fairly powerful too. It seems to be designed as some form of restraint in that it keeps it's victim in whatever form it currently possesses. Also looks like it will foil any transportational magicks like teleport or such that would try to take only the victim as a means of escape. Perfect for keeping a shapeshifter or manifested spirit like a djinni on a short leash so to speak....

Mtaal: So you can't remove it either?

Le Fae: Oh I didn't say that. I just can't do it right now... maybe with a few weeks or even months of research in the Fae libraries plus some experimentation I could crack this thing.

Mtaal: Guess we have to go with Plan B.

Sendaz: Plan B? :?

Mtaal: Yep.... Cut off your head...remove the choker...have Quästor sew the head back on. Easy as cake ^_^ Now just stand right there...won't take but a sec....

Sendaz: :shock: WHAT?!? :shock: I don't THINK so!!! :x *ducks*


Mtaal: *yanks her axe free from where she buried it in the wall* Dangit... will you stand still?

Sendaz: NO! :x You are NOT chopping off my head in some misguided attempt to save me....*ducks*


Sendaz: Will you QUIT that?!? :evil: *runs away*

Mtaal: Come back you big baby!! :x *brandishes her Axe as she lopes after the fleeing friend.*

PieceFrog: :roll:
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Postby Le Fae » Mon Oct 04, 2004 9:13 am

Narrater: The dance is beginning to grind to a screeching halt, thanks to the commotion caused by Sendaz and Mtaal.

Narratoria: ...And when he says "screeching," he means it folks! Looks like Bunny M just got knocked over into the orchestra pit while trying to avoid Sendaz's flailing arms, and one of the violinists snapped a string. *clamps hands to her ears and cringes* Oo, that's really coming out flat!

Narrater: Poor sis.... Sometimes it really doesn't pay to have perfect pitch. Come on now -- let's get you outside and you can wait in the carriage with Grampa.

Narratoria: But -- the romantic scenes! I can't let you guys cover them! You're not even like bears in a china closet with that stuff -- more like wooly mammoths or something! *sniffles*

Narratyr: Sis, I seriously doubt that there's gonna be any wooing going on any time soon. D'you hear the jangling coming from the pit? Yeah, there are about three LUGs in there now, and if anything the noise is getting worse. So, that seemes to have convinced them -- Narrater is leading Narratoria (who is at this point in a state of near-collapse) out of the building, Mtaal has finally taken the hint and stopped chasing Sendaz, and the various LUGs in the orchestra pit are getting themselves sorted out.

Mtaal: Sendaz, are you sure you don't want me to help you out? It'll just sting a little -- I am a blade-master you know.

Sendaz: Yeah, so you've said. *gives Mtaal a rous looks* Really though, I think I'll just hang on to my head, if you don't mind overmuch.

Quästor: *downcast* That's really too bad, Sendaz. I was so looking forward to have another undead around. It really gets depressing with all you living here -- especially with the young ones.

Narratyr: Bunny M and Stargirl have finally clambered out of the pit, and the LUGs begin to congregate around Sendaz, Mtaal, and Quästor when they hear a muffled thump from the direction of the hapless orchestra.

DemonStalker: Heh... sounds like someone is still stuck in there ^_^

Narratyr: DemonStalker and Atticus peer over the endge of the pit, but are unable to locate the source of the commotion. They walk around the pit, listening intently; after a few seconds they manage to narrow the source of the sound to the mercifully small tuba section.

Atticus: It -- almost sounds like it's coming from inside the tuba!

Narratyr: The banging halts for an instant at this pronouncement, then redoubles in volume and speed, gaining a certain frantic aspect. It is now joined by a voice saying something which sounds suspiciously like "Get me the carp out of here!"

DemonStalker: Nooo problem!

Narratyr: DemonStalker reaches into the pit and hauls out the massive instrument as though it weighed no more than a pillow. Atticus takes hold of the other end, and with a brief tug from the two LUGs the entire tuba comes apart at whatever passes for it seams. A rather disgruntled looking Clang falls out, and shakes himself off.

Clang: Took you guys long enough! :evil:

Atticus: Oh dear... I'm sorry Clang, I guess we just didn't -- arm -- see you...

Clang: :D That's okay -- I'm out now, and that's what countd. So uh, what exactly happened? I was just standing there, trying to figure out how to recreate a working baby grand out of Legos, when BANG! something huge runs into me, and next thing I know I'm falling into a brass whale!

Mtaal:Um, that was probably me. I had to catch Sendaz and cut off hsi head --

Liria: Isn't that a little out of character, Mtaal? I never had you pegged for the dragon-slaying type... and you seemed to get along fine before.... :?

Sendaz: No no, it's not like that at all, Liria... It's -- it's a little complicated. Look, maybe we should cut the festivities short and meet back in the shuttle for a conference.

Penguins!: What? No fair! We barely got started, and I haven't gottem a chance to --

Erka: Ahh, quit your griping. We've been here long enough as it is -- it's loud, it's crowded, there are no mice to speak of, and people are starting to look at us funny. Methinks I see a Shining Paladin casting unholy looks at Quästor again....

Kenny: It's okay, Penguins -- uh, how'd you like to go paintballing tomorrow? :oops: Y'know, if you have time before you leave....

Penguins!: *sigh* Sounds great, I guess.... I doubt they'll wait around though *glares at the other LUGs*

Texarcanum: Why'n't the boy come with us, then? Seems like he c'n hold 'is own in a fight, and our other sam'rai up an' left us.... Doubt he's fixin' to come back any time soon... an' we can use 'nother hand!

Kenny: Wow, really? You'd let me do that! Awesome! I'm gonna have to ask my odler brother though -- he sort of looks after me, but he won't mind. I'll be right back, I promise! Um -- I'll meet you guys at the hotel, okay?

Narratyr: And with that, the young swordsman-in-training bolts out of the door and into the night. The other LUGs look at each other, shrug, and start filing out of the building. In the process Atticus' hat vanishes, and Le Fae's ballroom finery is replaced by surprisingly practical, well-worn leather armor or dark burgundy.

Mo Novaya: Illusion all along, huh? And here I thought you just weren't telling us where you found your dressmaker.

Le Fae: *nods shortly* We tend to attract trouble.... When we're well dressed and apparently off our guard, we tend to attract more trouble.... Suffice it to say, it seemed like a good idea.


Narratyr: Back in the carriage, the LUGs notice that the illusion of opulence is beginning to waver and distort, revealing the underlying utilitarian lines of the armored van.

Erka: I do hope the snacks were more real than the decor....

Le Fae: Sendaz, I think that collar is disturbing the magickal fields -- I can't hold this illusion any longer!

Narratyr: With that, the glamourie cast over the armored shuttle bus disintegrates in a fountain of sparks. The fae slumps in her seat and sighs; the other LUGs rub their eyes to get rid of the lingering spots dancing across their fields of vision.

Nocturne: Alright, what just happened? And what's with the collar?

Bunny M: Heh.... yeah Sendaz, you seem to have acquired a penchant for accessorizing while we were away. I never thought you had it in you! :wink:

Mtaal: *looks at Sendaz* I think you'd better explainto them.

Sendaz: We've had a bit of a run-in with Artemis' Own.

Narratyr: This simple pronouncement is met with a mild eruption of noise from the LUGs, and Sendaz pauses in his narrative to allow it to die down. When the noise subsides, he sighs heavily and continues.

Sendaz: This was not entirely unexpected, and I took certain measures to prevent Leta from gaining mental control over me. This was fortunate, as otherwise we would have been in great danger. More on that later.

Eekee: Heh... because you know, we're in no danger now....

Sendaz: Be that as it may. Our danger is only now beginning, if this collar is an indicator of what is to come. It prevents me from not only shifting forms, but also from doing magic of any sort. As Le Fae mentioned, and as we have just seen, it also seems to disrupt the nearby magick fields, though the exact extent of this is unknown.

