WolfPacker has fic read on Strangely Literal

I'm no closer to understanding this forum name now than I was when we first put it in. But what it's for is thankfully simple. If you've got the creative bug and you want to share fruits of your buggery (...uhm) then here is where it goes. Poetry, fiction, drawing, photography, wallpapers, videos ... if you want to share it, we want to see it.

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WolfPacker has fic read on Strangely Literal

Postby Bakatulip » Wed May 14, 2008 5:22 pm

Hey all, podcaster extraordinare Tabitha Grace Smith, put my little Season 3 Buffy ficlet up on her podcast Strangely Literal. Click here for a listen.
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Postby Kerkevik » Tue Jan 13, 2009 8:16 am

Hi Bakatulip,

that's so cool! Actually, I know what a privilige something like that is. A number of years ago i had a fic read out on an internet radio show, Buffy-related of course, and I can honestly say there is no drug invented that could give you a high like the one I experienced when I was told about it. Unfortunately for me, though I was sent a link to the clip, I couldn't play it, and it's no longer available, also I have long since lost the link to the show, so I don't even no whether they still boradcast.

Congratulations to the author, as soon as I have time, I'll check and see if the computer I use, here at the library, allows me to access it.

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