Big Trouble Brewin' in Sleepy Hollow

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Big Trouble Brewin' in Sleepy Hollow

Postby Akeela » Tue Jul 10, 2007 1:10 pm

By Akeela

Disclaimer: As a fic-writer I stand on the shoulders of giants
(and height-challenged scribblers as well.) With but few exceptions,
everything herewith came from the genius of others: Joss Whedon, Jet Wolf,
Gilbert & Sullivan, Thomas Preskett Prest, Sophocles, Whoever was responsible for Sailor Moon & Dawnie
er, ah Chibiusa. Ultimately everything in this derivative work save for spin and local colour
and perhaps some small bit of plottage, dialog, and violence, is the property of Joss, Jet, UPN, Fox, Dark Horse
and all who ever told a tale, printed a word, or shot film.
This is a not-for-profit word-crafting, intended for my own enjoyment and that of my fellow fan-atics.
(Well sure, a smallish desire for big fame and glory, and th’ hope that those I admire will read the following
an' exclaim “Kewll” or whatever the current patois is for “nice work”)

Timeline: These tales are set between the end of Jet Wolf's S8 of The Chosen
and her S9. By my lights this would be in December of 2004.


The girl in the dark cell had no inking of what was to occur …..
Not until an arm reached around her chest from behind, pinning her arms to her sides.
A forearm filled her mouth, permitting no sound to escape.
A low, husky voice whispered in her ear,
“I know you want this and now you’ll get it."
At that, the girl vamped.
She bit down on the living gag and began to feed.

A woman’s voice kept repeating “Yes, oh yes!”
Then her words began to slur.
There followed the sound of a body smacking the floor ...... hard.

Slowly ......
The bitten one drifted back into consciousness
as her doctor cut a crude bandage from her arm
and cursed her for a fool.
“You cannot keep doing this!"
"Came damn close t’snuffing it this time …..
you can only drain so much blood before you’re dry, you know!”

“Just need
"….. more time
"............... she’s resouled now
"................................... jus need mo …..”

She drifted off again, just as the doctor began her transfusion
and fed procrit into the line.
It was only later that she learnt that the vampire had decamped,
fleeing into the darkling wood.

1. Fear on the Wing

Girded 'round the Tower of London, the stern fortress walls stood in mute defiance
of those outside who’d trouble the Queen's Peace.
INSIDE however proved to be an altogether different matter.

There was this voice …

“… an’ then they mewed ‘im up (that’s gonna be funny in justa sec)
locked’m in this tiny cell where he’d coudda froze ‘r starved ‘cept
this kindle-y cat snuggled with’m an’ smuggled in pigeons an’ …”

Long after being heard, a small redhead and
her blonde companion appeared from
around a revetment.

The taller of the two women walked with arms
folded, this in marked contrast to the other —
a babbling dervish who illustratively pointed
and gesticulated more than seemed possible
for a person with just two arms.

Her audience of one kept pace with a smile of
amused adoration on her silent lips.
It was another one of those times when Tara
could not get a word in edgewise without
a long shoehorn and a can of slick’em.

“Ooooh lookit, lookit! Over there where th’ cannon’s by th’ door ......
"That’s th’ Raven Tower, it’s packd’d way fulla birds ‘cause th’ Second Charles
thought this place’d crumble, an’ th’ Empire too, if they ever vamoosed, an’ ......”

Suddenly, that tower’s winged inhabitants rose from their rookeries
and in a screeching, swirling ebon cloud, mobbed the two tourists.

“Up against the wall, red haired lover!” Tara cried, shoving Wil over
by a convenient buttress. She then interposed her own body,
breasting the avian threat.

Now it was Rosenberg’s turn to be “mewed up”
with stone behind and adamant witch before …
She was unhappy with this shielding arrangement
and tried to switch places.

“Baby? Tara! Out! LEMME OUT!”
…………………… She shouted.
………………………… She shoved.
But Maclay was unmoved by entreaty or force.

A liveried warder dashed up and birds fell silent.
Save for one which alighted on his shoulder,
they flew to surrounding perches,
looking for all-in-all like
black crêpe festoons.

Eyeing them with an old soldier’s wariness,
he authoritatively (between the gasps) demanded
“What’s ...... all ...... this ...... then?”
“W-We were just ......” began one of the twain

when the other wiggled free and spat out,
“We’re not th’ ones who need t’do th’ explaining 'round here Buster ......”