Stargirl: *nods* I've noticed it too. Doing anything magickal has been... difficult. Not impossible, but it takes far more effort to sustain it. I almost got stuck in the wall on the way out of the bathroom :oops:

Le Fae: At a gueses, short-effect spells should still function -- anything that doesn't take a prolonged effort of will. Long-term stuff, though, is going to be shaky until we figure out a way to get rid of this collar -- that means no illusions, however minor, and no shield spells.

Liria: That matches what I sense as well. I have seen its like before, though not of the same design. It is a restraining collar, which means.... Ohh, this is not good at all.

PieceFrog: Which means what!?

Le Fae: It means that if we figure out how to take of this collar -- and I suspect that this may involve finding its maker -- well, suffice it to say that we will all be at our most vulnerable between the time we take it off and the time we get rid of it.

DemonStalker: That makes no sense! What manner of sorcery is this?

Liria: It does make sense. This collar creates a field which negates magick; it was also ensorcelled to be unremovable, and all things considered that's just as well.

Le Fae: Just so. Right now this field is focused in towrd Sendaz; the disruption experienced by the rest of us is only minor leakage, not its full effect. It has some sort of negating effect on the magickal fields, and if it were to be taken off, its effects would be much stronger -- possibly precluding us from using magick at all, until we got rid of it.

Clang: So why didn't this person just put it on Sendaz and then let him take it off? Wouldn't that have been much better for them?

Sendaz: They must not have known. The person who put this on me.... had no idea of what which would do.

Atticus: That's definitely not good news.

Penguins!: Why not? Doesn't that mean that whoever did this doesn't know enough to really put us out of business?

Atticus: Yes. But it also means that they were not the ones who devised this collar, and so wouldn't know how to get it off. So, unless we want to try to figure it out ourselves --

Le Fae: As uncertain as the magickal field is around the thing? I wouldn't recommend it.

Atticus: -- we have to find who made it before we can get Sendaz free.

Sendaz: There's more.

Quästor: Why does that fail to inspire me with confidence?

Sendaz: All of this commotion? It's not just about a lost caravan of cookies. That is merely a distractor from the real prize.

Nocturne: I suppose it's too much to hope that you were going to tell us what it is.

Sendaz: I was, honestly. But there was no need for it yet -- though this encounter has forced my hand. We are all looking for something called the Doomsday Clock, an ancient artifact of untold power. Other... interests... are also trying to obtain this artifact, and it is our job to beat them to it -- the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

Le Fae: Odd... I have heard nothing of this in my studies. What exactly is it sipposed to do?

Sendaz: I'm not sure. :oops: I do, however, know that it is somehow connected to Krossar, Atticus' hammer, which Artemis' Own are very anxious to locate.

Mo Novaya: Whay do they need it?

Sendaz: We don't know that either. But I suspect that the present course of action should be clear: we must return to the hotel, gather our belongings (especially the hammer), and relocate somewhere... quieter.

Erka: Hear, hear! Judging by the noise from the outside, this party has just gotten a bit too rowdy for my taste.

Narratyr: The LUGs cluster around the windows, eager to get a peek at what the feisty feline meant.....
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Postby eekee » Tue Oct 05, 2004 4:14 pm

Le Fae wrote:Narratyr: The LUGs cluster around the windows, eager to get a peek at what the feisty feline meant.....

Narratyr: Eekee, who'se right next to Erka, turns to see and reflexively pulls a pair of handguns from inside his tuxedo. Erka's eyes widen in alarm as Eekee flicks off the safety catches; the guns whine as their plasma packs charge up.

Erka: What are you doing??! Don't you know those windows are bulletproof?!!

Eekee: Ahh... :oops: Just instinct...

Erka: Where did you pull those things from anyway?!

Narratyr: Just then the bus starts moving, effectively removing any external causes for alarm as they all seem too tied up with their own differences to follow us, for now at least.

Eekee: Ah... um, I had to bribe this taylor to make the suit and seeing as it had to be uh... like... shaped to look right being as a swift's chest isn't like, shaped like a human chest I got him to put these pockets in.

Erka: Your guns are still humming.

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Postby Sendaz » Sat Oct 09, 2004 11:28 pm

Narrater: Meanwhile a familiar trio are having a 'discussion' back at the HS halls........

Ben: I said NO!

Kenny: But I waaaanna go too! You ALWAYS get to go on the digs and cool stuff while I'm always stuck here filing papers and running errands. It's not fair! :evil:

Ben: Look squirt.... I know how you feel. I was a Junior Member too and had to do all the grunge work just like you are now. But this stuff is gonna be dangerous and Mom and Dad would kill me if anything happened to you. I'm right aren't I Jade?

Jade: *looks up from where he is stashing some gear in a backpack* I'd rather stay out of this one. Yes, it's probably gonna be dangerous and no place for kids. But something tells me this is important as well and we might need all the help we can get. I made the mistake once of not doing everything I could have and I've regretted it ever since. I for one am going because I can't stand by a second time.

Ben: Maybe, but it seems to me that our little Kenny has his own reasons for going, hmmmm? *winks at Kenny* Care to share, squirt? It's okay... we're all men here. :twisted:

Kenny: Wellllllll :oops: There sorta is this girl----

Ben: A-HO! A girl! Our little Kenny is growing up! *mock sniffles as he rubs at one eye* I promised myself I wouldn't cry, but I can't help it.

Jade: You're such a jerk. :roll:

Ben: Thank you. :) Sayyyy.... which girl is it? I mean, most of them look to be a bit old for you bro. Though I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that the ladies can't resist us, what with the Old Hatcher Family Charm and all. 8)

Kenny: Um.. :oops: Penguins :oops:

Ben: :shock: *blinks* Dude.... she's a bird. :x

Kenny: She's a really nice girl!

Ben: Maybe you have been cooped up too long in the libraries. I mean..... she's a bird. What are you gonna do? Tell the folks 'Hey Mom, Dad? I met this really great girl and oh by the way..she's swimming in the fishpond eating all the carp?' Come on squirt :roll: ...

Kenny: She isn't always a bird. You saw her at the ball. Who did you think I was dancing with?

Ben: Guess I wasn't paying attention. So that was her huh? :?

Kenny: And even if she couldn't change wouldn't matter. She seems pretty cool and I like her.

Ben: Maybe, but you're STILL not going! Swear to me that you're not getting in that Bus.

Kenny: But--


Kenny: Okay. I swear. :( *sulks as he turns away and heads deeper into the Halls*

Jade: Ben, don't you think you're being a bit hard on him?

Ben: Maybe a little, but he's my little bro, man. I can't let him get into trouble. Come on man...we better get going if we're gonna meet up with them.

Jade: Right. I got the keys to the Jeep. Let's roll...


Narratoria: Okay... the L.U.G.s are packing up what gear they have while Texarcanum summons up a host of ghostly Army Calvary (ala Custer-era) QuarterMasters/Muleskinners to haul the luggage down to the Bus and secure it.

Liria: So we're not taking the Army Truck?

Nocturne: No, the Bus has comparable mileage, more room, plus it's armored. The truck is just too open.

Narratyr: Further down the hall......

Penguins: BTW, wanted to say the new legos in the face are looking good. Can hardly tell you were missing any.

Clang: Thanks! :P Yeah.. a couple of the guys at the HS were Legomaniacs and had some spare bricks so fixed me right up.

Penguins: Neat :P

Meanwhile across the room...

Atticus: You okay Sendaz?

Sendaz: Not really. I'm wondering at what use I will be in my current state. And worse, just being in proximity to you all is gonna impede any magic on our part. :(

PieceFrog: Yeah, but that cuts both ways boss. I doubt they realized just how much interference the 'bleed-off' from that thingie is.

Clang: Yeah, plus it's not like we all use magic anyway. Just have to use our heads more. :wink:

Erka: Uh oh :dry:

Clang: Hey! :x

Sendaz: Heh, but even so... I have to question whether I am an asset or a detriment to the team at this moment.

