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Postby Mo Novaya » Wed Sep 15, 2004 3:09 pm

((WARNING! If you don't like mush stuff, you better skip the whole next scene. Or even better, skip the whole darn post. It won't matter, really. ^_^; ))

Narratar: ...In the meanwhile, Jade and Mo Novaya (who transformed into human shape) have seperated themselves from the rest of the group and stroll the hectic and colorful Bazaar deep in conversation...

Mo Novaya: ...and that's basically how I ended up at the Thunderdome.

Jade: Wow. You've sure been busy the past few years...

Mo Novaya: Lucky is more like it. :roll: Anyways, enough of me. *stops to pass lightly over the oriental fabrics laid out at the booth in front of them* What about you? What've you been up to? I mean, besides college and travelling the world...

Jade: Besides that? Um... I... well... *laughs nervously* Like what?

Mo Novaya: Like what?! :mad: Like dealing with your father and the rest of those bastards, for instance! Like coping with what happened back then and... all THAT. :roll: Like getting over it, moving on... *cough* getting a girlfriend...

Jade: *looks dazzled* You're mistaken about Dad.

Mo Novaya: :neutral: But he is one of them. You can't deny that, can you?

Jade: No, but... He still wasn't like the rest of them. He had ideals. He never meant to hurt you, or me for that matter. *pauses, then lowers his voice* He died last summer in a car accident.

Narratar: Mo stares at him in disbelief, while Jade avoids eye contact and plays with a coin in his pocket.

Mo Novaya: Oh. I'm... God, I'm terribly sorry, Jade. I was insensitive... :oops:

Jade: Hey, 's ok. You couldn't know.

Mo Novaya: Carp. That's just...

Narratar: Without warning she spontaniously hugs him in a deep and heartful embrace. It takes him a second or two to response by hugging her back, and - yes, just as I assumed, they stay in this position for quite a while, except right about now they turn their head towards me and say in perfect unison -

Jade & Mo Novaya: Shuddup! :evil:

Narratar: Yeah, whatever. :roll: (whispering:) Anyway, they continue hugging and... wait, is that a teardrop in Mo's eye? Yes, yes I believe it is. Heh, Narratoria would die to narrate this! Me, I'm rather bored. Oh well. At least noone's been attacking me yet. And the bazaar is pretty nifty... Hey, is that a fake Rollex? Uh, right, focus. Gee, now she sobs and stuff.

Mo Novaya: I can't believe he's dead... :cry: He was the only one, back at the lab - except for you - I didn't mean---

Jade: I know. And... Blue?

Mo Novaya: Um-hm?

Jade: I never had another girlfriend.

Mo Novaya: Y-You......................really? :shy: Me neither! :D *pauses* :? I mean boyfriend. In my case. :oops: *pulls away from the hug (finally)* And *cough* not that I want to be pushy or anything, and it's really not my business, but - who was this blonde Ben's been babbling about...?

Jade: Huh? ...Oh, that! I assume he was talking about your friend Atticus.. all I said was that I thought I knew her from somewhere, and he just totally---

Narratar: Suddenly, they're interrupted by Ben who seems to have come out of nowhere (and doesn't wear a dress anymore but Jeans and a fake trademark shirt, purchased, presumably, at the bazaar). He grins from ear to ear and gives Jade a friendly slap on the back.

Jade: Speaking of the devil... :roll:

Ben: Hey dude, how cool a move was that, eh? Just sneaking away from your best pal to have some cuddle alone time with your lady?! :P Then again, I couldn't have done it better. Now don't gimme that look, I saw you two cheek-to-cheek a second ago. Finally we're gettin' somewhere, eh? I'm proud of you, man, real proud... 8)

Jade: Um... I'd say thanks, but somehow that seems just wrong. :?

Ben: Sooo... looks like you've got yourself a date for the ball tonight, eh? Me, I haven't made my pick yet. So many fish, so little time... Oh, if you'll excuse me-!

