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Postby lilyme » Wed Aug 02, 2006 1:08 pm

If you guys get the time, could you check my spelling and grammer on both storys? It would be a big help to me.

Time I have plenty at the moment.

I can certainly help you with the spelling part, grammar is not my specialty. I'll write it like I think it looks best. :lol:
Maybe someone else can help you with that. And I'm not that good at punctuation also, I tend to put in way too many commas (that's cause in German we use them more often).

Xander sites I can't really help you with.
I'm mainly two-track-minded, fanfic-wise: Willow and Faith
Or two-in-one-track-minded: Fillow :wink:

But you could simply try to google "Xander fanfic" and see what you like.
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Postby WillowLuver » Wed Aug 02, 2006 1:10 pm

okay, well, i'm also looking for some Faith Xander stuff.

Yeah, i'll just google it.

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Postby lilyme » Thu Aug 03, 2006 5:16 am

Okay, Wil', I did some editing on the spelling and put in some commas that I'm 100% sure have to be in there. But, as I already said, grammar - not my thing.

That's only part one of the story. I'll probably do part two tomorrow.

Around midnight at the graveyard, Buffy and Faith are patrolling, it looks like Faith and Buffy just had a fight because they are not talking to each other just walking at a safe distance from each other.

While everyone else was asleep Buffy and Faith had to go take the job of patrolling. We hear a scream and the next thing we know is Faith is already on top of the vampire and Buffy is already helping the girl that had gotten bit. While Faith slays the vamp, Buffy is trying to find out who the poor girl is.

"Are you okay" the slayer asked.

"Yeah fine" the girl replied

"Ok. Well what are you doing out this late, you should be inside. Is there anyplace that you can go?"

"Uh...No I--I was coming to find my brother"

"What is your brother's name and where...." Before Buffy could finish Faith finished her sentence.

"Where does he live?"

"His name is...1630 Revello Drive..." When Faith heard this she quickly asked...

"Hey B, isn't that our address"

"Yeah... Ok what is your name?"

"Alexandra Harris, why?"

" Harris" Buffy whispered under her breath. "Are you related to Xander Harris? Is he your brother?" Even though inside Buffy knew the answer she wanted to here it from her.

"Yes and yes do you know him?"

"Ye..." Buffy started...

"Yo, why don't we just take you to him and then we see where the evening takes us, okay?" Faith said.


Later that night at the Summers living room. From what we can see, Xander and Alex are sitting across from each other, Faith sitting next to Alex and Buffy sitting next to Willow who is sitting next to Xander. From our perspective it looks like they have been in an uncomfortable silence for a long time. Than all of a sudden Willow decides to break the silence.

"But you lied to us!"

"I know," Xander replied.

"But you lied to us!"

"I know," Xander said more formally.

"But you lied to us," Willow said, now in tears.

"Look, Xand, what you did was very bad and I am fairly certain that if you don't explain yourself then I might have to get Anya in here to start slapping you," Buffy said in her distressed look.

"Okay.. Look, its not like I wanted to keep it from you but I had to, Mom said that if we keep it a secret from other people including our friends that it would all work it self out eventually," Xander was trying desperately to make them understand.

"But," Willow started.

"What, Willow, what do you want to say?" Xander asked.

"I wanted to say...What about kindergarten, and yellow crayon, and aquaman underoos, and prom, and the bluffs, all that time you lied to me about who you really were."

"No, I didn't, I told you my name and..."

Faith who has just about had enough of it starts to talk. "So, you what tried to pretend that who you were you weren't really who you were?"

That night in the Summers living room, Xander is getting very upset and, Faith is about to pop with anger.

"No it wasn't like that, " Xander said.

"Look, Faith, I think that we should try and let Xander explain it to us now that I am fairly certain that we have woken all of the potentials. Giles is going to be very mad that he didn't get his beauty sleep, and I am sure that we won't wake Spike or Andrew even if we tried so, what I'm trying to say is, Xander please tell us why?" Buffy said.

"OK. Look, the thing was is that I didn't know that I have a sister. Maybe Alex did know that I was alive but Willow, I swear, I didn't know."

"Well I guess that is acceptable. Just one question..." Before Willow could finish Kennedy comes down stairs and asks a question.

"Why is everyone up? And Why are you yelling?" Kennedy asked.

"Sorry, Kennedy, I'll be up in an minute," Willow said without taking her eyes off of Xander.

"Ok...Sorry, but we haven't met I'm Kennedy and you are?"

"I'm..." Alex started.

"My sister, her name is Alex" Xander finished.

"OK, I have had enough. Look, Kennedy, Alex is Xander's sister and his whole life Xander never knew that Alex was alive. Buffy and I were patrolling like we said that we were tonight and we found Alex getting attacked by a vampire so I slayed the vamp and Buffy found out who she was. So we came here to find out if what she told us about Xander was true, but when we got here everyone was already asleep except for Xander and Willow. They were playing cards. So we started talking and talking turned into yelling and...I'm babbling, sorry we woke you," Faith said.

"Thanks," Kennedy said.

No one spoke for about a minute, then Buffy started. "Are we going to go to bed or are we going to be in an awkward silence for the rest of the night?"

"Hey, B, it's four in the morning," Faith said.

"Yeah, well, only losers sleep."

"Okay, I'll go back to bed," Kennedy said.

"I will be there in minute," Willow said going into the kitchen to turn off the lights then heads upstairs.

"Cool so I'll be here on the couch," Xander said.

"See you all at seven" Faith said.

"Whoa, your only going to sleep for three hours?" Buffy asked.

"No, I'm going to go train."

"Faith, you should get some sleep" Buffy said.