Mtaal: So what are you saying? :?

Sendaz: I don't know... maybe it would be better if I wasn'---


Everyone: :bigshock:

Narrator: Holy Carp! Mtaal just slapped the bejeezus outta the former Wyrm. Oooh, that's gonna leave a mark. While Sendaz picks himself off the floor, his cheek doing an impressive imitation of a stop sign, Mtaal glowers down at him.

Mtaal: By the Great Mother! All she took was your scales, not your ba--

Stargirl: :shock: *slapping her hands over Penguins' ears* Language! :x

Mtaal: Heh... anyway, you know what I mean. Sure you can't bench press tanks at the moment or torch whole cities in a single burp. But a hero isn't defined by how he does the right thing, it's the fact that he does the right thing. Now get your act together or that slap will seem like a love tap compared to the butt whooping I'll give you. ^_^ *offers the fallen comrade a hand*

Sendaz: Heh *works his jaw to make sure it's still connected* You may have a point. Sorry, was just having a pity moment.*takes the hand and is pulled back up to his feet.*

Mtaal: It's okay... just don't let it get you down. We're here for each other and we'll see this thing through.

PieceFrog: And while your sans claws and fangs, might I recommend a nice 9mm? *hands Sendaz a semi-automatic pistol*

Sendaz: *takes it awkwardly* I don't know... I mean I never really got the feel for thes---


Clang: OWWW!!! :shock: MY EYE! :x Carp, and I just got that fixed too. :evil:

PieceFrog: Ooookay....*takes the gun back from Sendaz, puts the safety on and re-holsters it* How do you feel about knives? :roll:

Texarcanum: *comes tumbling into the room, rifle at the ready, along with Nocturne and Bunny M* Thought I heard a gunshot, everyone okay?

Le Fae: More or less :roll:

Clang: Say, is it drafty in here or is it just me?

Narratur: The L.U.G.s just gawk at Clang as Penguins stands behind the litte lego lad and peers out at the others through the gaping hole going clear through his head....

Clang: What? :shock:

Texarcanum: Oh, by the way, Jade and Ben are downstairs and their gear stowed on the bus.

Penguins: Any sign of Kenny?

Texarcanum: Sorry, didn't see him.

Penguins: Oh. :(

Sendaz: Okay, let's roll folks.


Narrator: And in a short time as the first rays of the pre-dawn creep across the horizon, the Bus pulls away from Hotel and heads out from Kairyo to begin it's next step on their journey........ and atop of the bus one of the stowed bundles stirs.....

Kenny: He never said anything about not being on top of the Bus. ^_^ *digs into the pile deeper and catches a few winks as the bus bounces down the road*
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Postby DemonStalker » Wed Oct 13, 2004 12:02 pm

Part 1 "We're off."
((note: this first part happens a short time before the armoured truck leaves in Sendaz' post))

Frank: Not really knowin' what t' do 'til the L.U.G.nuts git on their way, the one 'ats older'n dirt an' jus tempory-like the largest in the group ('til Sendaz gits that there collar off'n him) is watching a bit o' TV in one of the quickly vacatin' hotel rooms. Having been all packed up, Penguins! plops down an' starts to veg a bit with him.

DemonStalker: Young one?

Penguins!: Yeah?

DemonStalker: Perhaps you could help me something.

Penguins!: Sure, what's up?

DemonStalker: Ever since I've made it back to civilization, I've seen a few wonderous advancements in technology, better vehicles for one and several things that I can't really wrap my mind around. Like this device, for example.

Penguins!: The TV?

DemonStalker: Yes, that's what Mr. Clang said it was. What bothers me is.. well... why do people feel the need to enslave an entire race of tiny humans and tiny verbose animals in these boxes for the entertainment of everyone else?

Penguins!: :shock: Wha? Well, you see, umm... they're not really... I mean- :?

DemonStalker: :) *pats the young girl on the head* Not to worry, I'm just playing mind games. I realize that this it just an advancemednt of the moving pictures tech of old. I simply thought I'd have a bit of fun. :D It could have been anyone, you're just the first one to show up.

Shiney: *a blue-white squeeky mallet appears above the still transformed Pengi, and bops Kronys over the head* Idiot. :P

Penguins!: *snicker*

DemonStalker: Well, you go ahead of me toward the bus, I'll be down in a moment. I simply need to change out of these nice clothes.

Penguins!: You have other clothes, besides the ripped pants?

DemonStalker: Indeed, I got them when was shopping for these clothes. *turns off the TV* Now scoot, as there's no need for you to be here while I pull off my trousers. ^_^

Penguins!: :oops: :oops: Oh, right. :oops: :oops: *skitters out the door and closes it behind her*

DemonStalker: Heh.

A few minutes later...

Narrator: Amongst the hubbub of packing things away on the Tour Bus of Doom, a few folk are hanging aournd the lobby, as a newly familiar form makes his way out of the elavator. The seven foot behemoth of a man has once again changed attire, first from Incredible Hulk look-a-like contestant, then to an oddly appropropriate looking european fop, and now he's wearing khakis, army boots, a dress shirt that looks expensive, and a very old tan leather jacket with an odd patch on the back. The patch looks like a stylized angel with two wings, one normal and one made of swords, with the words, Hard Luck emblazoned over top.

Narrator: Just as he steps out, the second elavator opens, and out pours a good portion of the LUGs, including Atticus, Sendaz, Peguins!, and Texarcanum among others. The Dragon trapped in the body of a man glances at Kronys' new ensemble and opens his mouth to comment.

Sendaz: Ah yes, the company jackets. As I recall, the HS had a complete set, left over from your group's personal effects after you disappeared, those many years ago. Yes, Had is the appropriate term, I'm guessing.

DemonStalker: Indeed. One of the World Wars 2 buffs gave it to me yesterday as I was making ready for the ball, after realizing who I was. He said he'd likely take some crap from his superiors, but it was better that I have what's mine. In exchage though, I read through his dissertation on the origin of the logo on the back of it, corrected a few things, and autographed his vintage WW2 machine gun.

Penguins!: *looking at the angel on the jacket* Wow, that's neat. so what is the story behind it?

Narrator: The man of muscles looks to Sendaz, silently asking for permission to waste what little time the group has to locate their objective.

Sendaz: Go ahead, it's an interesting story. But try to keep it to the short version, alright?

DemonStalker: Of course, I'll be as brief as possible. Gather round, and I shall tell you of the family legend of Ricky Brown; lead gunner, and artist. 'Tis the legend of the Angel of Lost Causes. Long ago, during a long and bitter war, an Angel descended upon the battlefield and sided himself with army whose cause he felt was the most just, in his view. *he pauses for a moment* Soon afterward, his side was decimated by the opposition, and his right wing had been ripped off in the process.

Penguins!: *whimper*

DemonStalker: Not to worry, young one, it doesn't end there. You see, instead of wallowing in self pity, he set forth, and collected all the swords of his fallen comrades, whole or broken, it mattered not. When he finished his task, he fashioned for himself a new wing from the gathered swords, feeling the presence and courage of those who had fallen, within him. He rallied his remaining troops, attacked the enemy with renewed vigor and emerged victorious.

Since then, it has been said that when you're luck is down, and things seem their bleakest, listen to the winds. If you should hear the faint sounds of ruffling feathers and metal scraping metal, know that he is watching over you and will see you through your troubles.

As to why we Hard Luckers thought it to be an appropriate logo for our squad, we had each come from other squads that had been decimated by the enemy, but instead of dwelling too long on what could have been done, we jumped right back into the thick of things.
*deep sigh* Well, story time is over, shall we commence the mission?

Narrator: Several heads nod in agreement, and thus the gathered heroes loaded up into the bus and they began their mission anew, with a greater purpose in hearts (a doomsday weapon, with the added bonus of masterfully baked cookies.)

End part the first.

((seriously, I have no clue for what to put between the two bits, so we'll just leave that blank.))

