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Postby DemonStalker » Wed Mar 30, 2005 9:19 pm

[[Since the Hackers wiped out Sendaz' last post, I've gotten an idea. 'Tis a small thing and likely won't take away from what the Ol' Lizard had in mind, so here we go.]]

Narrater: Walking into the room, being done with loading up the supplies, DemonStalker notices the group staring at something in Atticus' hand an-

DemonStalker: I do what now?

Narrater: You're in the room?

DemonStalker: Yup.

Narrater: Do you see that group of Lugs?

DemonStalker: Yup.

Narrater: Do you notice what they're doing?

DemonStalker: *squints* looking a at an old photo, I think... Oh. Right. :? Carry on. :roll:

Narrater: He notices the group of Lugs looking at an old photo, and goes over to have a look for himself.

DemonStalker: *towers over the group, and looks at the picture* Interesting. Is this a relative of yours, Atti?

Atticusi: *looks up* Hmm? Yes, she's my mormor, actually.

Narrater: The large man grimaces as he closes his eyes for a moment, as if in deep thought, then opens them again, and simply looks confused.

Atticus: What?

DemonStalker: Come to think of it, I've never taken it upon myself to learn Swedish, or even been to the country... What does "mormor" mean?

Atticus: Grandmother. :oops:

DemonStalker: Thinking about it, that does make sense. :roll: What with the Great War era photography.

Atticus: Heh. Though I'm a little surprised you didn't think it was me at first, like everyone else. :wink:

DemonStalker: Shouldn't be terribly surprising, given the age of the photo, and the fact that your, uh, Mormor seems to have been considerably more... *begins gesturing with his hands*

Atticus: *Icey stare of Death*

DemonStalker: Ummm... *stops gesturing* Nevermind. :huh:

Clang: *elbows DS* Nice save, bud. :D

Le Fae: *chuckle* It seems men are still the same no matter how old they might be. :roll:


[[that's it! post anytime now, Sendaz!]]
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Postby PieceFrog » Wed Apr 20, 2005 4:19 pm

Narratyr: Once again PieceFrog thanks the Pirate Captain for the use of the two Gritish MX bikes from his ship. Setting the bikes up against the LUGmobile he replies to the captain’s comment about the narrat*rs as M’taal approaches...

PieceFrog: Why yes they are quite annoying but after a while ya can just about ignore ‘em.

Hey, M’taal...

Narratyr: Hey! :x

M’taal: Texarcanum, said you were looking for me.

PieceFrog: Yea, would you like to join me on a patrol of the surrounding area..? They’re gritish bikes but a bike is a bike...

M’taal: *looks bike over* Wow, talk about bare bones, no lights... :?

PieceFrog: Yeah, just kick-n-go. You & I don’t need lights though.

M’taal:*hops on bike & kick starts it* How do you want to do the patrol..?

PieceFrog: We’ll just circle the camp outward a couple of clicks then work our way back.

Narratyr: After a couple of false starts & a couple of strong words about grit bikes being all backwards PieceFrog catches up to M’taal (who doesn’t appear to have any trouble with her bike).

A little ways from the camp as PieceFrog gets accustomed to the bike he & M’taal engage in a friendly game of patrol follow the leader.

Now they’re out of my range, so off to you brother...

Narratar: Gee thanks, don’t worry about me being stuck out here in the middle of this waste land. Oh, there they are & right on schedule... *looks into binoculars* Yeap, nothing better to do... Oops, forgot the mikes on. :oops:

Ahem, the two LUGs continue on with they’re game of follow the leader weaving through the desert terrain. As the two reach the top of a deep sloping dune PieceFrog stops his bike suddenly when he starts to get a certain feeling...

PieceFrog: *parks bike against a large rock* Whoa, what’s got my stomach doing flip-flops?

Narratar: PieceFrog digs out his monocs & starts scanning the base of the dune. After doubling back M’taal parks her bike next to his but before she questions PieceFrog he passes her the monoc then points to the bottom of the dune.

M’taal gasps at what she sees then tells PieceFrog in a hushed voice...

M’taal: We’re being watched.

Narratar: Both un-holster weapons while turning to face a shadowy blur that manages to tackle PieceFrog. The shadowy blur uses PieceFrog’s momentum to pivot out of M’taal’s reach.

PieceFrog howls to the heavens about the ten thousand thundering typhoons while grappling with his opponent down the steep sandy dune.

As the dust settles PieceFrog is soundly pinned by his opponent. He mutters...

PieceFrog: Only one person I know can sneak up & pin me like this.

shadowy opponent:*giggling*Flattery won’t get you loose.

PieceFrog: Ack!*groans, sighs in defeat*All right Kitsune you win, uncle.

Narratar: And with the magic word PieceFrog is freed.

PieceFrog: Gods, Kitsune what’s it been, two years..?

M’taal: What strange company you keep.

