A Tale for All Fools Day

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A Tale for All Fools Day

Postby Akeela » Fri Jan 18, 2008 3:58 pm

A Tale for All Fools Day
by Akeela

March 31st, it was a dark and stormy night,
a not-very-marked difference from the dim and stormy day.
“Scotland would be a tolerable place if they would just put a roof on it,”
thought the lurker-in-the-shadows across Kirk Street from the Tappit Hen.

He was chilled to the bone; just couldn’t take the cold any more
.............. Just one more thing to consider when he settled the score.

As he watched, two witches and a slayer walked into the bar.

Being a patient, careful man,
he tarried outside in the rain for a while longer………………

In a secluded booth, Willow and Tara, were doubled-over in co-cachinnation
and so did not, at first, take note of the approaching stranger in his dripping, hooded slicker.

Their companion turned toward him and cocked her pony-tailed head quizzically aslant.
She questioned: “Why do you suppose he is chanting quietly in Latin?
"Is he a monk?”

There was a flash of ruby light
the three companions sat
still as statues,
utterly silent.

Pulling red goggles from his shrouded face,
the mystery man snarled,
“Follow me and learn
exactly what I am.”

Then out the back door of the pub he went
with the others filing along into the downpour.

It was nearing midnight
when they all stood dripping
beneath the leaky roof of an old garage.

“It’s too dark in here, brighten it up!”
their conductor commanded.

With a wafture of the hand and a word of power,
Tara suffused the place with a warm light.

Now all could perceive the oil stained floor
runnels of water among rusty middens,
rusty junk strewn all about.

And, after he threw back his oilskin hood,
the ghastly the face of Warren Mears
was well in their ken.

"The wheels of my vengeance grind slowly
"but they grind exceedingly fine.
"Since you're together ....
"so how's this fun idea:
"you just go and flay
"one another,"
he said.

“Much deeper pain
"when it’s done by a friend, you know."

“So strip down to the skin
"and we’ll get to work shortly.”

Willow and Tara began to disrobe
but the third girl assumed a fighting stance
She calmly said, “You must not hurt my friends.
"I am the Slayer. I will stop this from happening.”

With that, she grabbed a handful of slicker
and raised him up overhead.

Mears’ response was unexpected.
“Do you love me, April?”

“From the moment you first turned me on, Warren!”
the Buffybot replied, setting him gently down.
“That’s how I was made.“

“The stupid fools thought I’d build a sexbot from scratch
“when all you needed was a bit of reprogramming
“and cosmetic changes to be good to go.”
“Gotta admit, adding a ‘safe phrase’
“worked like a charm.”

She knelt at his feet and asked,
“If you could have me do one important thing for you,
“sort of a Girlfriend test ……………………… what would it be?

“I’d want you to make sure that these bitches get what they deserve”
He teased the muscles that would have drawn his lips into a grim smile ……. had he had any lips, or any face at all, for that matter.

She embraced his right thigh with her left arm
and rested her left hand lightly above his other knee.
“Make a wish now,” she gushed brightly.

The followed a tearing sound
and both halves of the former Warren gushed,
………………………………………….. but in a different way.

The two witches stood by patiently
shivering in all their unadorned splendor,
……………………. Tara clutched a broken bottle
Wil squeezed a jagged bit of chrome trim in her fist.

Buffybot deactivated dead Warren’s
cerebral dampener all the while observing,
“That was a really good wish.
Everybody got exactly what they deserved.

Tara (in the clench of a mutual embrace)
murmured “we deserved closure, and we deserved, well, us.”

An’ th’ ’bot certainly deserved t’have me take his P.O.V.
out of her hard-wiring,” Wil worked in betwixt smoochies.

“All-in-all, not a bad beginning for the first day of April” they all three agreed.
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Private reality is strangely significant – has been since Sunnydale and beyond.
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Official Jet Wolf Sidekick
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Postby Akeela » Tue Mar 04, 2008 9:00 am

*This shamefully passionate thirst for vengeance
* Unquenchable save by guilty blood .....
* I would find bothersome
A Were it other'n
K y'Know, him
E (sigh)
Private reality is strangely significant – has been since Sunnydale and beyond.
Official Jet Wolf Sidekick
Official Jet Wolf Sidekick
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