“No, that would be MY job,” said a new voice.

All turned to see a stately woman striding forward.
Her billowing black cloak emblazoned with a scarlet “E II R.”

She directed the warder, “Tell the Master of Ravens,
that with one of these I am well acquainted
and through her know OF the other ....... I'll vouch for both.”

Turning back to the couple, and beginning “Well Miss Willow,
you must be wondering ....”

She paused when the little witch drew her lover forward and said,
with all the formality she could muster,
“Mistress Llewellyn, I present to you our Sister in th’ Craft
and she who’s th’ Light of my Life, Tara Maclay.”
............. “Tara, meet Althenea.”

The raven-haired witch smiled warmly,
touching her new acquaintance lightly on the cheek.
"We were gladdened to hear of your return ......
for Willow’s sake and for your own, and for the Sisterhood as well.
Restorations hold a particular personal interest for me
and I’d come to discuss that very thing with ...... but now
...... new trouble foments.”

“You’re Being Watched!”

Coming Soon* #2. Polished Up the Handle So Carefully
* As things are reckoned these days
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Postby Bakatulip » Tue Jul 10, 2007 8:17 pm

*squeak* I can't wait to see where you're going with this!!! :)
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Postby Akeela » Wed Jul 11, 2007 10:09 pm

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Re: Big Trouble Brewin' In Sleepy Hollow

Postby Akeela » Thu Jul 12, 2007 8:11 am

Big Trouble Brewin’ In Sleepy Hollow
by Akeela
2. Polished Up the Handle So Carefully

"Being watched! "
"Me? Reeeeeealy …"
Dawn took a quick scan of the area.
"Who, Where, Are-they-cute Buffy? Are they, huh?"

"If the junior Summers wouldn't try to look two dozen directions at once, she wouldn't be so stiff-necked ... I'm Just sayin' ..." intoned a Mother Buffy voice followed by a more Sisterly:
"O.K. Dawnie, this is where your 'way older and much shorter' sibling addresses your interrogatories seriatim ... Hey, this IS th’ Land ‘o Giles, yes?"

"One: How would I know Anyone in this burg. Scotland, I been to ... nae s'mouch heeerrr."

"Two: All around."
"Hey! Don’t Give Me That LOOK! You were th’ one singing and dancing your way across that last bridge. Head turning's pretty much a given."

"And Three: As for my personal assessment of the assorted (and in one case somewhat sordid) gawkers … that’d be: no, no, nope, no, yes, kinda, only in dim light, only in no light (but wouldn't trust 'im in th' dark) and …… sorta."

"Buffyyyyyyyyyyyy, I know I said AAAAAAANYYYYYYYYYY London bridge would do, but th’ real deal WOULD put a milestone in my …. Our …. pocket(s)" Buffy recognized this as the "please-let-me-borrow-the-pretty-sweater" voice and still chose to ignore that it usually preceded "I-swear-it-won't-be-like-last-time."

"Spoken with th’ true tourist spirit, Sister mine. Observe and learn.
This is where the experienced traveler makes use of local resources"

"Meaning WHAT exactly?" Dawnie put on her "this is me, confused" face.

"Meaning, We Ask"

"Hiiiiiii there mam, sir ....." beamed Buffy.
……….. we’ve only just arrived and were wonderin’ which way we should head t’get to THE London Bridge?"

Dawn looked feverishly for any escape route. ["Oh My Gawd … it’s bubbling Buffy with that painfully chipper tone … if I just sorta edge away they won’t think we’re related … or acquainted … or th’ same species (well technically speaking … not so much that last one)"]

"I fear you'll find it a long go from here afoot … " said the mutton-chopped chap dresses in a cheap knock-off Lord of the Admiralty threads.

"We’re fairly fit I’m told (by those in th’ know) AND I would go so far as to say that at least one of us is downright 'Buff-y’" Buffy could not help but grin at her own dazzling wit.

Leaving that pun unacknowledged, he continued, "Awright then miss ..... you should bear off to the west and somewhat south for at least a good 9,500 miles give-or take. Look for Lake Havasue City, Arizona." He did not fail to smile at his own sally of wit. "They sold the auld bridge in ... in ... give us a hand, Maud."

“That’s Buttercup t’you …I b’lieve it was back in '68, Sir Joseph .... but t'my thinkin' it's mooch, mooch too far for you gihrrls t’walk, an' that's ignorin' th' swim alt'gather.”