Narratar: He runs after Liria who'd just happened to pass them by, and shouts-

Ben: Hey, Yo, I think Ninja girls are really seeehkkssayyy! 8)

Liria: :shock:

Jade: So, um.. do you have a dress yet?

Mo Novaya: I've had my eyes on some of the dresses at that booth over there, but I haven't made my pick yet... :wink:

Narratar: A moment of comfortable silence passes by.

Mo Novaya: Y'know, this feels just like...
Jade: ...the prom we never had?

Mo Novaya: Yeah.

Narratar: That moment, Penguins! and Stargirl approach them.

Penguins!: Hey, you guys seen Ben? We kinda lost him... and I'm bored. :sad:

Stargirl: Sounds like you can't live without him. :o

Penguins!: Ha ha ha. No, it's just that you're no fun to hang around with. :P

Jade: Actually, he just went in that direction, scaring the wits out of Liria...

Stargirl: Hey Mo, have you found a dress for the ball?

Mo Novaya: Nah, I couldn't decide on anything yet... :roll:

Narratar: Stargirl smiles and demonstratively grabs her arm.

Stargirl: Well, that's a girl thing, and I know just the place! ^_^ Let's go!

Narratar: And off they are, leaving a quite perplexed Jade on his own with a saleswoman trying to force a water melon into his hand. He frees himself and walks off with a contemplative look upon his face. Suddenly, he bursts into a smile. "A date", he mumbles to himself and keeps smiling like a moron. Just then I can spot my sister running this way... Looking rather alarmed. What's this?

Narratoria: *pointing at me (Narratar)* YOU! :mad: You SELF-CENTERED MEANIE!! I mean, how COULD YOU??! :evil:

Narratar: :shock: Wh-what did I DO??

Narratoria: *sob* Narrate what might've been the only ROMANTIC SCENE in this whole darn mission! :cry: That would've been PERFECT FOR ME!! I never get to narrate the GOOD ones!!!! ARRRGHH!!!

Narratar: :roll: Women... :roll:
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Postby eekee » Thu Sep 16, 2004 9:08 am

Eekee's Journal

Entry #8276

Where and When: Yerth/Hegypt/Kaiyro, 3975-18-22 (local: 2004-03-08)

What: Whee!

What a day, and it isn't even over yet! I wasn't able to implement my own plans for exploring the Savarha, but I've teamed up with a group whose plans are rather more interesting than mine were anyway. The group's called "The League of Unlikely Genltepersons" so apart from the "Gentle" bit I should fit right in. (They don't seem to take that part too seriously anyway.) The mission is to look for the remains of this convoy called Schnitzuh-something. Apparently it was carrying cookies, which I would take as a sign that this culture is more advanced than I'd previously thought if it wasn't aparently carrying some superweapon thingy as well. Perhaps they were fighting crows...

The convoy's been lost for about 60 local years or something, so I don't know if the cookies will be much good by the time we get to them. More's the pity because they make some excelent cookies on this planet, particularly the variety known as "chocolate chip" because chocolate's like kwy;-eleth only... exotic! ^_^ I especially like dark chocolate, I'll have to take some back home with me.

Anyway, the whole group's been invited to this "ball"-thingy tonight which is aparently some kind of semi-formal dance, and I still don't understand how humans can dance with a floor in the way. Then again they don't have wings so I suppose it's quite natural for them. I'll have to go and see how it's done, although I get the impression I'll need something fancy to wear so I'll have to bribe a local tailor into making something to fit me.

I haven't got a date for the ball (seems to be the custom here). I'd kinda like to ask Atti but she's like, twice my height. <_< Well, not twice my height but still... I could ask Penguins! I guess but I think she's something like half my age... I dunno. Eh, it's not like I don't enjoy dancing even when I don't have a partner, I just hope they're not too stuffy to mind me dancing round the chandeliers! ^_^
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Postby Chi » Sat Sep 18, 2004 4:44 pm

....from Research Journal, Anthropozoological Case #382749: Extended First-hand Observation of Various Large Species in Natural Environment.

