Here's th' Thing ......

I'm no closer to understanding this forum name now than I was when we first put it in. But what it's for is thankfully simple. If you've got the creative bug and you want to share fruits of your buggery (...uhm) then here is where it goes. Poetry, fiction, drawing, photography, wallpapers, videos ... if you want to share it, we want to see it.

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Here's th' Thing ......

Postby Akeela » Fri Apr 04, 2008 11:53 am

Th’ thing …..
Broke 1500 hits
On th’ parvum opus.
(‘Though ‘bout 200 are mine.)
(Posted raw, followed b’full frontal editin’.)
I truly enjoyed writin’ th’ episodic travelogue
However, reader reactions are largely unknown to me.
...................... Ran th’ gauntlet to th’ end? (I would hope.)
Dropped “Big Trouble Brewin’ in Sleepy Hollowâ€
Private reality is strangely significant – has been since Sunnydale and beyond.
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