Part 2 "Violence is not the answer. Violence is the question. The answer is 'yes'."

Narratir: for the past few hours, the ride has been uneventful. PieceFrog and Eekee took up gunner postions, using their varied weaponry, and PieceFrog also handed out guns to those who could use them. DemonStalker, after a bit of instruction on the latest working of motor vehicles, opted to drive at least out to the Hard Luck company's last stand. Everyone has gotten comfy for the long ride, save my cousin Frank, who has decided to have some "fun" with the bus' PA system. :roll:

Frank: *KSH* T' yer left, there's a sand dune. It's pretty darn sandy.*KSH*

*KSH* Up ahead, there's three motorbikes wtih the correspondin Artemis’ Own girlies, pointin' they're rocket lauchers in our general direction, with that behemoth truck o' theirs in th' background.*KSH*

*KSH* Coming up on your right, is another sand duuune.*KSH*

PieceFrog: Wait, what? Frank did you just say what I thought you said?

Frank: *KSH* The sand dune?*KSH*

PieceFrog: No! The Artemis' Own!

Sendaz: What?!?

Frank: *KSH* Oh them...Yeah, I suppose I shoulda paid more attention t' that. :oops: Well, lookie there, one of 'em firin'.*KSH*


DemonStalker: *spinning the wheel proficiently* Way ahead of you boss!

Narratir: The bus swerves out of the way with just inches to spare, as the explosive round detonates in open ground, kicking up a huge amount of sand. Stopping the bus DemonStalker bursts through the door, calling for the others, even as they are piling out themselves. Two more rockets fire in succession toward the same point in the crowd. The elder warrior steps in front them, grabs the first rocket out the air and turns it back to the one who let it let it fly (she drops her weapon while fleeing, but is still knocked out by the concussive blast), then takes the second full in the chest. Wait, what? :shock:

Gathered LUGs: :shock: :shock: :shock:

Narratir: The dust clears, and the mountain of muscle is still standing, though he's sporting a hole the size of my head, in the middle of him. It looks like it's slowly healing, amazing!

DemonStalker: Indeed. *koff* I'll need a few moments to regen myself, so could someone take out those other ones?

Eekee: *safeties off* Already on it!

Narratir: The young avian takes flight, plasma rifle at the ready, though not aiming to kill. He swoops down at the bikers, laying down a barrage of burning plasma that makes these particular women wish they hadn't gotten out of bed that morning. Eekee soars in for two more passes, making sure the threat is subdued (mildly burned, but still subdued), and head back to the group. By the time he returns, the hole in our immortal is closed, but not fully healed. The others are either watching for signs of further aggression or watching Kronys' wound heal, out of morbid curiousity.

Penguins!: Does it hurt?

DemonStalker: More than you would care to know, young one. I've had worse though. :wink:

Atticus: I somehow find that hard to believe. Though I think I'll take your word for it and be glad I didn't catch fire aga-

PieceFrog: The truck! It's headed this way! I think they're going to try and ram the bus!

Sendaz: Oh, for the love of FOD. Any ideas?

DemonStalker: *with the monstrous vehicle bearing down on the group, he turns to the Valkyrie Belle* How do you feel about an aerial attack?

Atticus: :? What are you... *watches the still healing man quickly gesture out his impromptu plan* O_O :dry: You had better catch me. :dry:

DemonStalker: Don't worry I will. *he gently grips her by the waist* Braced and ready?

Atticus: As I'll ever be.

DemonStalker: Well then, batter's up. *with that, he heaves her high into the air, much to the surprise of their companions who weren't paying attention*

Narratir: Directly after flinging Miss Funt, DemonStalker takes off at a sprint in the direction of the on-rushing behemoth. Just as they're about to collide, he winds up for an uppercut with his right fist.


Narratir: Wow... uh, I mean the mammoth transport upends it self and gains a few feet of altitude, but not much. That is until the strong man grabs it's rear bumper with his left hand, and in a flash of bluish-white light, sends it rocketing up to meet the girl with the hammer.


Kleommas: *to random underling pressed into the seat next to her* You know? When I was a kid, I always wanted to be an astronaut... Wait, isn't that the hammer girl? She's winding up to hit us isn't she? This just hasn't been our day.


Atticus: Woah! Spinning!


Narratir: The impact of Krossar to transport is audiable down here, and I suspect for miles, as well. The huge vehicle has just been sent spinning a mile or two behind us, impacting in a large cloud of sand and an immense *THUMP*. Kronys wearily gets up, and holds his arms out for a moment as Atticus comes twirling down from the sky like a Thermo-Nuclear Ballerina. In a maneuver that looked like it hurt (for his efforts, he got another accidental Krossar to the shin), he managed to catch her while ensuring she wasn't hurt, herself. A few minutes later, we're on the road again (turn the page).

End part the second.


Part 3 "I feel like Angston' Tonight, like Angstin' Tonight!"

Narrator: A few more uneventful hours go by, then we stop for a quick lunch. While unpacking some of the food, a little suprise guest is found nestled in the middle of the rooftop luggage.

Atticus: *gently hauls the young boy out of the pile* Hey Pengs! Look what I found!

Penguins!: KENNY!

Ben: What?!? *storms over to the kendo kid, who is just now letting himself down to the ground* Didn't I tell you you couldn't come along?

Kenny: No, you said I wasn't gettng in the bus. You never said anything about getting on the bus. :D

Jade: *snicker*

Ben: Why... You... Rules lawering little..

Jade: *puts his hand on Ben's shoulder* Ben, let it go.

Ben: But-

Jade: He would have found a way to come along anyway, you know.

Ben: Yeah, I guess. But still...

Jade: No buts, man. Besides, I seem to recall you pulling similar stunts over the years when a girl was involved. :wink:

Ben: Hey, now. That's hitting below the belt. :dry: Alright, alright. I won't lay into him anymore. Heck, it looks like he's getting more than he bargained for anyway. :)

Kenny: *being partially crushed by the overjoyed Penguins!* ACK! Can't... Breathe!

Jade: Heh, still going to administer the Brotherly Love Wedgies and Shoulda Listened Noogies later?

Ben: You betcha. :twisted:

Jade: That should be fun to watch. :)

Narrator: That bit of excitement over with, we sit down to a quick lunch of left over munchies snagged from the Historical Society Ball last night. Spirits are high, and everyone's exicted about the unknown adventures yet to come, on this trip. Sitting on the hood of the bus, staring off into the distance, is DemonStalker, looking a bit wistful. Sendaz, finished with his disgustingly small ration of FOD, saunters up to him.

Sendaz: Copper piece for your thoughts, old man?

DemonStalker: That's an odd turn of phrase.

Sendaz: Heh, I just don't get much opportunity to call people old, these days. :wink:

DemonStalker: I actually meant the copper piece bit. Haven't heard that one for a while. You're older than you look aren't you?

Sendaz: Well I am a dragon after all.

DemonStalker: :huh: You're a dragon?

Sendaz: Of couse I- ... Wait, you haven't seen my dragon form yet, have you?

DemonStalker: Nope, sorry. :)

Sendaz: Well, you'll have to wait a while then, at least until I get this anti-magic collar off. In addition to everything else, it's starting to itch like crazy. :mad:

DemonStalker: *hopping down* Why don't I try? My powers are based in life energy, not magic. It might work.

Sendaz: As long as you don't intend to separate my head from my body *glances testily at M'taal* I'll try anything.

DemonStalker: *moves closer and gently gets a grip on the collar, having barely enough room to fit three fingers in from each hand* Hmmm... That will have to do, for now. Ready to have at it?

Sendaz: Do it.

Narratyr: Kronys pulls with all of his might at both edges of the collar, without much success. He pulls for another few seconds, before his arms begin to glow with the the same bluish-white light from before. A few more seconds, and the glow is so bright, it's hard to look at. The others stop what they're doing as they notice the light show, and look over. Then the light becomes a blinding flash, and in a moment, it's over. Kronys is backed up against the bus, out of breathe and hands smoking.