[Follow-up to prior Entry]: It appears the the Great-Mother-in-the-Tree is smiling down on me afterall. I have ascertained that the group is going to be participating in some nocturnal social gathering with a variety of the natives. I am almost giddy in anticipation at such an oppurtunity to observe this primitive tribal function.

Given the immense effort the females of the group are putting forth into their apparel, I suspect this may well be some form of a courtship display whereupon the females hope to attract suitable mates from the ranks of the dice-rolling males. The males on the other hand have an unusual if fascinating social hierarchy which seems to revolve around who can roll the highest number repeatedly on their polyhedrons and quote obscure passages from their holy tomes, typically referring to some mythological beast in matters of abilities or attributes.

Red Eyes, as I have affectionately named the subject possessing same aforementioned eyes, seems to have taken to the preparations with great gusto. I have counted no less than three large hinged containment devices from which she had extracted numerous articles of clothing to be examined, donned, and discarded before she finally decided on this one. I am not sure if the aquamarine coloration is significant in proclaiming her fertility or availibility for this ritual, though I will continue to observe the proceedings in the hopes of learning more.

Snakes-in-Man has been somewhat brooding since his rescue, no doubt concerned about how the loss of face from his encounter with the Man-Mountains called Soomow may affect his chances of attracting a mate at the festival tonight. Nevertheless he has stated his intentions to attend when pressed by Red Eyes. Personally I will be observing that one from a safe distance as I still well remember watching Snakes-in-Man's first encounter with some of my own more aggressive, if a bit primitive, cousins.

The female Wolfen, which I have given the designation of Bad Axe ( a little Anthropozoologist humor there ^_^; ), has chosen something a bit less....demure? While still qualifying as a dress, it appears to largely consist of very dark leather and netting. If anything, it rather resembles the outfits worn in the NNNFNª series...*coughs*...or so I am told as I have NEVER perused such an article, and if I were it would be for scientific research only. >_>;

In any event, tonight's activities should prove enlightening and would go far in validating my efforts to date. [Entry Ends]

ªNNNFN: Naughty Ninja Nurses from Neptune, a very popular Manga (Rating: OT for Older Teen, 16+) from ThunderPop Comics. Available in stores nowhere near you so neener, neener. ;p
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Postby stargirl21 » Sat Sep 18, 2004 4:51 pm

Narratoria: Stargirl and Mo Novaya go through the marketplace and emerge in an alleyway partially blocked by a brick wall. Wait a second. This looks nothing like a store.

Stargirl: You seem to have forgotten my little way of getting new clothing.

Narratoria: Stargirl pulls Mo Novaya around the brick wall and they then walk through it. Stargirl is wearing a *snort* pink floor length dress covered in pink feathers. :lol: She looks like a--

Stargirl: Don't say it. :evil:

Narratoria: *clears throat* Right then. Mo is wearing scuba gear, which--although waterproof-- is not acceptable. Star and Mo go through the wall again, only to be wearing bikinis. :shock:

Stargirl and Mo Novaya: Nahhh.

(Fifteen minutes later.)

Narratoria: After five million tries, this is what I hope to be the last time they do this. They emerge and -- Oh my. They look GORGEOUS. Mo Novaya wears a beautiful purple dress, with her hair gracefully styled. Stargirl wears a stunning white dress and a small silver tiara admist an updo. Glasses gone! Star will probably walk into walls. Without changing clothes.

Stargirl: :x Hey! That's enough Sarah-bashing for today.

Stargirl and Mo Novaya: Perfect.
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Postby liria » Sat Sep 18, 2004 7:16 pm

Narra von Torr : In a petite shop , positioned in a backalley at the Bazzar , sits the fae mage next to the pink fury known as Erka.
And as both ladies wait outside of a small booth, enclosed with curtain , the mage tells, with fiery speed, to the kitten, of her exquisite ball dress.

Le Fae : ....And the color is a gorgeous aquamarine! like the sea near sunse-

Narra von Torr : The passionate and detailed description is cut short, as the curtains pool aside to reveal Liria dressed in a smooth, clingy, evening dress ,sashed along the right leg and crossed at the back, in the red hue of fresh blood .