PieceFrog: GAH! Kitsune: Eep!*hides behind PieceFrog*

PieceFrog: Ahem, M’taal – Kitsune, Kitsune – M’taal. Kitsune is a sister-in-arms that chewed some of the same dirt with me team in Bakdad... ^__^;

M’taal: Charming.*puts axe away*

Kitsune: Yes, I am.*curtsies cutely*

Narratar: With that M’taal moves off towards what originally caught the sidetracked LUGs’ attention...

PieceFrog: Oh, right!*strikes palm with heel of other hand* :o

Kitsune: Uh, PieceFrog, what’s a LUG & who is that guy?*points at narrat*r*

PieceFrog: What? Oh, him? That’s a narrat*r, trust me & just ignore him... *guides Kitsune past the narrat*r* Don’t make eye contact.

Narratar: Hey! :x

Ahem, leading the newcomer up beside M’taal, PieceFrog comments...

PieceFrog: So, this is what’s been making my stomach do flip-flops.

M’taal: Le Fae needs to see this.

Kitsune: Who? :?

PieceFrog: A friend of ours. Yes she does.

Kitsune: Why? It's just a patch of grass with a ring of mushrooms... :?

Narratar: PieceFrog stops Kitsune from walking into the curious circle...

M’taal: In the middle of the desert.

PieceFrog: *checks GPS reader then looks to M’taal* Would you bring Le Fae here..?*points toward camp* The camp should be about 2 clicks that way.

M’taal: More like 2 & half clicks that way. *points a little bit to the left* :P

PieceFrog: Okay, we’ll keep guard... :)

Narratar: PieceFrog watches as M’taal quickly departs on her MX bike & returns his attention back to find Kitsune about to poke a mushroom with her curious finger...

PieceFrog: Hey!! What are you doing?!?

Kitsune: Awww.*pouts at being caught* You heard the man, I got a curious finger.

PieceFrog: *crosses arms on chest*

Kitsune, what’s it been? Two years since my team reported you MIA after the fire fight in Bakdad. Your country waved the plausible deny flag at the mention of your name. Finally, you turn up out of the blue, middle of the desert decked out in a well equipped black sneak suit.

Kitsune: Wow! I can play this game too, you know. When I saw you last you didn’t quite look like a walking - talking big hairy dog!!

PieceFrog: True... ^__^’ Hey, you can’t change the subject!

Kitsune: Yes I can, I’m sure it’s a much more interesting story but I’d much rather poke at these very interesting mushrooms.

PieceFrog: All right I’ll tell ya but you gotta leave the mushrooms alone. *pulls Kitsune away from the ring*

Kitsune: Awww, you know I can’t resist a good story... :P

= = = = = = =

Kitsune: ...a league of unique gentlebeings, a family of narrat*rs, a quest for a lost convoy of cookies, traitors, an a girl band of bandits...

Narratar: Comments the attentive Kitsune as PieceFrog begins to hear & looks up the dune for the arrival of M’taal & Le Fae.

PieceFrog: Yeah, that’s about it...

Narratar: Is PieceFrog’s reply as he gets up & considers broaching the subject of the secret device of doom rumored to be with the lost cookie convoy.

Kitsune: Reeaaally...

PieceFrog: Blabber mouth!! *pointing to narrat*r* You guys are such an intel nightmare! :x

I’m not to keen on what the device is – none of us are. We just found out about it & that it might have something to do with manipulating time.

Narratar: And as far as PieceFrog is concerned he’s got a chunk of C4 with its name on it...

Hey!! *avoids a rock aimed for his head* :x

PieceFrog: Keep it up bucko, I got more where that came from!! :evil:

Kitsune: That’s very interesting...

PieceFrog: Yeah. So, can you tell me why you’re here? *offers hand to help Kitsune up*

Kitsune: Yes, I... *looks to others approaching* Someone broke a promise.

PieceFrog: Sounds serious. I got yer back if you need it. *turns to greet the approaching Le Fae & M’taal*

Narratar: In the lead Le Fae *knocked over by Le Fae* Hey! :x

Um, pushes her way through obviously not in the mood for introductions...

PieceFrog: Whoa, M’taal what’s that all about? *jabs thumb over shoulder in the direction of Le Fae*

M’taal: Yeah, not one word from her & she was waiting for me to pick her up. *watches Le Fae walk into the center of the ring*

Narratar: As Le Fae enters the center of the ring a gust of wind pushes its way through the waiting group. PieceFrog starts to comment but drops without warning to the sand almost knocking over a startled Kitsune.

= = = = = = =

Sendaz: So, if I get this right, keeping this *motions to pan flute bound with a rope made out of hair* on my person will negate our little problem with magic.

Narratyr: The collared drake trapped in human form closes his eyes & concentrates for a time then...

