Frida at 63 - The Lady who made me queer..?

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Frida at 63 - The Lady who made me queer..?

Postby Kerkevik » Sat Nov 15, 2008 4:36 am


today is the 63rd birthday of the woman who made me realise I wasn't quite like other boys :wink: ... Because I didn't just like her. I wanted to be her - and I was twelve at the time.

Here is the original Swedish language version of my favourite ABBA tune, written for her 1975 Swedish language album ' Frida Einsam' (Frida Alone).

Fernando ... re=related

This is a Tv show performance from 1967.

En Ledig Dag

And this is a performance on a Dutch TV show, which includes a short interview.

Shine ... re=related

Of course Greta Garbo, along with Marc Bolan, was my first crush but Frida was the one that made me realise, as one guy was to say to me at a heavy metal rock club, "I may be wrong here... but you're not 'entirely' straight are you..?"

What could I do? I just grinned and shrugged my shoulders :twisted: ...

Hope you enjoy the music,
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