DemonStalker: *huffs and puffs for a moment* Sorry, no go. That accessory just isn't coming off.

Sendaz: FOD damn it all. Thanks for trying anyway.

Mtaal: *looking up from polishing her axe* So does this mean we still have to take Drake alive?

Sendaz: Unfortunately, it does, my furry friend.

Mtaal: Well, carp...

Sendaz: *chuckles* Indeed. *back to DemonStalker* By the way, you never did answer my question, old man. ;)

DemonStalker: Oh, yes. I was just thinking about the old team. We're almost at the last stand and burial site, and though I know there was nothing else I could do for them, I can't help but feel like I've failed them. I felt it back then too, which is why I placed a couple of Spirit Guardians (much like the one I gifted to Penguins!, over there) at the entrance of the cave I buried them in.

Sendaz: So their resting place is protected from evil, is it? What's to worry about?

DemonStalker: Back then, I only had the time to fortify the guardians with energy to last 5 or 6 decades. With all that's been going on recently, I can't help but wonder if something bad is going to, or already has happened to them.

Sendaz: *pats Kronys on the shoulder* Don't be so hard on yourself, I'm sure evenything's fine.

DemonStalker: :) I suppose you're right. I won't let the dark thoughts bother me anymore. *points off into the distance* See the largest outcropping of rock? We should be able to make it there by nightfall, if we hurry. We can set-up camp there, if you think we've got time.

*Flashback! Greyed out memory, fading around the edges*

Lt. Briggs: *pointing in the distance* Y'see that there large outcroppin' o' rock? The biggest one there. If we hurry, we should make it there by sundown, and set up camp fer the night. Now that we gots ourselves a map from those Bermie rats that jumped us, we c'n stand t' rest a bit. Now, let's roll!!

All: WOO!

*end flashback*

DemonStalker: *chuckles*

Sendaz: What?

DemonStalker: No, nothing. just remembered a quick moment from 60 years ago. Is everyone ready?

Sendaz: Just about, we didn't unpack much of anything, it's going quickly. Anyway, let's roll.

DemonStalker: Heh.


Narrater: Nearing dusk, we roll to a stop at the rusting, half buried remains of three old jeeps and two tanks. Not too far away is the cave where the Hard Luck company it layed to rest.Kronys, leading in Sendaz, Atticus, Le Fae, and a few others who are interested, heads into the cave.

DemonStalker: It feels... Different. Evil... *furrows his brow, and strides in further*

Le Fae : *Feeling the walls* I sense, Death Magic... Used recently, within the past few days, I'd sa-

DemonStalker: *from further into the cave* NO! No...

Narrater: The rest of us dash in, to find the mountainous man crumpled to the ground sobbing softy, the sight of 7 freshly dug sandy graves providing cause for the outburst of a moment ago. We try to approach him, but he waves us off.

DemonStalker: Please, could I have some time *sniff* alone?

Sendaz: Alright, We'll be staying the night anyways, but we won't be waiting longer than we have to, understood?

DemonStalker: *gravely nods*


Narrater: Dawn is breaking, and the adventurers are slowly but surely sending away the effects of sleepiness. A small group of the more wakeful LUGs has gathered in front of the cave.

Sendaz: Hmmm... He still hasn't come out. Atti, you have the most tactful approach to these things, would you mind being our Plan A?

Atticus: Plan A? Dare I ask what Plan B is, or do I want to know?

Sendaz: For the greater effect, it's probably best you don't know ahead of time. You'll have about ten minutes, before we go to the next option. If he's still navel gazing, we'll have to leave him to his own devices.

Atticus: Really, just leave him here?

Sendaz: From what we've seen of his abilities, he'd be an asset in our quest, but we haven't the time for this kind of thing. And asset or no, we have plenty more able bodied people with us, including you.

Atticus: That seems a little cold...

Sendaz: From what I've heard of, and from him thus far, if he were in his right mind, he'd agree. I'd rather it not come to that, but I'm prepared to do it.

Atticus: Okay, I'll go in, and do what I can. Ten minutes, right?

Sendaz: Right. Good luck.

Atticus: *nods and walks into the cave*

Mtaal: *waits for her friend to be out of earshot* So, after ten minutes, I go in and slap him?

Sendaz: *chuckles* No, my friend. That would be Plan C. B is much more subtle. Liria, Eekee, you both will also be needed for this.

Liria, Eekee, & M'taal: *look at each other, shrug and turn back to Sendaz*

Mtaal: What are you planning, Lizard?

Sendaz: Just a little something to jog his memory...


Inside the cave, Miss Funt pads up to the slumped form of her new friend. She rests her hand on his large shoulder, and he doesn't resist.

Atticus: Kronys? Kronys, it's dawn.

DemonStalker: Already? *sigh*

Atticus: Yeah, we're getting ready to leave, are you... Are you coming?

DemonStalker: I've fai
led them twice, now.

Atticus: Pardon?

DemonStalker: Twice... I couldn't protect them back then and couldn't do anything for them now...

Atticus: Why don't you tell me about it?

DemonStalker: I'm sorry, but I don't see how that would help.

Atticus: What can it hurt? It may help more than you realize to get it off your chest. Besides... I'd like to know what's causing a friend of mine so much pain.

DemonStalker: *looks up to her thoughtfully, and looks down again* Alright. We were heading up to this place, sixty years ago...

*fade to greyed out flashback*

Lt. Briggs:
*on the radio* Keep on th' look out, fellahs! We've got ourselves a new advantage, but we ain't invincible!

Pvt. Dawson:
*over the radio from the jeep to the right* Where's the map, anyway, sir?

Lt. Briggs: In mah pack an' up here
*taps forhead* With somethin' this important, ya can't trust just a piece o' paper, private. Remember that! Wait a minute... *looks through binoculars* Well, s**t. Looks like we gotta fight for our rest. Smith! Run Damon up as close to those tanks as you can, and when he drops, go evasive an' let Brown work his magic with that machine gun of his. We'll run support.

Pvt. Smith: Yes sir!

It was a fairly routine manuever, we'd run it a few times before with tremendous success. There was no reason why it should have gone any differently this time. Maybe the Berman's got lucky, or maybe our luck had run out. I don't really know.

The first little bit went as planned so far as I was concerned. I dropped about fifty feet from the lead tank, but before I could reach it, they both got a shot off. My squad can evade shots like that any day of the week, is what I was thinking, so I didn't bother looking back to see what had happened.If I had...

Anyway, when I finally reached the lead tank, I shoulder tackled, lifted and flipped it over. I turned to see the turret of the second tank pointed directly at me. I jumped just as they fired, but the shell caught and ripped away one of my legs, continuing on to blow their friends in the other tank. I landed roughly, and tumbled a bit, but that was the least of my worries.

It was at this time that I realized the squad was doomed. As I forced my eyes to focus through the pain, I saw that two of our jeeps had been blown to bits, while the third had just been hit. I did something then that I hadn't done in a long time. I fired a destructive blast of energy from my hands at the tank, destroying it immediately. That technique takes a lot out of me, and I passed out immediately afterward.

When i woke up hours later, our narrator was sifting through the wreakage for anything useful. Together, we buried the bodies of my squad in the cave, set out to where we thought the convoy was...

*End narrated flashback*

DemonStalker: ... And the rest you know. I'm sorry, I just-


Sendaz: *clicking a stopwatch* Aaand... Time's up. Okay guys, you know what to do.

Narrator: Eekee, Liria and M'taal nod, then spring into action. Eekee flutters his wings loudly, while Liria slowly scrape the edge of her sword along the edge of the Were's enchanted axe. They continue this for a few more seconds and then vacate from the mouth of the cave.

Sendaz: *chuckle* The things we do for our friends...


DemonStalker: What was that? It sounded like... Oh lords, what an ass I've been. *stands up, and turns to miss Funt* Atticus... May I call you Atti?