Liria : What do you think ? *turns*

Erka : The color looks good on you , defintly better then the green one .

Le Fae: *nods* And the sash looks great . This is it .

Liria : *looks attentivly at the mirror *I like it :D Oh, Le Fae, help me with the necklace...

Narra Von Torr : From her back pack, the ninja pulls out a ruby necklace, etched with several rubies in a 'waterfall' fashion, and hands is to Le Fae as she lifts her hair .
The fea ties the neckles, and positions the rubies correctly on the ninja's neck.

Le fae : Good match. :)

Erka : So is that everything?

Liria : Almost , just one more thing....

Narra von Torr : Rushing to her backpack yet again , the kunoichi pulls out a long , closed, red fan, and ties it's base to her right wrist with a red string . As the fan turns on it's string , we can see two gold chinese-styled dragons etched at both sides of the fan.

Liria : So, does is work ? *spreads arms aside*

Le fae : It looks great. :)

Erka : Indeed , now can we go find a cafe? I'm hungry.

Le fae : And What about you Erka? :P See something you want?

Erka : Actually...., I thought about this one. *eyes the next shelf*

Narra Von Torr : On the next shelf , sitting dominant to the other jewlery, is a fine ,delicate, gold choker , etched with elaborate leaves blowing in a none-existent wind.
Liria Picks the chocker and puts it to the feline's neck .

Le Fae : Perfect!

Liria :Great match Erka! :P
Le Fae did you narrow down the choices for Atti's gift?

Nara Von Torr : From her own backpack the fae pulls out a napkin , which reveals to hide two pieces of jewlery , a circlet of emeralds and braclet of deep purple Amethyst.

Le Fae : Yes, I'm more partial to the Amethyst , it looks better then the emeralds with Atti's dress

Erka :*nods* Then Amythyst it is , I'm starving!

Narra Von Torr : The satisfied trio and I, then go out to seek a cafe , finaly , only to be chased down the street by a polite clerk, to remind us that apperantly we forgot to pay. :oops:
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Postby Mtaal Avron » Sun Sep 19, 2004 6:57 am

(OOC: Sorry it's been so long guys. I've not had a permanent home since the end of May, so I haven't really had time to write. I'm back now though, so hopefully I'll be able to contribute again!)

Narratier: M'taal sighs and smoothes down the net-and-velvet skirt of her new ensemble. The wolfkin is back in human form, deciding discretion is the better part of not scaring the pants off the other guests. :roll:

M'taal: Who are you? And why are you in my room?

Narratier: Umm, I'm just... a friend of the brother of the cousin of the Narrater's niece. No need to pay any mind to me...

*saunters around the corner, then peeks back*

Narratier: She seems to be undecided as to how she should feel. Is this dress a good thing or a bad thing? Is this ball a good thing or a bad thing? Does the leather make her bre-

M'taal: :dry: Enough out of you. :dry:

Narratier: *gulp* Yes'm.

M'taal: Well, since I'm in it, I suppose I ought to get the others opinions. I'm not sure this leather bodice was a good idea... Icky sweaty. :dead:

Narratier: Pulling her long brown hair into braid, Miss A'vron hides her axe and sets out to find Sendaz and the others.
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Postby Sendaz » Sun Sep 19, 2004 3:01 pm

Narrator: Meanwhile back at the cafe......

Sendaz: Aaahhh... nice to finally be able to really breathe again...pity it wrecked the suit though. :?

Atticus: You could just ask Stargirl to pha--

Sendaz: No, I don't think so, not after that last time, thank you very much. :evil:

Atticus: *chuckles* Just a thought. And you did look so nice with that parasol.

Sendaz: *growls as he lumbers into an alley to discard the last scraps of his former suit.*

Penguins: Good one Atti! ^_^

Narrator: As the dragon disappears into the alley, a teenaged boy comes scurrying up to the cafe with a bundle in his arms. Dressed in baggy white pants and a wide sleeved red shirt with the front open and some kind of stick slung over his back, he looks like he just stepped out of a period samurai flick except one doubts any self respecting samurai would go about in public with such an unruly mop of red hair like that...