“We Summerses thank you.” Buffy essayed a curtsy.
“Guess we'll wait till we get closer to hearth an' home fires before hiking t'Lake Haverswho.
Closer t’one …… Then closer t’th’ other.”

Glansing up the street she continued, “ Speakin’ of closeity … let’s get off the road an’ let this, ah …”

“........................................................................................................ This, ah”

Dawnie jumped in, “This herd of hooped, hopping, monopedal, pedestrious, singing sisters pass us by?”

“Aaaand then this following fine-voice flock ...... a pack of pith-helmeted, blitz-plavering Major Generals acompanied by flotillas of pirates ... replete with parrots, eye-patching, cardboard cutlasses, and timbers in various degrees of shiverage.” answered her sister.

The parting shot fell to the younger sis:
“Well B.S [Aside: Yeah O.K. that’s Big Sis …. But sometimes th’ other’s just so RIGHT] ....... if you ask me ....... and I Know You Want To ......... This whole parade is nothing if not weird.”


Tommy Akins sauntered along the Millennium Bridge,
basking in the warmest winter weather Britain had enjoyed since 1695.
All in all it was a wonderful time to be alive, he thought.

He took this constitutional at least three time a week here
and had ever since they engineered an end to the wobbles.
This beautiful footbridge across the Thames connected two popular spots,
the Trent Museum on the North and St. Paul’s and the Theatre District on the South
..................................................................... prime meeting spots, for tourists and lovers.

Tommy felt it was both his duty and his great pleasure
to see that the separated found whomever it was that they were seeking.

He was idly admiring the spiked barricades that discouraged pedestrians from hopping over onto the adjacent railroad platform …
“Wouldn’t want to land on that! “ he thought with a delicious shiver.
At that moment he heard the singing.

Two young women strode past. Well ….. one was striding, the shorter blonde,
the one he fancied was a gymnast, she was striding.
The singer with the long, nut-brown tresses was, in fact, dancing.

The notion to approach them was just forming in his mind.
Then a rather smartly dressed young thing flung herself into his arms.
“Aw my gawd, Eddie!" She said between smoochies
“I thoughtcha weren’t comin'!

Wha’? Stan’ you up Ducks …… I’d nevvah,
you can becher pre’y life on’t!

So Shelia and Eddie, hand in hand,
walked North across the bridge,
then up Paul’s Walk to a little place
he kept for just such occasions.

Once in the flat he said “Righ’ now, you clean up
and I’ll showya the pretties I gotcha.”

Shed been so overjoyed he’d come
that she’d quite forgot how filthy shed gotten in the accident.

“Pretties?” she flashed a brilliant smile through the grime.

“Gwan now” he said with a love pat, and she went in to the tub and turned the hot tap for the shower.
She couldn’t abide baths as she’d nearly drowned in one as a toddler.

She’d just gotten half way out of her kit when disaster struck.
The room was suddenly filled with cold brine.
Tsunami she thought as she vainly sought to open the door.
Her lungs were burning when she kicked out the window
only to find bars on the outside.

Making one last try she pushed with all her might against the iron grating.
She groaned at the effort only to see her air bubble away,
she gasped in horror, water entered her lungs
and she coughed out her remaining oxygen.
In shock she sank down to the floor.

Her companion came into the room and shut off the hot water.
Wiping the condensation from the mirror, he saw the face she’d seen.
It was an unfamiliar visage but he’d gotten used to that phenomenon over time.

Dragging the catatonic girl into a sitting position he propped her up.
Then placing his hands beside his head and lifted. He suddenly held a crown. Its jewels faintly glimered.

His face changed too, but there was no one in a position to see that.

He pressed the crown down over her coif and her head lolled back from the weight.
Because he was a romantic at heart, he adjusted the device she now wore.

Then he beheld what he wanted most to see.
Sprawled at his feet lay Daphne,
just as she was when he saw her last, the blood, that look of horror ….

As he watched the jewels grew brighter and brighter until all her life was stolen away.

Then he coronated himself again and went back out,
leaving the body just as it was.

A beautiful day like it was today …..
it would be a shame to waste it.
Not on housecleaning.