Atticus: Sure, everyone else does. :)

DemonStalker: Atti, then. Thank you. From the depths of my soul, thank you.

Atticus: You're welcome, now lets go out there. Your friends are waiting.

DemonStalker: Of course.

Narrator: And so, they somehow coaxed the bereaved giant from the cave. Sendaz approaches them.

Sendaz: Atti, you did well. Thanks.

Atticus: :oops: I actually didn't do much. :oops:

Sendaz: None the less, it seems to have worked. ;) *turns to Kronys* Good to see you've decided to stay with us old man. One thing though, do you have any idea of why Drake would want to reanimate your old teammates?

DemonStalker: I think I do. For one thing, we were one of the best squads in the region, and that's some skill I'm sure he wouldn't mind having on his side, notmatter how old it is. The bigger reason, however, would be that Lt. John Briggs had memorised the map that we had recovered from a previous encounter. Chances are good that even in death, he never forgot it.

Sendaz: That's a troubling thought, and all the more reason to get on the road again.

DemonStalker: Indeed, though I have but one more thing to take care of.

Sendaz: Will it take long?

DemonStalker: Not at all. *gestures to Penguins!* Young one, come here a moment.

Penguins!: *trots up* yeah?

DemonStalker: Do you recall how I said that Shiney would only last a few days?

Penguins!: :( You mean Shiney'll go away? :(

DemonStalker: Not for a couple more days, but I feel that there won't be many other opportunities to do this in the next few days, I think I should fortify her with a bit more energy. To allow her to last out the quest, as we're heading into more dangerous territory.

Penguins!: Oh, okay then. :) :)

DemonStalker: Close your eyes for a moment. *as she does so, he places his palm upon her still human form forehead* [low gutteral muttering in a language long forgotten by time]

Narratir: DemonStalker's hand begins to glow blue-white again, as does Penguins! forehead. This transfer of energy goes on for two minutes, before the glowing stops. Kronys straightens up, and pats the young girl on the head. Being that they are the only two not on the bus, they quickly load in, Tex at the wheel looking over our sections of the map. Soon enough, everyone setteled in for the long haul, we set off toward the horizon.


Up above our heroes, perched atop the the rocky outcropping that marks the defiled burial site of the Hard Luck Company, stands a stooped figure, chuckling over some personal joke.

Mystery Figure: Excellent, excellent. Everything is falling into place...

With that, the figure spreads his black wings, and flies off.

End part the third
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Postby Le Fae » Thu Oct 21, 2004 9:40 pm

I. Interlude.

Narratyr: Dusk has fallen over the desert beyond the vehicle's windows, but the LUGs have not stopped, having decided to drive through the night. Most are asleep or dozing, curled up in relative comfort on the cots in the back of the bus; others watch the sleeping desert scroll by. Texarcanum, now at the wheel, whistes quietly to himself as he drives, and the only other sound comes from the soft rush of sand underneath the wheels and and small noises of desert night life.

Texarcanum: Why, Narra-whoever, that was mighty lyrical of ya.... Never knew you had it in you.

Narratyr: *smiles slightly* I'm enjoying the rest, truth to tell. It's been hectic, and something tells me that it's only going to get worse, so I'm enjoying it while I can. *resumes narration* Texarcanum yawns loudly, and two or three LUGs look up. BunnyM gets out of his seat and walks toward the front of the bus, surefooted despite the slight jostling.

Bunny M: I'll take over for a bit if you want to get some sleep, Texarcanum... You've been up here almost since nightfall.

Texarcanum: Thank ye kindly, stranger. I wouldn't mind getting some shut-eye, truth to tell. Long day tomorrow, eh?

Narratyr: Texarcanum wobbles toward the back of the bus, stretching, and flops onto the first available cot. There is a muffled squeak, and Chi wriggles out from underneath Texarcanum's now-inert form. The little lemur glares sleepily at nobody in particular, but only curls into a small ball on the pillow next to Tex and settles back to sleep. Even this small commotion, however, is sufficient to wake some of the lighter sleepers.

Liria: I wasn't really asleep. I thought I heard something outside, actually.

Mtaal: *sits up straighter in her seat and tilts her head to one side, listening* I'm...not certain. There's something out there alright, but it's too faint.... Could just be a critter.

Mo Novaya: I'll scout.

Narratyr: Mo Novaya casts a brief glance toward the back of the bus, from where the waking LUGs can discern Sendaz's faintly musical snoring, then walks toward the front. She squares her shoulders, concentrates, and begins to emit a glow of blue-violet light, which flickers and wavers uncertainly before flaring painfully and vanishing. Mo, now transformed into a little blue bat, sits on the floor for a few heartbeats, wings drooping with exhaustion, before taking hesitant flight.

Mo Novaya: We have got to do something about that collar. This is absolutely ridiculous!

Nocturne: *snorts* Tell me about it. I can't even get Snake-Eyes to manifest, and believe me, he has a thing or two to say about that.

Mtaal: Mo, I thought you once said your shapeshifting ability wasn't magically-based, so why are you having problems? :?

Mo Novaya: While the collar itself is geared to contain magic, it's bleed-off seems to be affecting a broad swath of the energy spectrum. You'll note Bunny M is staying on the far side of the bus away from Tall, Dark, and Scaley. :roll: Oh well, time to fly....

Narratyr: Mo appears to sigh, and flutters around the bus for a minute before finding an open window and soaring through it. Silence descends on the bus once more.

Le Fae: *lifts her head from where it was leaning up against the window and looks suddenly alert* That... there's something there, I swear it, and it's aura is... familiar... I have... Bunny M, stop the bus.

Narratyr: Bunny M glances back over his shoulder andlooks perplexed.

Bunny M: You do know we're on a time limit, right? We need to catch up with them as quickly as we can -- that's why we decided to drive through the night and why we splurged extra on a bus with its own -- erm -- facilities *blushes*

Narratyr: Le Fae gets out of her seat abruptly and stamps her foot, her imperious manner betraying, for once, her heritage. She stalks toward the front of the bus, and as her fingers flicker minutely the engine sputters and stalls. She motions irritably toward the door, which swings open of its own accord; before exiting the bus, however, the Fae eyes the gathered LUGs speculatively.

Le Fae: Liria, Mtaal, would you kindly come with me? I may need to trance, in which case I shall need guards. DemonStalker, Bunny M, would you keep the perimiter around the bus while I work? If anyone wakes up, have them patrol with you. I won't be long. *pauses for a second* Nocturne, I think you'd best come with us, too. I may need.... verification.

Narratyr: The Fae sweeps out of the bus and stalks into the star-lit darkness, trailed by the trio she named. The other LUGs trade astonished glances, but proceed to walk the perimeter around the bus, alert to the slighest noise and motion.


II. Search.

Liria: So, 'Fae.... What was up with the hand seals back in the bus? I know they're sometimes used as a device to focus energy, but I somehow thought you didn't need them.

Le Fae: And I usually don't, especially for a piece of fire-magic as minor as making an engine stall. You must admit, however, that this situation is far from usual, and I need to resort to hand-seals for the same reason that Mo had trouble transforming -- and for the same reason which now compells us to venture out further from theothers than I, for one, would like. Unfortunatley I see no alternative.

Mtaal: So just how far do we need to go? There's enough light for now, but it's getting cloudy, and even I can't see in complete darkness.

Le Fae: Not much further now. Ideally I would have liked to move completely out of range of the artifact, but for that I would need to summon an Elven-Steed or something similar, which brings us right back to the problem of the artifact.

Narratyr: The LUGs walk in sinlence for several more m=inutes, until Le Fae stops and turns to face the others; her eyes glow a sullen red in the darkness.

Le Fae: This will do. It was a minor holy site, and will give us some small measure of protection from the artifact. I hope that distance will do the rst -- it seems to fallow the same law as gravity, with its effects decreasing proportinately to the square of the distance, so it should now be weak enough to only disturb the fields a little.