Teen Samurai: *hesitates as his eyes flick about the cafe before settling on Atticus* Um, excuse me Ma'am?

Atticus: Please don't call me Ma'am, I'm not that old yet. :wink: How can we help you?

Teen Samurai: A-ah.. Are you with the Sendaz expedition? I-I-I was told to bring this bundle to it and the concierge at the hotel said I could find them here. He wouldn't let me drop off the package there, said under no circumstance was he gonna take any packages for them without a bomb squad present. He seemed really nervous.

Atticus: It's NOT a firebomb is it? :shock: *unconsciously puts one hand up to her hair as if to shield it from some preemptive blast*

Teen Samurai: What? NO! I'm with the Historical Society...well, a Junior Member anyway... and today I pulled runner duty so I get to bounce all over Kairyo running errands for the HS.

Atticus: Well we are with the expedition so I guess you can leave it with us.

Teen Samurai: Um... we Miss? *glances around, seeing no other humans sitting nearby*

Clang: WE as in her and ME..oh and Penguins too...she counts too I suppose .... right Pengs? ....Pengs? *nudges her with a plastic elbow*

Penguins!: Huh? Oh yeah.. me too. :oops: sorry

Teen Samurai: No, it's my bad. :oops: I didn't realize you were members as well. I meant no offense. *bows*

Atticus: None taken, this is Clang and Penguins. But now back to the matter of your being here, the package?

Teen Samurai: Oh right! *hands her the bundle* Um... these are your formal invitations to the Ball tonight, please be sure to present them at the Hall as this is still an invitation only affair.

Clang: *whispering* You okay Pengs?

Penguins: *whispering back* Yeah, why?

Clang: Well, you're looking kind of reddish around the beak...thought maybe you're getting a little too much sun.

Penguins: I'm fine :oops:

Clang: You sure? I can get you some ice...

Penguins: I said I'm fine! :x eep! :oops:

Atticus: You two okay?

Penguins: Yep! Just dandy! ^_^;

Clang: Yeah, I was just seeing if--OW! *yelps as Penguins kicks him in the shin*

Atticus: Thank you again for delivering this to us and sorry the hotel staff was so rude, but it's been a bit hectic here of late

Young Teen: No problem, I hope to see you all at the Ball then tonight.... *begins another bout of bowing to all three of them*

Sendaz: *comes lumbering out from the alley* Did I hear someone say they had a package from the Histori--

Teen Samurai: LOOK OUT!

Narrator: The young lad shoves Clang and Penguins behind him with his left hand as he seamlessly draws the stick, which now appears to be a shinai or bamboo sword, and lunges forward with blinding speed....

Atticus: :? Wha-

Clang: Hey! :x

Penguins!: :o Wha-

Sendaz: :shock: I say! What are yo-


Narrator: With a crack heard clear down the street, the young man shatters his bamboo weapon on the dragon's nose, evoking a howl of pain from Sendaz as he clamps his claws to his muzzle.


Teen Samurai: Quick, while it's distracted by the pain. Run for it!

Atticus: Um, why would we do that? *walks over to Sendaz*

Teen Samurai: Because this is a Foul and Dangerous Beast? :? *waving the shattered blade for emphasis*


Atticus: Let me see it Sendaz.....

Narrator: while Atticus is assessing the damage.....

Clang: Hate to break it to you, but that particular Foul and Dangerous (F.a.D?) happens to be know, the head of the expedition.

Penguins!: Guess they forgot to warn him ahead of time. :?

Teen Samurai: Oh my. :oops:

Ben: *walking up to see what all the commotion is about* Hey Squirt, what did you do now?

Teen Samurai: It wasn't my fault Benjamin, honest! Well... I mean I had heard that their boss was different, but I didn't expect to see a dragon.... He kinda surprised me... :oops:

Penguins!: You know him Benjamin :P ?

Ben: Yeah, this is my kid brother Kenny. Jeez Squirt... you really did it this time didn't you?