Sendaz: *opens eyes* Nope. I still can't access anything... I can't tap my Core, the source of my magic.... I still can't access aurasight..... that same wall is still cutting me off from everything. This is very frustrating. :x

M’taal: I’m only going by what Le Fae said but she’s not been very forthcoming. Maybe it just needs a little time...

Sendaz: I suppose. So, the newcomer is with PieceFrog in the infirmary..?

M’taal: Yeah, she & Quästor are keeping an eye on him. Quästor said he can’t seem to find anything physically wrong with PieceFrog.

Sendaz: Maybe a bit of rest will do the trick. Please let Le Fae know I want to speak with her about this trinket.

M’taal: If I can find her. If not we could always try it my way... *motions for axe* :twisted:

Sendaz: You wouldn’t... *ready to bolt*

M’taal: Kidding. :roll:

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Postby Sendaz » Sun May 01, 2005 5:57 pm

Narratur: While Piecefrog is recuperating and the Downsized Dragon confers with LeFae, Atticus and Clang are picking through the Supplies Room, scavenging what items they can for the next leg of their travels.....

Clang: Too bad, the little doohickey didn't work for Sendaz. This has to be frustrating for everyone. Hey, could you give me a hand with this? *struggles with the edge of a large crate*

Atticus: Sure thing. *grabs the edge on the other end and bends her knees as she braces to lift* Okay, on three...One

Clang: TWO!

Atticus: THREE!!!

Narratur: With a rather unladylike grunt, Atticus hefts the crate, which shoots up like it has rockets under it and goes clean through the roof along with a startled Clang who is still hanging onto his end....


Meanwhile, back at the Pirate Ship...

Sendaz: So this trinket can't really cancel the collar?

LeFae: Yes and no. I can't break the collar's primary effect, I doubt anything less than a Faerie Lord or someone of comparable power could. But, I can bind the echo somewhat.

Penguins!: Waa? :? :?

LeFae: I'll admit it's a bit tough to understand, even for an adept. To start with, you have to understand Primes and Echoes. A Prime is the ultimate expression of an object and all objects like it. For instance, somewhere out there in the multiverse is the Penguin Prime who represents all things penguiny. All penguins are but reflections of that Prime, albeit not perfect echoes... sort of like being in a carnival mirror house except you have an infinite number of distorting mirrors......hence the differences between different penguins. Okay so far?

Penguins: Ummm..... ^_^;

LeFae: It's okay....Anyway, THIS collar is an echo of Gleipnir, the silken chain that binds the Fenris Wolf. Now obviously it's nowhere as powerful as it's Prime and is a bit flawed in fact, what with the bleedoff effect hampering everyone around it. Now as I said, I don't have the mojo to directly affect the relic itself or it's primary purpose, in this case binding Sendaz. However, the 'static' around it is another story. Thanks to PieceFrog finding a faerie circle, I was able to tap into it and cobble this 'trinket' using an echo of Pan's Pipes to reign in the worst of the bleedoff. Think of it as sort of a magical net that contains the 'static'. It's still there, but the area of affect is much smaller, roughly Sendaz-sized. :wink:

Sendaz: :shock: Meaning....

Narratyr: Sendaz is cut off as the roof of a nearby building explodes outward and a Lego-laden crate tumbles through the air over the ship.....


Narratyr: The crate and rider crashes back to earth a few hundred feet out, two little lego legs sticking up out of the sand where the crate buried itself.....

LeFae: *smirking* Meaning, most of us will have access to our full abilites again, although I'm afraid you're still stuck in that form without powers until we can remove the collar.

Atticus: *stumbles out the shed* :oops: Heh.... don't know my own strength sometimes. :oops:
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Postby liria » Fri Feb 17, 2006 7:57 pm

Narrator: It's almost dawn when the L.U.G war party convenes in the Skull and Sabers Desert Tours mess hall for a 'what now' session, chairman presiding – the big lizard.

Sendaz: Bitter much theses days?

Narrator: *grunts* its 5:30 am I want my willow plushy

Sendaz: Right, so cork it, *turns to the assembly* I know it's early; your all tired and in much need of a proper night's sleep, however Mr. Drake and the amazons have a full day's travel on us, so I hope you forgive me while I deprive you this much needed rest.

Narrator: The *yawn* draco-humanoid bows and smiles.

Sendaz: I'm sure you all noticed --

Clang: No need tellin' me. *rubbs head, arms, legs, rest of body*

Sendaz: --*smirk* a small change in our handicaps, thanks to Le Fae, PieceFrog, M'taal and our lovely new guest Kitusne, the binding powers of the collar are now limited to me and myself alone.

Anyway Captain Sully' has been kind enough to restock us, so come dawn we are ready to go.

Erka: Go where?

Sendaz: That, my lovely feline, is the tricky part, the journal Questor found indicates south towards the Ubangi Shari territories.

