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Postby stargirl21 » Tue Jan 02, 2007 11:44 pm

I would continue it... if I understood what was going on and all the mythology.

Any help? Basic plot rundown?
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Postby Sendaz » Sat Jan 06, 2007 12:21 pm

Cookies.. it all comes down to cookies :P

ok, that is a bit oversimplified.... due to rumors of a cookie convoy from the last Great War, Sendaz and Co. hightailed it for parts in the deep Savara with several escapades along the way revealing that not everything is at it appears. Not only was the convoy carrying precious cookies but may well have been hauling a Relic that might have turned the tide of the war had it made it to ultimate destination of the Berman Tank Commander Rumble, the Famous Desert Lemur. The exact details about this Relic are still obscure, hinting that it is some kind of bell with links to the fabled Nordic Ragnarok, but nothing has been solidly confirmed. Along the way other Powers have been shown to have a hand or at least passing interest. Puck, the Faerie Fool is definately afoot though taking care to stay one step ahead of Nocturne's fearsome vengeance. Coyote, of American Indian Mythos and claimed by some to be a distant relation of the Egyptian diety Anubis, has shown an interest in PieceFrog.. granting him some omens of the bigger picture though where the Trickster falls into this remains to be seen. And lest any forget the native Powers, on the horizon there have been two wanderers who may or may not serve the ways and means of Anansai or the other powers of the Dark Continent.

While it may seem a bit confusing, one should not feel swept aside by all these Powers running amok for in the end, it's the mortals (more or less mortal anyway ;) ) who are the key runners in this while the Powers swirl about in an uneasy standoff unable to do themselves.

As for current plot.. the team has split to cover more avenues of oppurtunity... and those who had remained behind at Camp Hippogriff to mount a diversionary assualt on our foes have been ambushed in kind by an old foe. Meanwhile the other party races to try and lay hands on the Relic (and cookies of course.. better not eat them all!!! :evil: ) first. Might be best to reread the last few pages to get a feel of who is where and such... and remember.. nothing is as it seems.. and certainly isn't set in stone. The main advantage of our shared writing is that the story may well take an unexpected turn that leads to an entirely new ending.

I do regret that I have not done more here of late, but there have been many RL matters here to deal with and I hope that with the new Year I might be able to set electronic quill to this tale once more though I can not promise. I thank all for their patience and continued interest in this.... indeed it is nice to see that we all remain linked thru this despite the different paths we all walk.
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Postby DemonStalker » Fri Mar 02, 2007 7:04 am

Okay, I can't help but think I killed it. Damn.

In other news: hey look, it's Frank! This page is from a Civil War dialog edit some guy did, and that particular issue is #6.

Anyway, I'm just hoping I didn't kill the story, and people are just busy. :hmm:
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