Nocturne: Fascinating, I'm sure. Can we get on with it, please? It's getting just a little cold, and I'm just a little cold-blooded.

Le Fae: Well, this seems as good a time as any to test on my hypothesis about that collar's influence -- before I attempt any major working.

Narratyr: The Fae's hands flash in a complicated succession of patterns, and the others can feel the air grow perceptibly warmer. Nocturne sighs with relief, but Mtaal stiffens a touch.

Mtaal: You do realize that to anyone who has night vision goggles or can see in the IR spectrum, we'll be lit up like Yule tree.

Le Fae: Ah... heh... didn't think of that. Well, easily solved -- I'll just need to put an air-temperature shield around us; we would be fine. At any rate, we know that magic is accessible again.

Narratyr: Le Fae forms several more seals and nods with satisfaction. She then sits on the cool sand in a single fluid motion, legs folded in a full lotus but apparently no less comfortable for that. The other LUGs exchange glances, nod once, and encircle the Fae so their backs are facing her and their eyes tracking the desert in various directions. Le Fae raises her hands and begins forming the seals once more, slowly at first but with increasing pace. She chants in time with the motions, and sways slightly in a hypnotic, almost dance-like rhythm. This time there is no light, but the three surrounding LUGs can feel the magic reach to and through them, pulling them into its rhythm while somehow keeping them separate from its web. One by one, as if following a ritual they have known all their lives and as if compelled by a force they cannot deny, they speak.

Le Fae: Speak to me of the sounds.

Mtaal: There is a sound in the air, a sound which I do not know, and yet a sound which I have always known. It is the sound of laughter, but cruel and not kind, and empty of joy. It has come in the night, and frightened the cubs in the den, and yet in the morning there is nothing left of it save a feeling of calamity narrowly averted. That is what I hear in the air.

Le Fae: Speak to me of the sights.

Liria: There is a shape moving in the night, and the shape is mischief. It stalks as a murderer, and skulks as a thief, and crawls on its belly as the lowest nightmare oozing out of the ancient and muddy seas. And yet it is a thing, this stalker, and not a nightmare, and its name is known, though it is not known to me.

Le Fae: Speak to me of the smells.

Nocturne: There is a scent on the wind, and this scent is known to me. It is the scent of... of... No!! How did he-- Not here!

Narratyr: Nocturne whirls around to face the Fae, and the other two slowly shake off the effects of the spell. Nocturne clenches and unclenches his fists convulsively, almost ready to bolt, and glares at Le Fae.

Nocturne: You knew! You knew, and all you can say was that you needed me for "confirmation"??

Le Fae: *eyes Nocturne dispassionately* As a matter of fact, I did not know; I suspected. In fact, I still do not know; I don't have enough magic to act on my own, so I needed intermediaries -- that would be you three. I do apologize for not warning you that this might happen, but I honestly did not expect that it would. The phenomenon is exceedingly rare, and was no doubt caused by the proximity of the collar. Now. The others told me what they saw and heard. Would you care to tell me what you smelled, just for the record?

Nocturne: It's him. It's Puck. And we're going to find him. Now.

Le Fae: *coolly* As a matter of fact, we will do no such thing. We will return to the bus and confer with the others, because this opportunity to capture him is too good to waste on a poorly thought-out whim.

Narratyr: Nocturne looks murderous, but Liria's face, now fully recovered from the spell's disorientation, turns thoughtful.

Liria: This Puck... I assume he is the Puck. And therefore -- a creature of magic, yes?

Mtaal: *with a slow grin* So Sendaz's collar can actually work to our advantage for once, hey? Sounds like a plan to me. Only -- why do we need to capture him, anyway?

Nocturne: *grinding his teeth* Because I have sworn blood-oath against him, and he is mine.

Le Fae: Not quite. Or, rather, not yet. If Puck is here, it is because great destinies have converged, and little scavengers always know when the lioness has made the kill. If he is here, then there is much at stake, and I am willing to wager he knows what's what. We need his information. Then you may resume your blood-feud.

Mtaal: Cold-blooded. But fair.

Liria: Let's head back -- it's going to be a long night. Again.


III. Gathering.

Le Fae: ....and then we decided to come back here before pursuing the matter any further. That's about it.

Narratyr: The LUGs, awake without exception, huddle around the campfire outside of the bus. Mo, who had returned some time during the story, shakes her head.

Mo: I haven't seen anything for miles around on on my flight, but I suppose that doesn't mean much if we're lookiung for someone magical.

Quästor: So -- explain to me again why it is so imperative to find this "Puck"... He seems like someone I would avoid, given the choice, not go after.

Nocturne: Simple. Puck is trouble, and to find him is to minimize damage.

Le Fae: Hm. I suppose that's essentially correct. But more importantly, I have a hunch that he may have knowledge of those we seek, though he may not be working with them directly.

Stargirl: *yawning widely* SO how do you two know Puck, anyway? I always thought that he was a mythical figure....

Mtaal: Sort of like succubi, dragons, werewolves, and faerie?

Penguins!: She's got you there, sis :mrgreen:

Le Fae: *looks at Stargirl* Do you really want to hear this? It's long, and not particularly interesting.

Sendaz: *fingering the collar irritably* Perhaps not to you. But it may have some bearing on our situation now, and so might be worth hearing.

Eekee: And it'll help us stay awake.

DemonStalker: ...And there's nothing quite like a tale of the somewhat older times on a dark night. It'll bring back memories, no doubt of it.

Narratyr: Le Fae turns her still-glowing eyes on Demonstalker for a moment, and raises an eyebrow.

Le Fae: I did not know that you had any knowledge of the High Court.

DemonStalker: Well, I was never exactly invited to dine with the king and queen, but I bummed around Valhalla a couple of millennia ago, and we may have -- erm -- *cough* -- wandered into Underhill a time or two. Puely by acident, of course -- we got lost inthe Unformed lands, and....

Narratyr: DemonStalker trails off, blushing furiously. Le Fae smiles a slightly.

Le Fae: Of course. Lost in the Unformed, with your bloodhounds as guides.

Atticus: Um. Story?

Le Fae: Very well. I shall endeavor to keep it short, and if I begin to lie too outrageously, Nocturne will, no doubt, stop me. So then, this is how it went.


IV. Past Imperfect.

This is an old story, older by far than the tale of the four Athenian lovers lost in the woods and confounded, unsurprisingly enough, by Puck. It is older, too, than those raids of which DemonStalker has spoken, and yet the echoes of that story have reverberated throughout the millennia, and the feuds begun as a result have only recently come to a head. Its full implications are yet to be discovered.

It so happened that one night at the very height of summer, Queen Titania -- who was the known as something else entirely, of course, but we shall keep her present name for simplicity's sake -- so, Queen Titania called upon her attendants and bade them gather the full Seleigh Court. Now, outsiders may think this to be a simple task, but in truth such things take time, and by the time this thing was accomplished, the Unseligh had heard of it as well. Such revels are never quiet.

And it so happened that in the court of the Unseligh there was a small spirit named Puck, and though he was not by any means the worst which inhabited that dark and cheerless place, he was still feared and disliked among the mortals. Yet his powers were then small, and he was little more than a nuisance, especially since magic ran stronger in the human veins then, and there were many wisemen and wisewomen to ward off his ilk.

This Puck had some small falling-out with the unnamed lord and lady of the Unseligh, so he decided to try his luck at the Bright Court, and this gathering seemed to him the perfect opportunity to switch allegiances and latch on to a more forgiving master. So he gathered some small trinkets from the kingdoms of the earth, and some small wisdoms from the kingdom of the heavens, and some small mysteries from the kingdom of dreams, and he took these gifts to the Faerie Queen to curry her favor.