Coming Soon* #3 Wrestling with Inner Demons
* as such thing are reckoned
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Postby Akeela » Thu Jul 12, 2007 7:39 pm

Big Trouble Brewin’ In Sleepy Hollow
By Akeela

3. Wrestling with Inner Demons

The bibliomancer held a copy of Thomas Hardy’s Tess of the D’Urbervilles
across barred forearms, open to page 213. Her eyes chanced on the line,
“She girdeth her loins with strength, and strengtheneth her arms.”

"Had I the time I’d gird up alright," she thought, "iron stays and a hauberk
at th’ very least." With what’s to come, they’d need all their musterable
strength. But with so many approaches, all wasn't enough
If the attack could be channelized

They might survive.

She felt the fear.
It resonating from deep within her.
She knew that an assault was coming,
Spearheaded by betrayal. But that’s all she knew.
She tried to glimpse the Quisling’s face but she must be
blocked. All she got was her own reflection. Without a clear
target there would be no effective casting.
It would be just like spelling into a mirror and every witch
knows how disastrous that could be.

No Sending could be secure, so she must pass the warning
to Althenea face to face. She warned every Sister she passed
as she pounded portalward.
By the time she decamped the Coven was bracing as best it could.

She’d gone through at a gallop and emerged at the same pace.
When she’d caught up with her Mistress in the hall, she was
utterly out of breath. She could not speak anyway because
strangers were present, so she signaled
“Danger,” “Home” and “Soon.”
"Weird …… " Willow warbled as she and Tara were squired into
Althena's drawing room.
"I gotta say some of th’ haps in our happy holiday hop across
th’ pond shake out as just weird, I’m thinkin’."
That got a slight inclination of the head from her m.s.o.
... Tara-speak for “Danged Straight!”

"N-Not that all of it’s been ......" rapidly retconed the redhead
"...... No ...... just ‘bout all of it’s been just swell.
I mean come on, sharin’ steamy scones f-for breakfast with your sweetie ..."
A sly glance at the sweetie in question rewarded Wil with the sight of
a small, warm smile.
"... Or or traipsin’ 'round with your most significant other t’places
you’ve only read about …
"Absolutely first class. Findin’ us smack-dab in th’ middle of 'When
Animals Attack – Death from Above' … kinda stressful."

"An' meetin’ an old friend in her heretofore never-mentioned-to-me
government job ......
"Another very good thing ......
"An so’s havin’ a jolly sit-down in her parlor with tea an’ biscuits ......
"An’ right now it ain’t bad that th’ wall of this homey little crenilated
tower are fifteen feet thick ......
"Her tellin’ us we’re 'bein’ watched' with all sorts of ominous overtones …
again with th’ stress."

Their hostess proffered a small correction:
"It doesn’t seem that it’s precisely you two with whom we’ve a problem
"Willow ...... it’s ...... just ...... you."

"Exactly what do you mean by that?"
Tara’s tone made it abundantly clear that Althenea Llewellen had not
cornered the “ominous” market.

"It was the ravens ...... nature is the first magick, after all.
"The birds picked up something ...... some preternatural influence ......
" I’m assuming that neither of you magicked-up whilst touring?" asked
the dark-locked witch.

"Never without true need" came the quick answer from one born and
raised in the Craft.
"Well ...... I - I don’t do that any more ...... as ya know." Willow’s
said rather more slowly.

"Excellent, please keep not doing that."

As if on cue, there came a tapping and their hostess cum
fright-mistress op’d the door to reveal … nothing.
Again there came a rapping so she tried the narrow arrow slit of
a window muttring to herself "always a stickler for tradition, aren't you?"
There came then a fluttering of uneven wings, as a large, ebon-
pinioned bird flew crookedly inside the chamber.
Settling upon a bust of Palas Athéna, it fixed its gaze firmly on
the redhead to the exclusion of all others.

"Heh! Watch-birds.
"Guess I shudda not been a fraidy-witch back there.
"But it was gettin' a mite shudder-worthy ......"

"I shan’t say there was no cause for alarum.
"Gwylum and his feathered friends are, of course, carnivorous."
Althenea spoke twixt sips of tea.

"So, like canaries in a coal mine.
"Your birds serve as a warning if 'something wicked this
way comes?'” Tara queried.

"I shall let slide the irony of hearing that phrase from
the lips of a witch.
"I would say that you are in the main correct Sister Maclay.
"Although anything actively evil could never have crossed
the pomerium to get so far inside ...
"But something rather more subtle could ..."
Mistress Llewellen left the matter of whom she ment by
that hang for the moment.