M'taal: *shakes her head* Even if the convoy did head that way we can't be sure Drake did, what if Lt. Briggs' map says otherwise?

BunnyM: So the question is – Do we go after the convoy or after Drake?

SnakeEyes: Issn't it obviousssss?

BunnyM: *confused* What?

Nocturne: Both, we split. *turns to Sendaz* if there was a time to split Sendaz, it's now.

Narrator: The scaled leader opens his mouth and then hesitates, giving Nocturne a quirked look.

Nocturne: I won't run off if that's what you think.

Le Fae: We remember Puck is still around Sendaz, *flexes her hands* but with the convoy we're pressed for time, *snorts* I can easily imagine him collaborating with Drake if he thinks he can get something out of it.

Questor: There's one more thing, I'm not sure how the collar spell worked Le Fae, but PF is still pretty out of it, he's fit for travel in my opinion but someone will have to stay at hand with him.

Narrator: The session is interrupted by feminine soprano tones.

Kitsune: I volunteer.

Narrator: The gang turns to the woman glaring aggressively in the vacated mess hall doorway.

Kitsune: I didn't mean to interrupt, I'm just sayin' he's not going anywhere without me, that's all.

Sendaz: Very well then, we split.

Narrator: It's at this point that Erka gently and discreetly claws Atticus in the leg.

Atticus Font: OW! Erk-

Erka: The photo!

Atticus: *smacks forehead* I completely forgot! We found another interesting piece of history in the archives, *pulls out the photo* call it an extra edge.

Narrator: Sendaz peers at the photo of Atticus' mormor as he listens to Ms. Font explain.

Sendaz: Amazing, she looks exactly like you, just—

*raises head in time to see the fervent shakes of DS, and Clang*

Sendaz: -- like you.

Atticus: *Icy-stare-of-death* Right.

Narrator: the lizard stares at the photo s'more, and hands it to the woman carefully, he then slinks into deep thought :hmm: – cut to ten minutes later—

Sendaz: Alright, Atti, since you can get into the convoy, you, DS, Paranoir, (Janice: "Whoo!") BunnyM, Erka, Eekee and Tex take the armored car and go south. Securing the convoy is your primary objective. Quästor, is Piecefrog able to be moved?

Quästor: His vitals are stable, but he's still unresponsive. It's like the lights are on but nobody is home.

Kitsune: *snorts* And this is unusual for him how?

Quästor: Errr... anyway, in answer to your question, yes, he can be moved though I should probably stay close by in case of complications.

Sendaz: Very well, Atti you will be taking PF and Quästor along with you--

Kitsune: *coughs*

Sendaz: As well as the Lady Kitsune. :roll: The rest of us will go tracking, see if we can't find out exactly what they are doing, maybe even take the fight to them for a change. I do have a thing or two to say to Drake eye to eye.

Narrator: There's something very malicious in that tone.

Sendaz: *F.O.Dish-glare-of-death*

Narrator: :shock:

Narratar: **Cut to half an hour later** Stargirl, Liria, and Atticus load up a borrowed jeep and a few bikes with supplies.

Atticus: *takes away the extra three salt bags Liria keeps laoding on the back of the jeep* Something wrong Lir?

Liria: Huh? *shrugs* dunno, I can't seem to find my fan.

Stargirl: I don't suppose you mean the painted paper kind? :P

Liria: :) The gray blades kind I'm afraid, *shrugs again* I keep feeling like I'm forgetting something important.

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Postby Sendaz » Sat Feb 25, 2006 10:39 pm

Narrator: And so as dawn sun starts to climb up over the horizon, Atticus and her *yawns* sorry... her merry band start their trek south to find the lost convoy. Meanwhile, Sendaz and the remainder of the L.U.G.s watch them depart until the vehicle is lost in the distance. Then with a commanding presence, the bound Wyrm turns to his companions and gives the order....

Sendaz: Okay!!! Who wants waffles?! :P

L.U.G.s: YEAH!!!

Narrator: :shock: What?!? *stares in shock as the L.U.G.s bolt for the galley* Waffles?!?

Sendaz: *turns to the Narrator* What? I am not saving the world on an empty stomach. We'll go as soon as we finish breakfast.

Narrator: B-b-but... You sent the others out with just some hardtack biscuits and salted meat for breaking their fast.

Sendaz: Well, yes. Have you ever eaten it? Horrible stuff. Besides, the cubs are young and no doubt it will help them build character. Anyway, there wasn't enough blueberry syrup to go around and frankly with Mo still here, I am still not sure if there is enough. So if you will excuse me....

Narrator: Unbelievable :wall:


Meanwhile, in a shadowy realm somewhere both within and beyond our own....

PieceFrog: Woo... someone get the number on that truck that hit me?

*rubs his head and looks around, the landscape itself seems to shift and change as he watches, shapes and figures forming then disappearing back into the inky background*

PieceFrog: Whoa Sparkie, I get the feeling we ain't in Kansas anymore.