Titania found him amusing enough at first, though his little gifts were as mica before the diamonds of which she was already mistress, but his prattle and his flattery and his snide cunning annoyed her at the last, and she banished him from her, laughing. The Puck grew angry, though he durst not show it before the one whose power dwarfed his as the sun dwarfs the ant, and he hid his simmering rage beneath a veneer of despondency. Yet that night, he used his small powers to creep up on the queen unseen, and to listen to the queen as she spoke to one of her envoys from the mortal realm.

The queen has always been discreet in her affairs, and try though he might, Auberon her king could never prove her infidelities as she could prove his. Now it so happened that this was well known in the Unseleigh court, and what is known in the court is always known to Puck. Imagine, then, his joy at realizing that the words of the queen's envoy could win him much favor with the king, and bring much trouble to the queen who had slighted him. In truth it was a small matter of which the queen and her envoy spoke, and had little to do with any indiscretion, but such is the power of the Puck that he could turn the most innocent word into a confession so dire that only death can atone for it.

And so Puck took his stolen knowledge to the king, who confronted his queen with it before the eyes of the court. She was shamed, and furious, and could not imagine where the king could have heard such a thing, except from the lips of her envoy, a trusted friend and confidante ere this. And the queen in her anger denounced the envoy as traitor to her person and to the court, and the envoy was exiled to the human lands until the end of days.

For many a year did the envoy -- now the exile -- wander from kindgom to kingdom, unknowing of her supposed crime and growing weary of the cheerless human world from which magic faded year by year as people ceased to believe in it, until at length she was conftonred by one of her race. Yet she knew not his face, but could see his age burning within him, and by this she knew him to be of the Darkling Court, and no friend of hers. But he wished her no harm, and merely asked her of Puck.

It was then that the envoy realized what had come to pass within the Bright Court, and together the envoy and the hunter conspired to put an end to Puck. At long last they got word to the Bright Court, and the vagaries of Court life are such that Auberon and Titania were at that time reconciled once more. Thus Puck was exiled at Titania's command, and has wandered the human world since; and the envoy was welcomed back to the court, though she chose to remain instead in the human lands, having grown to see the charm and life within them.

Yet the Puck did not vanish in the human world, but thrived in it, and now draws nearer than ever; the end to this tale is not yet written, yet it must be added that the envoy and the hunter's paths crossed many times during the intervening years, until at length those paths merged with the paths of several companions, who must needs have part in the end of this tale.


V. Postscript.

Narratyr: As the Fae falls silent, the other LUGs shake their heads to dispel the images conjured by the tale.

Erka: Lovely. So now we have a semi-crazed fairy to chase down, along with everyone else. Don't you think we have enough trouble on our hands without chasing down feuds that are older than most existing civilizations?

Clang: Actually, he sounds like just the person we need. Knows everything that goes on in the courts, remember?

Sendaz: Indeed, but he has been out in this world for a long time.... Would it follow that he would know everything that goes on here as well?

Nocturne: If he is in the area? Absolutely; that's how he has managed to stay ahead of me all of these centuries.

Le Fae: It is unsettling that he has always made it a point to run, yet he does not do so now. He must surely know by now that we are here, and might even know that we are aware of him. That seems -- unlike him; he is a coward at heart.

Liria: Could he be attracted by the collar?

Le Fae: It is possible, of course. If so, he is more a fool than I thought -- he will be as incapacitated by the collar as we are. More, actually, since we have had some time to learn to adjust for its effects. This may be our best chance to get rid of him.....
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Postby erka613 » Mon Nov 01, 2004 3:03 pm

[Narrator] Ah, the sweet silence of the desert. Gazing up at the deep blanket of the sky, counting the infinite pin-pricks of light. . . .

[wind] *whoosh*

[Narrator] It feels to good to bask in the solitary peace of the night. To stop and feel the sand run through my fingers. To lie back on a dune, alone with my thoughts. . . .

[cricket] *chirp*

[Narrator] I can't understand why this is so refreshing. It seems like aeons since I've felt this kind of peace. And yet, something troubling pulls me from paradise. . . .

[tumbleweed] *roll*

[Narrator] Like maybe the fact that nobody else is here! I'm supposed to be with the LUGs and they're no where in sight!

[stars] *twinkle*

[Narrator] I must be lost!

[scorpion] *scuttle*

[Narrator] And I can't MOVE! Dear lord, I CAN'T MOVE!

[elephino] *blagoona*


[sand] *shuffle*


[Narrater] Oh would you pipe down? You can't move because you ate too much Halloween candy. And the LUGs haven't disappeared--you're alone because you're freaking fifty miles off target! Geez. Here, lemme give you a hand--oof, you ate a lot. I'm telling Mom.
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Postby Atticus Funt » Mon Nov 01, 2004 4:32 pm

Al Avkr, speaker for the tribe: The desert is quiet but not silent. Two Ethiopian men wander the glistening sands, their dark skins shining in the pale moonlight. As they walk, they take in the still night air. The older man stops, holding a hand to his ear. The younger traveller stops as well, his face a mask of curiosity.

Wind: *whoosh*

Al Avkr, speaker for the tribe: The older man smiles, and nods his head. The younger man looks up at his companion. After a moment he speaks.

Addis: Abba, what is it you hear?

Meheret: Wind speaks, Addis. Sent by our Malak Uqabe, to tell us she blesses our journey.

Al Avkr, speaker for the tribe: The young man smiles, and they travel onward. After a few minutes, Meheret stops to listen again.

Cricket: *chirp*

Addis: Abba, what is it you hear?

Meheret: Cricket speaks, Addis. He tells us the path ahead is clear.

Al Avkr, speaker for the tribe: Addis nods, and they continue. After a few minutes, Meheret stops to listen again.

Tumbleweed: *roll*

Addis: Pray Meheret, what is it you hear?

Meheret: Kresta Samra wanders the sands before us in the form of tumbleweed, Addis, preparing our way.

Al Avkr, speaker for the tribe: The young man holds his hands before him, offering words of thanks. They walk on a few minutes more when Meheret stops a fourth time.

Stars: *twinkle*

Addis: Tell me, Abba what do you hear now?

Meheret: Star. Waq's stars sing in the night, promising to light the sands for us, to guide our holy journey.

Al Avkr, speaker for the tribe: Addis holds his head up and gazes at the stars, tears of gratitude showing in his eyes. He starts to step forth, when Meheret grasps his shamma, restraining him.

Scorpion: *scuttle*

Addis: What is it. Meheret? What do you hear?

Meheret: Scorpion. Zar has sent him to foul the path, but the sands have betrayed his placement. We will go around.

Al Avkr, speaker for the tribe: The two pilgrims climb the side of a nearby dune, then walk cautiously down its side, giving the scorpion nest width berth. They pick their pathway anew, and walk on for nearly a mile.

Elephino: *blagoona*

Al Avkr, speaker for the tribe: Addis looks confused at this strange noise. The youth is unfamilair with the sound.

Addis: Meheret, what on earth was that?

Meheret: Elephino. He-

Addis: *angrily*Look, if you don't know, just say so. There's no need to be rude.
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Postby Clang » Mon Nov 01, 2004 6:48 pm

Takes place before Erka's post :)
[Narrator] Ah, the sweet silence of the desert. Gazing up at the deep blanket of the sky, counting the infinite pin-pricks of light. . . .

[wind] *Toot*

[Narrator] :shock: It......... feels to good to bask in the solitary peace of the night. To stop and feel the sand run through my fingers. To lie back on a dune, alone with my thoughts. . . .

[cricket] *Mooooooo!*

[Narrator] :shock: What the.... ?

[tumbleweed] *Vroooooooooooooooomm!!!*

[Narrator] :shock:

[stars] *Snap Crackle Pop!*

[Narrator]Ooooookay.. :roll:

[scorpion] *Clomp-clomp-clomp*

[Narrator] :shock: What the hells going on here!

[elephino] *Ba-ba-buey*

[Narrator]Ba-ba-buey? What the F()^& does that mean?! :x

[Narratir] It means that the sound guy is drunk again. :P
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