"So your ravens are attuned to that sort of energy." Tara
more asked than said.
"The same way that Welsh Corgies brislte at vampies?"

"Quite. One of our sensitives, Thomas, you met him
briefly today. The Warder with Munin perched near his ear.
"It seemed to him ...... and he’s particularly good at
this sort of thing
"That some mystic something lay twisted ‘round you soul.
"It felt dormant but expectant, waiting for some command
or trigger to come into its own perhaps.
"Should that happen, all around you would be in danger,
of course, but you would cease to be you."

With a half-suppressed cry, Tara caught her love up
in a supportive embrace, one that kept Wil from seeing
her strickened face.

"As silly as this sounds now, you both must get as much
sleeping done as can be.
"We’ll be staring a bilocation spell in the morning and that,
as you know, is gruelingly long," Althenea advised as she stood.

"Right then, let’s to bed baby-mine," Wil said with a bright
smile that she tried like Sheol to make look genuine.
"Let’s you an’ me knit up th’ raveled sleeve of care ......"

As she was lead soundlessly ‘cross th’ room’s thick carpet,
Tara mused to herself, “but in that sleep what dreams may come?”

Coming Soon* #4 Eine Kleine Nacht-musings
* as such thing are reckoned
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Private reality is strangely significant – has been since Sunnydale and beyond.
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Postby Akeela » Thu Jul 12, 2007 8:10 pm

Big Trouble Brewin' In Sleepy Hollow
By Akeela

4. Eine Kleine Nacht-musings

Willow awoke with a start; the tendrils of nightmare
fading from her consciousness.
Instinctively she grasped Tara’s encircling arm
and drew it tighter.

“Baby, you’re cold!” Turning to face her love,
she found herself staring into the sightless eyes of a corpse.
The little witch recoiled and a dead arm dropped onto the
bed with a thump.

“G-d grant me strength” she prayed, trying desperately to
devise a plan to save her lover. To save her own sanity.

Incarnadine fang marks obscenely marred the creamy
neck and shoulder, her hip and thigh …

“Unnatural death, right, right, O.K. then!”
Taking a deep breath, she intoned, “ Thou who comest
as the strength of Ra …”
Focused on the invocation she didn’t notice crowd of vamps
as they glided into the room … she could not, however,
miss Tara rising from the bed.

The bloody blonde stalked past Wil and faced the pale newcomers.
For a long moment nothing stirred and not a sound was heard.
“I’m not losin’ you again” Willow snarled, her fists clenched,
her red eyes flaring.

All the pale visages turned as one to regarded the speaker.

“No, never again,” Tara promised with a smile.
Then her fangs came down.

Willow awoke with a start; the tendrils of nightmare
fading from her consciousness.
Instinctively she grasped Tara’s encircling arm
and drew it tighter.
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Private reality is strangely significant – has been since Sunnydale and beyond.
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Postby Dana5140 » Fri Jul 13, 2007 4:37 am

My Name is Asher Lev?
He hurt my nose!
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Postby Akeela » Fri Jul 13, 2007 6:42 am


1. Hmmm
2. Asher Lev?
3. A Good Book
4. But Just Reflect Upon
5. The Eloquence Found in Silence
6. Then Choose Another Novel by Potok


Since every witch knows that "Thou who comest as the strength of Ra"
is the start of the Invocation of Osirus, I didn't feel was too obscure here.
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Private reality is strangely significant – has been since Sunnydale and beyond.
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Postby Dana5140 » Fri Jul 13, 2007 8:29 am

Hee. The Chosen! A Fave of all time, for me.
He hurt my nose!
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Postby Akeela » Sat Jul 14, 2007 4:11 pm

Big Trouble Brewin' In Sleepy Hollow
By Akeela

5. To Clash by Night in Unequal Combat

Tara came slowly to wakefulness just as a diver rises slowly from the depths.
Reaching down to her lap, she stroked her fellow slumberer’s auburn
head, acting without conscious thought, the same way she breathed.

Seizing one red, pointed ear, she tilted the sleepy werewolf’s face up to hers.
“Wil, you big doofus, you’ve let me fall asleep propped up for reading.”

Marking the place in her Chaim Potok book she essayed a head-roll
(accompanied by cracks and pops) “Ow! That hurts my neck …..
AND this candle Burned All Night ….
Lucky we didn’t wake up as toast”

Arching her eyebrow she gave her bedmate “The Look”
“And WHAT do you have to say for yourself!? Came the canto
The respondo was a muttered “Wrrrurff?”