Sparkie: BARK! *leaps up into PieceFrog's arms*

PieceFrog: *catches the flying canine* Sparkie! But how? *sets his former partner down and looks at his own fur-free hand* Where am I? :?


PieceFrog: :shock: Okay, who said that.

*From the inky darkness a HUGE figure steps forth, a man with skin like obsidian and a jackal's head*

Dark Figure: I DID. I AM ANUBIS!!

PieceFrog: :shock: :shock: :shock:

Sparkie: RRRRrrrrrrrrrRRRRRrrrrrrr

PieceFrog: Easy Sparkie. So you're Anubis, huh? So.. what's up dawg?

Anubis: :evil:

PieceFrog: :oops: Ooookay... So am I dead or what? I mean, the last thing I can remember is Le Fae stepping into that faerie ring and then everything just went black.

Anubis: *Silently turns and walks back into the inky fog*

PieceFrog: Um.. hello?

Yet another voice: Don't mind him, he's always like that. No real sense of humor.

PieceFrog: *turns to the new voice* And who are you supposed to....*his voice trails off as he finds himself facing a scrawny coyote* or should I say what?

Coyote: *his form ripples and shifts into an Indian in western garb and smoking a cigarette* I go by many name and faces, but you can call me Coyote.

PieceFrog: Figures. So wait? What is a Native American legend doing in an Hegyptian realm of the Dead? And am I dead? Because I don't really feel dead. But I must be dead, because I am back in all human form. And are you supposed to be my Totem or something? Not that I am big into all that totem biz, but I know this guy who sorta has a Totem hanging around him and I am babbling aren't I?

Coyote: *chuckles* It's okay kid. Completely understandable. In answer to the your first question.. Tall, Dark and Stick-up-his-butt is my older brother. Long story, anyway as for your other questions.. You're not dead, nor am I your Totem. The two situations are tied together though because normally I wouldn't be able to talk to you like this seeing as you aren't one of mine. You went into sensory overload from being exposed to a full blown faerie ring and subsequent magicks.

PieceFrog: But why would that happen? I mean, I don't have any magical talent. Right? ....... RIGHT?

Coyote: Not actively as yet, but your sensitivity to it is beginning to bloom. The shock of it slipped you into a deeper trance-like state and your spirit went wandering. Not a good thing to do in the Savarha, there are predators on both sides of the Veil. I saw the oppurtunity and convinced my bro to scoop ya up for safekeeping. Your two halves exist separately here, hence your companion's appearance. When you return to the waking world, you will find yourself one once more.

PieceFrog: Thanks, I guess. So let me guess, you have a stake in this convoy and its mystery treasure as well and you are looking for me to bring it to you when we find it? No offense, but let's skip the recruitment pitch shall we, because the answer is gonna be no.

Coyote: *chuckles* You are certainly one of Dog's. Stiff necked and loyal to a fault. But I am not here to "recruit" you. Frankly I want nothing to do with what you are looking for, but I do know there are others who are interested in it and I would rather they don't get near it. As its going to take more than even my tricks to slow them down I thought perhaps to help nudge along any forces that would oppose them.

PieceFrog: I don't suppose you would care to enlighten us as to what "it" is? I mean, first we are on an international cookie run, then it's some kind of a clock thing... but given the high number of Big Bads we've met along the way, I can't help but wonder what it is we are looking for.

Coyote: The clock is but a shell, a tool to harness the power of the artifact within. It's original name would shatter your ears and make your eyes bleed just to hear it spoken, but translated it would mean "The Bell of Ragnarok".

PieceFrog: :shock: Oh boy. :roll: *starts suddenly as a large bird-like shadow sweeps past overhead* What was that?

Coyote: This place reflects the waking world. That was one of the other forces in play on the board. Your friends to the north are about to be paid a visit.

PieceFrog: What? :bigshock: I gotta warn them! Which way is out of here? *grabs Coyote roughly* TELL ME!

Coyote: Wait! There are other things you need to know! The trickster Puck, he--

PieceFrog: Yeah, yeah he is involved. We know this already. We'll deal with that when we get to it...later old man.. Sparkie, find us the way back!

Sparkie: ARF!

*The two dive into the inky mists leaving behind a bemused Coyote*

Coyote: Reckless and foolhardy.*smiles softly to himself and relights his cigarette* I think I am liking him more and more. Perhaps I may steal him from Dog yet.
Back in the Land of Living... we find a couple of cubs atop a tower at Camp Hippogriff...

Jade: Like a little waffle with that syrup? :wink:

Mo Novaya: Nope.. just right. :D *spears a chunk of waffle with her fork and dips it with relish in the veritable pool of rich blueberry syrup puddled at the bottom of her soupdish. After thoroughly coating it, she brings the dripping morsel to her lips and chews slowly, savoring every bite* To the victor go the spoils.