Kenny: But I didn't know!

Ben: Maybe, but I bet they'll have you scrubbing the hall with a toothbrush for this one....assaulting a Senior Member even..... *shakes his head sorrowfully*

Atticus: *walking back over* I don't think it should come to that. Despite all of Sendaz' wailing, nothing is actually broken though it did dislodge a few scales, which is impressive in itself.

Kenny: *runs a hand through his mop of red hair as he grins a bit nervously* Heh, Junior Kendo Champion 5 years running....Look I am really sorry about this....

Atticus: Well, no real harm was done...

Sendaz: :shock: MO WEEL HARM DUN! :x

Atticus: :roll: Like I said, no REAL harm done... and the Society really should have forewarned you about what to expect so let's just put this behind us shall we?

Kenny: thankyouthankyouthankyou *bows repeatedly as he back away then turns and scurries back to HSHQ*

Clang: So that's your brother eh?

Ben: Yeah, he's a good kid and all, though he is a bit obsessed with the whole samurai bit. Too much manga and anime I say.

Clang: I just meant you two don't really look alike

Ben: Yeah, too bad for him I got all the good looks in the family :wink:

Clang: riiiiiiiight :roll:

Sendaz: Can I PWEEZE ged sum eyesss ober here?
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Postby Penguins! » Sun Sep 19, 2004 3:43 pm

Narrator: As Sendaz complains about his mortally wounded nose. Sheesh. It's not like he hasn't been hit worse before...

Sendaz: Eh-bem! :evil:

Narrator: :shock: Eep.. As I was saying, Atti goes to attend to Sendaz's nose. Ben sees that the only available lady around his age is preoccupied, so he wanders off to find any gullible female. :roll: Clang watches silently For once.. as Penguins! waddles after the young teen.

Clang: Hey, I heard that! :x

Outside the cafe

Penguins!: Kenny!! :o

Narrator: Kenny turns around to see Penguins! waving a broken stick in the air.

Kenny: Hm?

Penguins!: You forgot your stick! :o

Kenny: :shock: ..It's a sword.

Penguins!: :( Eeyah.. Sorry. Sword. :oops:

Kenny: Well.. *shifts uncomfortably* Don't worry about it. It's broken anyway.

Narrator: Obviously trying to help, Penguins bursts out with..

Penguins!: I..I'll help you get a new one! This time we'll find one super strong! :D Then you can hurt baddies real.. bad. :oops:

Kenny: Hehe.. thanks. It'd be nice to have some company. :oops:

Narratoria: I can't take this any more! :x A cute little romance is blossoming and my stupid relative is narrating!

Narrator: Narratoria! You're supposed to be narrating a different group! Sheesh. We can't depend on you for anything. :roll:

Narratoria: You guys said I could do the next romantic scene! Move over! Narratoria is going into action! :D

Narrator and Clang: Girls.. :roll:
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Postby Atticus Funt » Mon Sep 20, 2004 12:55 am

Narratir: Sendaz lies in an alleyway, a cool towel draped over his muzzle. Atticus Funt stands over the stricken drake, a pair of tweezers in one hand and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide in the other. A look of tense concentration on her face, she delicately attempts to pry the remainder of young master Kenneth's shinai from Mr. Sendaz' tender snout.


Narratir: Along with the yelp of pain, a gout of searing flame erupts from Sendaz' oral orifice, scorching the back wall of the alley. Atticus gets up from the cobblestone ladden earth, her eyes narrowed dangerously. She grabs her unfortunate patient by the chin, dragging (no pun intended) his head down level with hers.

Atticus: I swear dragon, if you burn off what's left of my hair, I will personally track down Big Bertha and give her every single address you have!

Sendaz: *grinning sheepishly* Sorry, Atti. I keep forgetting how much stock you mammals put in that stuff. I'll do better, I promise. :oops:

Atticus: Well...just be careful who you're incinerating, okay big guy? For pete's sake, I've seen you shake off a direct hit from a TOW! Who'da thought you'd be such a big baby over a few splinters in your nose?