Bare feet whispering ‘cross the oaken floor,
She headed for the heavy drapes, the ones some older Sisters
of the Coven called Black-out Curtains,
....... ”No better way to start the day than with SUNSHINE!”
Flinging open the heavy folds shrouding her huge window, to reveal …
a world in darkness, “Huh? Must be earlier than I though”

Paying the tall witch no mind, her lupine companion scratched
at the floor and whimpered.
“Sweetie, need to go ou …OW! Both were knocked flat when
a huge fist crashed up through the floor.
Their initial shock waned considerably when it became clear
that this monstrous hand was now stuck in place by spikes of shattered oak.

Wolf-Wil launched a savage attack upon a gargantuan cuticle
Whilst a dark-eyed Tara powered-up her most devastating
defensive magicks.
“Ustor!” she summoned in a fell voice. Pointing at the
imprisoned hand, and with full-throated cry, commanded “Ardere!”

Instantly, there came an unsatisfyingly dull pop and a faint
smell of singed hair.
Nonetheless, with a roar of self-inflicted pain, the beast
below wrenched its trapped member back down through
the ruined flooring.

This Brombignagian threat was replaced in reversed
scale by a horde of diminutive demons.
As small and as nimble as squirrels, they swarmed
the woman whilst the wolf circled and snapped in a
vain attempt to drive them off.

“This is a NIGHTMARE,” she shouted as she swatted.
“The only thing left to do is — Wake Up!”

Tara came slowly to wakefulness just as a diver rises slowly from the depths.
Reaching down to her lap, she stroked her fellow slumberer’s auburn
head, acting without conscious thought, the same way she breathed.

Big Trouble Brewin’ In Sleepy Hollow
by Akeela

6. And Being Warned in a Dream …

After a non-stop night of nightmarage, Tara awoke hot and sweaty.
To her way of thinking, she had but two options:
1. Roll cigars on her dewy thighs
2. Hit the showers
(Two seemed the far better choice.)
She let the spray pummel her skin for a few delightful moments,
then got seriously down to business.
Snatching down a plastic squeeze bottle,
she filled her palm with shamp .....


She gave it a tentative sniff and was considering a tongue test when ….

The curtain was jerked aside and a knife plunged toward her body.
She managed to fend off the blade most times, but not all.

With each successful thrust, she became more enfeebled.
Finally her knees buckled and she slid down the wall
to kneel in the tub.

Stretching out her right arm, she tried to cast a defensive spell,
but her concentration was shattered and her aura disturbed.
She swayed for a bit, then toppled forward like a felled oak.

If her veiled assailent had not been so quick to catch her
she’d of landed hard on her face.

Setting aside her false bodkin, the attacker lay her
spellee gently down.

As she turned off the taps she notice the dark fluid
swirling down the drain and tracked down its source.
It proved, inexplicably, to be a bottle of chocolate syrup.
She never figured out the why of that.

Rolling over the wet witch, she checked her vitals:
.......................................................... pulse strong,
................................................ breathing slow but steady.
She set to work.

Placing her hand over Tara’s "Eye and Key" scar,
she laid a compulsion spell upon her.

“You will do whatever is necessary to get your Willow to the
Devon Coven House safely.
"Should that Greater Good require some evil deed, you WILL do it,
"But you'll recall nothing of it ‘till I release you from this geas.
"Your outer mind will not remember any of this but your
inner one will hold fast to every syllable.
"This you have heard and this you will do."

With that the book-seer compressed and locked the “blade” into
the grip of her knife-like tool and pocketed it.
She also took away the syrup bottle, leaving Tara
to wonder how it was that she woke up on the tile floor
in a slightly sticky state.