Jade: Yeah, the look on your bosses' face when he seen you had taken the last of the syrup, all I can say is I hope he isn't one to hold grudges because if and when he ever gets his dracoform back......

Mo Novaya: I'll take my chances. :twisted:

Jade: Brave girl *chuckles*

Mo Novaya: Well if there is one thing I learned on the streets, it's that if you want something in life you have to be ready to take it yourself. *casts a sidelong look at Jade as she skewers another chunk of waffle and dips it in the syrup.*

Jade: Really?*leans in slowly* Just reach out and take it, huh?

Mo Novaya: *leans slightly as she tilts her face up to him, cerulean eyes sparkling in the morning light* If it's something you truly want. :bigeyes:

Jade: *draws closer still, his warm breath caressing her lips* It is, but what if you're not sure it is yours to take?

Mo Novaya: *parts her lips slightly, breathing a bit faster* You won't know until you try.*closes her eyes as their lips brush*

Ben: YO Guys!*comes bounding up the steps up onto the rooftop* The big guy wants us to ---- whoa :shock:

Narratoria: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil:

Jade: *breaks the kiss reluctantly to look at Ben, speaking low through gritted teeth* DUDE, What? :fire:

Ben: :? Uh, sorry man. :oops: But the dragon see... he said we are leaving in ... like 15 minutes... so he .. ahh.. sent a couple of us to round up everyone..... I'll go tell them you'll be .... down shortly.... yeah.. I'll just go now...*backs up, stumbling a bit as he hits the railing, then turns and scurries down the stairwell.*

Jade: *looking at Mo apologetically* Sorry... he's my Bro and all, but his sense of timing totally sucks.

Mo Novaya: *smirks* It's okay. Besides, I think this is the first time I seen you actually get truly upset at him.

Jade: Yeah, well... *runs one hand thru his hair self consciously* I like to think I had just cause. :oops:

Mo Novaya: Oh I definately agree... *reaches up with one hand, caressing his cheek before tucking a stray lock of hair behind his ear.* So did you find what you wanted? :shy:

Jade: You tell me *reaches up to cup Mo's face in his hands and kisses her hungrily*


Mo Novaya: *groans softly as the kiss is broken and turns with fire in her eye at the source of the sound* You have GOT to be frakking me... Look we know we have to be down in........ *the blue tressed girl trails off as she finds herself staring at the business end of an Avian Shockstaff*

Jade: Wow.. either Sendaz just sicced the Chaperone Patrol on us or we are in deep trouble.....

Jaq: Silence Filthy Mammal!!!!

*From the stairwell two more avians appear, dragging a rather worse-for-wear Ben between them who they toss like a sack of potatoes by Mo and Jade*

Pierre: Tower secure sir....

Jaq: Eggcellant! Cover them while I report in....*waits til the other two avians take up guard positions then keys his comm* Hawk One, this is Raptor Three... North Roost is secure, repeat North Roost is secure. Three mammals captured...No sign that our presence has been noticed. Over.

Lord Haukr: Raptor Three, this is Hawk One. Hold your position, repeat hold your position. StormCrows are go. Maintain comm contact.. Hawk One out.

Mo Novaya: *glancing over the ledge just in time to see several low gliding figures closing rapidly on the camp* Well this can't be good. :?
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Postby Atticus Funt » Fri Oct 13, 2006 12:56 pm

And for my next trick!~ The ultimate in thread necromancy! (Not that anyone will probably even care... :oops: )



Narrator: The Lug Lightning pushes across the arid Savarah landscape, plumes of dust billowing in its wake. The horizon blurs as the heat peals away from the sands in visible waves. Nothing else stirs in the brutal midday heat.

Despite the hard hum of the air conditioner, the interior of the bus remains uncomfortably warm. Bunny M adjusts his shades against the glare of the sands, hazarding a glance at the GPS mounted to the Lightning’s dash. Nearly a whole two days on the road, and still no response from our mates… It’s almost enough to get a bunny worrying.

Lifting his eyes from the GPS, he turns his attention to the tall blond curled up in the “shotgunâ€
Oh man, not her again!
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Postby Sendaz » Sat Oct 21, 2006 3:42 pm

When we last left our heroes............... wrote:Azure Dragon: No! That’s impossible!

Erka: *smiling sweetly as she closes in* Y’know? I think you’d be a little surprised to find out how often we get that.

Azure Dragon: This can not be!! My wards.....impossible!

Erka:*nonchalantly setting down on her haunches and grooming a stray lock of fur that had become disheveled from her climb up the obelisk before looking up at the gaping assassin* Yeah, about that. Nice defensive wards, honest. But pretty much standard formula right? Probably provided by whatever Assassin U you graduated from am I right?

Azure Dragon: ......