Sendaz: You know my nose is sensitive, monkey-girl! Besides, what'd that little, kid think I was going to do? Eat you? Is it even close to 2012 yet? Hello?

Narratir: Shaking his mighty head in disgust, Mr. Sendaz settles back down and re-submits himself to Ms. Funt's rather less than tender ministrations. He grits his teeth and growls, but manages to keep from immolating the bazaar as Atticus pulls free a rather substantial sliver of bamboo. His powerful claws rake up a good seven foot section of cobbled pavement as the peroxide is applied, but the area remains conspicously free of flaming Funts.

Atticus: *patting Sendaz' nose gently, and placing a flesh colored (Read: Green) "Got Gumph?" band-aid across the afflicted area.* There ya go, you great thumping silly. That wasn't so bad, was it?

Sendaz: *Scrunching up his nose cautiously* Yes. Yes it was. I want a lollypop.

Atticus: LOL! You'll be fine. So, are you going Dragon-style to the ball, or are you going to change into something a little less comfortable?

Sendaz: Hah hah. No, I'll be going in human guise, I suppose. For all the Society's "Dragon Slaying" fantasies, I'm pretty sure the majority of them would utterly fail their "pants soiling" saving throws if I were to show up in my true form. Besides, heaven knows I look hot in a tux. :wink:

Atticus: *snrk* :roll:

Sendaz: Oh ho! And again she laughs!

Atticus: *smiling* Don't let it go to your head, oh dread lord, I laugh all the time.

Narratir: The dragon grimaces a bit and glances down the length of the alley towards the still smoldering wall. He seems to choose his words carefully and it's a moment or two before he speaks.

Sendaz: Well... a little bird tells me our "laughs-all-the-time" cookie monster hasn't been her usual chipper self lately.

Atticus: This little bird, did he happen to be a bit on the plastic side? Named after the sound a frying pan makes when it clocks a cartoon cat?

Sendaz: *chuckles* I probably shouldn't LEGO of important details like that, but you could be right. Seriously, is everything okay Atti?

Narratir: Atticus leans on a crate shoved up against the alley wall, chewing at her lower lip. She runs a hand through her short blond hair and stares into the gathering gloom. Lights have begun to blink on all over the bazaar, and the electrical wires overhead hum like an absent-minded glee club. After a moment, she speaks quietly.

Atticus: Do you believe in fate, Sendaz?

Sendaz: Heh. You of all people should know what a loaded question that is. We could spend years arguing over the definition of the word alone.

Atticus: Yeah... I know... it's just, it's... this whole thing with my "time traveling grandaughter", and these Avians running around looking for a man I haven't even met yet, who's ostensibly going to wind up being my husband... it's... all been... really hard for me to deal with.

Sendaz: Ah. There we have it, then. Look, Atti. Atticus. I can't rightly say whether we're each and every one of us the captains of our own lives, or just so much flotsam and jetsam set loose on an immutable course that we have no choice but to ride through to the bitter end. But I've been around a while and seen a thing or two, enough at least to tell you this; If any group of people were ever going to be capable of picking up Schrodinger's cat and giving it a good shave with Ockam's razor, it's going to be the L.U.G.s. Yes. We are that weird. Personally? I don't buy into the concept of a pre-ordained life path, devoid of choice or agency- no matter how much this business with Piph and your so-called "fated" husband may indicate otherwise. I firmly believe your path is still lead by your own heart, and you are completely free to follow it where-ever it may lead you. Or not. But hey, look at it this way: If we are all fated to follow some destined course, and have absolutely no control over the choices we make and the paths we take? Well, that whole incdent you talked to me about that happened in the tenth grade? The thing involving one Alex Peterson, a bottle of Barq's rootbeer, the men's restroom and the frogs you freed from the biology lab? Well. You no longer bear any responsibility for that at all. How you like them apples? Make you feel any better?

Narratir: Ms. Funt seems to mull this over for a moment or two, until finally, she starts to giggle.

Atticus: Oddly enough, yeah. I think it does. Thanks.