Willow awakens alone … to her relief and disappointment
("Oh, great now I’m narratin’ m’life")

She had, in her fitful sleep, replayed the previous night’s
horrors for what seemed a century of midnights.
Not waking up to a beautiful corpse was, she thought,
something of an improvement
("O.K. it isn’t like I don’t return regularly to Revello
memories both zenith and nadir … less of the latter
now-a-days but this beaut was a new twist with
emphasis on th’ twisted part")

She found it unsettling that, among other things,
despite the blood and the terror, Tara-as-Undead-
Vamp was still really, really hot …
("That’s it! No alonelyness for you, Willow Danielle
Rosenberg, these one-on-none conversations lead
nowhere good")

Filled at last with resolve, she fought free of the
covers and arose, determined to find Tara and
a bathroom
("Uh, not necessarily in that order")

Pulling open an unobtrusive door she encountered
a slightly damp, terry-wrapped Tara who enunciated
the most beautiful words Willow had ever heard…
"Your toothbrush is on the right and there’s powder
in th … mumph MMMMMM mmmmm mmmm ……………………….. "
("She’s alive!")
("She’s here! … she’s kinda glisteny")
("…………………………...........…. An’ she’s mine!")

Tara found herself thinking that there was absolutely
nothing she would not do to protect the little redhead.
She smiled at the thought.

"You know Will ........ " the steamy ... make that
shower-steamed blonde began, "if I had known that
you found oral hygiene so stimulating, I would
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I would have raised the
t-topic more often.'
("Oh Goddess, Goddess, Goddess"*)

Holding her love at arms length she asked:
"Willow what’s wrong?
"..... Something's getting to you
".................... Something besides me, I mean."

"Oh! Heh … nightmares," Will admitted.
"You know misadventures,
"Strange situations, really bad news …
"Not th’ sorta thing dreams ….well, good ones
"...................................................… are made of."

Blue eyes looked up and to the left in rememberence,
"I can sympathize fully, I had the same sort of un-rest

("Poor baby … Question to self: is this narration gonna
play out any time soon?)

Well Big, Blonde, an' Beautiful ... You tell yours an’ let’s
just see what we got … Ya Know 'Inquiring Wills want to know'"
("She did … and in minute detail, she’s got an artist's eye.
Then we went to Q&A")

Wil: "O.K. wood floors, big window … how big?
("Stay calm now, Will")
Tara: 'Pretty much the whole outside wall"

Wil: "The rest of th’ walls …wood or plaster?"
Tara: "Stone I’m pretty sure"

Wil: "Th’ ceiling?"
("Creepier an' creepier")
Tara: "Too Dark to see."

Wil: "There was a bed you said, what’d that look like"
("Taking up note pad and pencil Tara sketched as she spoke
...... lovely th' way her hair veils he face when she looks down")
Tara: "Four-poster, canopy longer and wider than the mattress
frame, oh, and the posts at the foot, well beyond the bed foot
… actually freestanding pillars. Early Jacobin I’d say. See?"

Wil: "Tara this is great, just great. Tell ya what
… do a quick renderin’ of th’ room as ya remember
… pre fist …while I ablute. Then it’s inta our glad rags
an’ we show your art t’Althenea."
("Sweating now … gotta think, gotta focus,
………………………..… gotta tell")

Tara: "Hey, sweety, but you haven’t told me what
happened in YOUR dream or where you were ......"

Wil: ("Gotta tell’er somethin’")
"Er … well … if this bed-drawin’ is any indication,
th’ place I was … an’ th’ place w-where you were are

Tara: "I’ve never seen this room before
… do YOU know where we were?
Wil: I think so Baby, but lets find our dorm mother first.

Wil: ("* here’s a question … when I said 'Goddess'
did I mean the heavenly or th’ terrestrial sort? silly question.
th’ answer’s yes. ……..
"Soooooo, now you’re footnoting your internal
"This is so many different kinds of strange
i can’t even begin to …………")

"……… Althenea!
"……………… Hold up!"
("i'm shoving th’ art-by-Tara under her nose)

Althenea: "Yes I se..."
Takes a closer look
"...................Oh, I see
".............Tell me about this
"............… Tell me ALL about this."

Wil: "Well I had this dream, nightmare really,
an' Tara drew where it was set."

Althena: "She did this from your description, then?"

Wil: "No! From her own nightmareage."

Althena: "This is indeed passing strange."

Tara: "Willow? Althenea? Can someone please bring
me up to speed on this ..... I’d do better if I knew
about what you both are talking."

Althena: "Yes, Yes, Miss Mac ...... Tara."
"This gives every indication of being a
foretelling of some sort.
"The two of you have dreamt of a place
where only one of you has ever been,
and you ...... Tara ...... you have produced
an excellent rendering of a bedroom in our
Devonshire Coven House."
"… It
"…….. is
"………… mine, actually."

Coming Soon* #7 Double Down
* as such thing are reckoned
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