Erka: Don't get me wrong. That little puppet spell trick you did on DS was pretty impressive, but when I saw the lizards scurrying around the base of the rock I figured you had skimped on the defensive end. Oh if something larger than say... oh a cat came across it I imagine there would be all sorts of pretty fireworks. But you wouldn't want it going off everytime a sandspider or such scurried by. Hence it's setting to only target larger beings or anything with unusual abilities right? *looking extremely smug*

Azure Dragon: Wait, you are talking! The ward should have responded to paranatural abomination like you! :?

Erka: Pshaw... I ai'nt paranatural... 100% pure kitty. :D Gonna let you in a little secret hun. All cats can talk, just most times you big folk don't bother to listen.

Azure Dragon: *relaxing a bit* No special powers? No magic? *evil gleam forming in his eye*

Erka: Nope, unless you call being devilishly cute a superpower Kierara's got nothing on me. :wink:

Azure Dragon: So there is nothing you can do to stop me, *openly sneering now*i Indeed, your climb has only brought your own demise that much sooner!! *raising his hands menacingly to begin his next invocation*

Erka: Oh I wouldn't say that......

Suddenly from behind Erka a dark blur rockets up high into the air.... Azure instintively looks up at the new threat, dazzling himself as the figure descends toward him with the sun full on behind it in the best classic ninja style.......

Erka: In the eternal words of Tony Montana, Say Hello to My Little Friend! :twisted: :twisted:

Chi: *Extending claws as he plummets down* CCCCCHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


back at Camp Hippogriff, 36 hours ago.... yes we can do that... no we won't skip ahead and tell you how it ends.. now hush the Narratyr wrote:*From the stairwell two more avians appear, dragging a rather worse-for-wear Ben between them who they toss like a sack of potatoes by Mo and Jade*

Pierre: Tower secure sir....

Jaq: Eggcellant! Cover them while I report in....*waits til the other two avians take up guard positions then keys his comm* Hawk One, this is Raptor Three... North Roost is secure, repeat North Roost is secure. Three mammals captured...No sign that our presence has been noticed. Over.

Lord Haukr: Raptor Three, this is Hawk One. Hold your position, repeat hold your position. StormCrows are go. Maintain comm contact.. Hawk One out.

Mo Novaya: *glancing over the ledge just in time to see several low gliding figures closing rapidly on the camp* Well this can't be good. :?

Narratyr: Indeed it does not what with the Avian StormCrows swiftly swooping in on the edge of the outpost as a large dark shape looms appears over the horizon coming in low and fast on the unsuspecting L.U.G.s The StormCrows quickly enter the outer edge of the outpost and break off into small groups as they scour the halls for their targets....

Oh my!

Narratyr: The 5 bird team moving along the southern lower hall freezes in place at the sound... placing the voice as coming from behind a closed door just ahead. Creeping closer, they position themselves, readying to surge in and capture the occupants.....

Mtaal: It's so BIG

Lt. Blouse: Yes, it is rather impressive isn't it.

Narratyr: :? Uhhhmmmm... The StormCrows look a bit confusedly at each other, but none are moving yet.

Mtaal: I have to admit that I have seen a few in my time, but this is by far the biggest I have ever seen.

Lt. Blouse: Yes, sometimes I come down here between shifts just to take it out and look at it.

Narratyr: :oops: well now..

Beat Team StormCrows: *look at each other then press closer to the door to listen*

Narratyr: I must say, not very professional... I mean, leave a spot... I can narrarate!

Mtaal: Do you think I.. I could hold it?

Narratyr/StormCrows: :shock: :shock:

Lt. Blouse: Of course, just be gentle...

Narratoria: Narratyr!! Those stupid Avians just totally ruined a awesome romantic moment I was cov--. what are you doing?!? :?

Narratyr: :bigshock: GAH! :bigshock:

the surprised narrat*r who had been hunched over at the door tries to lurch upright but ends up unbalancing against the StormCrows causing quite the Domino affect which ends up crashing hard through said door

Narratyr: *covering his eyes while atop the pile of dazed Avians* I didn't see a thing!! HONEST! *peeks a bit between fingers* What the? Both of you are still dressed? :?

Narratoria: *looking in around the corner of the door* what are you babbling about? Why wouldn't they be--- WHOA! Nice Ax!

Mtaal: Thanks *hefting a Bermanic Great Axe that is nearly as big as she is with a blade half it's length* The Lt. was nice enough to offer to show me his weapon collection. ^_^ *finally noticing the heap of birds under the recovering Narratyr* Avians! Good job knocking them out. Who knew you might actually have a use. :wink:

Narratyr: Um.. thanks.. I think... just doing our part.. YEAH, that's it.