Narratir: Standing on tip-toe, Atticus reaches up and draws Sendaz' neck into a firm embrace. The dragon reaches one claw forward, patting his friend gently on the back.

Sendaz: *Clearing his throat* Well, let's go get changed, shall we? If I'm not mistaken, there are a few rugs with our name on them that need cutting. Also, I believe there's the matter of a certain lollypop you owe me?

Atticus: I don't have a lollypop. Why would I have a lollypop?

Sendaz: Worst. Doctor. Ever. Your aftercare is simply atrocious! I've half a mind to report you to the AMA.

Atticus: Well, I certainly won't argue with the half a mind part, but I think you'd get better results reporting your prblems to the vetrinarian's association, you big goofball lizard...

Narratir: The two wander out of the alley, their merry banter disappearing into the fading afternoon. A minute passes, then two. Slowly, a dark figure unfolds up from the rooftop at the end of the alleyway. Watching the two friends weave their way back through the bazaar, the shadow begins to speak into a small plastic device.

Kleommas: I got a fix on big green, Leta. Are you sure you actually wanna go through with this? You know he ain't gonna be happy to see you.

Narratir: The woman stops, listening to the voice on the other end of the line. A moment later, a wicked grin splits her beautiful face.

Kleommas: Yeah, you're right. If that stuff works like the Inventor says it should, you'll have 'ol lizard lips eating out of the palm of your hand. And, if it doesn't work, the upshot is we can still just kill 'em all. Well, good luck. I'll see you after the party. Enjoy the ball.
Oh man, not her again!
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Postby Mo Novaya » Mon Sep 20, 2004 2:51 am

Narratoria: *AHEM* :D And so, Penguins! and Kenny walk/waddle down the road together in *giggle* shy silence while they keep their eyes open for a new stick and something to talk about... ^_^ Then, simultaneously:

Penguins! & Kenny: Y'know- :oops:

Kenny: You go first.

Penguins!: Uuh... :oops: Now I forgot what I wanted to say. :roll:

Kenny: Oh. Well. I was just gonna ask.. how long are you staying in Kairyo?

Penguins!: Dunno for sure, but I think we're leaving the city tomorrow...

Kenny: TOMORROW?? *cough* I mean, err, that's a pity. There's noone my age around.. well, noone I would know... it's just kinda boring sometimes...

Penguins!: Tell me about it. :roll: Sooo... Are you going to that.. thing tonight?

Kenny: Well... :oops: I hadn't really thought about it. I might. What about you?

Penguins!: Yeah, maybe... I dunno... I feel kinda stupid going there without a date... :shock: Not that I'm, y'know... :oops: It's just a bit... :oops: Gyaah, I'm talking nonsense again! Sorry. :roll:

Kenny: Heh, you're cute. :)

Penguins!: :shock: Ii...Err..rrr.... thanks. ^_^;

Narratoria: For a while, they just keep strolling without saying anything. Suddenly, Kenny stops and slaps himself on the forehead.

Kenny: Dang, I almost forgot! I should be running another two errands! My brother's gonna kill me.

Penguins!: Oh. I see.

Kenny: Uh, would you--- :oops:
Penguins!: ..would you-- :oops:

Penguins!: Eh, now you go first.

Kenny: Uh... ok. Well, if you'd like- would you-- I mean, I would--- *breathes heavily* Wouldyouliketobemydatefortheballtonight? :oops:

Penguins!: Say what? :?

Kenny: Wouldyouliketobemydatefortheballtonight? :oops:

Penguins!: Oh! :oops: (I heard right then.) Uh... Yes? :)

Kenny: Really? :) Cool! Um... I really gotta run now... I see you then! :D

Penguins!: Sure. :D *giggle*

Narratoria: And so Kenny runs off, but not without turning around and waving to his newfound friend. Penguins! waddles back to the others with a goofy grin upon her face, until she suddenly comes to a terrible, no horrible realization...

Penguins!: OH. MY. GOSH! :shock: I HAVE NOTHING TO WEEEAAAARRRRRR!!!!!! :cry: :cry: :cry:
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