Narratoria: *snorts*

Mtaal: But can't sit here.. there could be more of them. Tie these up, Lt. watch them. *Tosses the Great Axe back to the Lt. and grabs her own weapon. Narratoria begins binding the fiendous fowls while Narratyr frowns at this unnarratorish intervention til a knowing glance from her reminds him of his own recent actions and he joins in the binding. Mtaal takes a quick glance down the hall then fishes out her firegem and concentrates a moment to activate it* Mtaal to all L.U.G.s We got Avians down here. I repeat.. We got Avians, we could be under attack...anyone read me??

Out on the cruise ship, a firegem lays on the buffet table, Mtaal's tiny voice coming out of it with it's owner kneeling nearby on the deck with his hands behind his head along wth a few other folk while some StormCrows stand overwatch.........

Sendaz: Ya think? :roll:

Catzy: Three words cookie...WORST..... CRUISE... EVER! :evil:

Cookie: sorry :cry:
Just biding my time til 2012 when the Ban is finally lifted and the Monkey Hunt can begin.
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Postby DemonStalker » Thu Dec 21, 2006 9:35 pm

((Just like to note that I'm sorry it took so long to post, but hey it out now. ^_^;; ))

Narrator: As kitty and monkey dispatch with the necessary formalities of taking down an adversary, the chaos down below is starting to return to, something resembling, normal. Quästor is helping Texarcanum up from a rather devastating sucker punch, while Tex focuses on keeping a cold pack upon his badly bruised and battered jaw. Bunny M and Eekee are running a wide perimeter search, Paranoir is attempting to bring down Azure Dragon's wards, and the rest are standing guard, in case anything else should come along.

Well, almost everyone else. Demon Stalker is still laying in the same position that he fell in, his friend and compatriot, Atticus Funt, sitting patiently aside him, her hammer Krossar cradled in her lap. Since the behemoth's fall she's attended to her own injuries well enough, reset her nose and placed a little band-aid across it's bridge, mostly as a symbolic gesture. Besides a dull ache in her neck and abdomen as well as some bruising, the damage is fairly minor and should heal within a couple days or so. As for DS, well, he hasn't so much as twitched twice yet, a-

Demon Stalker:Thank you.

Narrator: Umm.. oh right. He barely croaks this out, without opening his eyes.

Atticus: :shock: Kronys? Are you...?

Narrator: The prone mound of muscle tries to lift a silencing finger to his lips, but doesn't have the strength left, his hand flopping down to the side.

Demon Stalker: Shh... I should be the one... asking that. *his brow furrows for a moment* Did we get him?

Atticus: Well...

Narrator: The tomboyish Valkyr looks up to the obelisk just in time to see the wards flash one last time, and to hear a whoop of accomplishment from Paranoir, followed moments later by short scream and a sandy thump, as Chi and Erka unceremoniously dump Azure Dragon from his lofty perch. She looks back to her fallen friend.

Atticus: ... Yeah, we got him.

Narrator: Kronys visibly relaxes, and after a few moments, tries to force his musculature into motion, meeting nothing but failure. He sinks back to the sand, frowns.

Demon Stalker: I remember the last time... I was this... This spent of energy...

Atticus: *she settles her gaze upon the horizon* Sixty years ago, right?

Demon Stalker: Yeah. Means I'll be out of commission for at least a day or two, maybe more. I was in and out of consciousness and had no way to tell just how long it was before I could finally move again. Narra had somehow dragged himself to the cave with some water and a few rations, and was in similar condition.

Atticus: Hmmm...

Demon Stalker: *Opens his eyes by slits and looks at Atticus* By the way...

Atticus: *she turns her head slightly towards him, and looks at him from the corner of her eye* Yes?

Demon Stalker: *he smiles slightly* The band-aid looks cute on you.

Narrator: Ms. Funt grins and shakes her head softly, then moves to get up, slapping her hand on the mountainous man's shoulder for support, eliciting a pained groan from him.

Atticus: You know, if you're feeling well enough to flirt, I'd say your well enough to get on the bus.

Narrator: She stands up, dusts herself off, and using her own, not inconsiderable strength, lifts her compatriot to a half stand, and staggers slightly under his weight, dragging him to the Lug Lightning, drawing more pained gasps and groans from the big fellow.

Demon Stalker: Hah... I'd like to... to complain about GAH! About your deplorable bedside manner.

Atticus: Well, aside from that, how do you feel?

Demon Stalker: Like someone was playing bad mariachi music directly into my brain.

Atticus: I don't think it was...

Demon Stalker: *a twinkle briefly lights in his eyes* I... Know.

Atticus: And now it's jokes, are you sure you aren't just faking this for some simpathy? Kronys? *she pokes him in the cheek, and his head lolls slightly to the side, before rolling back* Or, I guess your aren't.

Narrator: As they get closer to their ride, she calls out for some help in setting up a second cot for DS, and he eventually ends up resting fitfully near by PieceFrog, who is still in his own coma.


((Maybe this is it for now. Someone else do the next bit. <_<;))
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