"I slept all day, B."

"You did?"

"Yeah, when you and Spike were training, I was in your room sleeping."

Just when Faith finished saying "sleeping" Spike entered the room.
"Why are all of us up, and how come I don't know you?"

"Spike, do you want to go train?" Buffy asked.

"Yeah, sure."

"Whoa, B. I thought that you were going to go to sleep." Faith asked.

"Yeah, I was but now that everyone is up we might as well fight huh."

"Hey, Buffy, do you want me to go wake the potentials?" Xander asked just realizing that they were still in the room.

"It's okay, Xand, I'll get Spike to get them."

Later that night in the basement. Buffy and Faith are moving all the chairs from the lecture earlier today. Spike comes in with NO potentials and looks worried. Faith sits down on the cot and grunts because earlier that day Faith and Robin were sparing and he socked her in the stomach and she is hurt very bad. Spike comes over and sits next to Faith and tries to find out what the browse is.



"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, fine."

"No, your not you got hurt today when you were sparing with Robin."

"No, I didn't." Once Faith said that Robin entered the room.

"Yeah, you did" Robin said.

"Robin, how nice of you to join us I was about to get worried that I was going to have to spar a slayer," Spike said.

"Actually I have to go to work and fill out some paper work."

"On Saturday?" Anya asked just as she entered the room after spying for a couple of minutes.

"Anya, what are you doing here," Buffy asked.

"Oh, yeah, about that. We're out of food and Andrew wants to go to the grocery store and Kennedy is threatening that if she and Willow don't get at least an hour of sleep they will burn down the house with everyone in it. So I came down to see if you needed anything from the store, and if Giles and I are allowed to go to the store right now but Giles does not have his license and a car so I was wanting to know if I can use your car."

"OK, you can take my car and please get some more air freshener and some soap and tell Kennedy that if she wants quiet she can use some earplugs," Buffy said.

"Will do."

"Oh, Anya, wait."

"What now?"

"Will you take Andrew to the store with you?"


"Why not?"

"Because he'll make me buy him candy and action figures."

"Then say that if he wants to buy stuff he has to use his own money and all of the potentials get half of what he buys."


The next day in the Summers living room. It looks like Alex and Xander are talking with Willow.

"....So as you see we had to," Alex finished.

"Yeah, I guess so," Willow said unsure of what to say yet.

"Look, Will, I can take Alex to a apartment building so she can live somewhere."

"No she can stay here she can sleep in Dawn's room and Dawn can sleep down here with the potentials,and correct me if I'm wrong but aren't you a very powerful wicca?"

"Oh, not really. I mean, I'm okay but I tried to take channel the spirit world a couple of months ago and I so was not ready for that. So I started seeing a magic dealer called Rack and he helped a lot but then I came in one day for a lesson and he was dead."

"Willow," Xander said.

"What?" Alex asked.

"I was the one that killed him," she said.

That night at the graveyard. You can see Kennedy walking causally toward something or someone. You can see that she has her stake clenched in her hand so tight that her hand is turning red. When she turns a corner around the mausoleum and she sees something that make her start gagging and runs the other way until she reaches a bench and she sits down and tries to comprehend what she just saw. When the camera turns around to reveal that Spike and Buffy were making out. All of a sudden we hear a scream and Buffy and Spike go their separate ways and while Buffy goes to find out where the scream came from Spike goes into the mausoleum and waits for a minute and then runs out like he was in there for a long time.

"Buffy, what is it?" Spike asked like he just now found out that Buffy was in the graveyard.

"I don't know."

Then just as they keep walking for a minute they walk around a tree and reveal Kennedy trapped by a vampire on the ground with the vampire's hands around her throat and her face is getting purple by the second. Buffy runs over and pulls the vampire off Kennedy with ease and holds him off the ground as Spike stakes him. Kennedy just looks at them with big eyes and runs home.

"Buffy, what was that about?"

"I don't know."

Later that night in the Willow and Kennedy's bedroom. Kennedy is talking to Willow about what she saw in the graveyard and from the looks of it Willow does not like what she is hearing.

"...And then I saw Spike and Buffy exchanging saliva."

"Yeah, that is bad but do they know that you saw them?"

"I'm not sure; I didn't see."

"Ok just don't tell anyone I will try to ask, Buffy," Willow said knowing that Buffy would deny what she suspects. As Willow leaves the room Kennedy picks up the phone and hits the speed dial. Then Willow comes back in and looks at Kennedy with uncertainly.

Then Kennedy turns around and asks, "Do you want Pepperoni and sausage?"

Willow just nods, quietly closes the door and walks down stairs and as she hears a noise she goes into Dawns bedroom and sees Faith covering up a gash in her side. Willow knows that if she says anything Faith would do a roundhouse kick and hit her in the face and Willow really did not want to get hurt, so she turns around and gently closes the door and steps bask and then knocks.

"Dawn, you in there?" No answer.

"I'm right here," Dawn answers as she comes up the stairs.
"Oh, okay, I need your help."

Dawns room. We see Faith covering up a gash in her side as Spike comes out of the closet and Faith does not even flinch.

"You tell anyone and I will stake you myself," Faith says looking up at him.

"No, wouldn't want that. You know that I wont tell but who did this to you?"

"Alex, why wouldn't she, she does not even know me I guess that's for the better, huh?"

"No, it's not do you want me to go confront her?"

"No, you can't."


"No, you can't."

"Why not?"

"You just can't, okay?"

"What do you mean I can't?"

"It means what it says"

"Why would she stab you?"

"I don't know." When Faith finishes saying this Buffy knocks on the door.
"Oh, no you can not tell Buffy okay? If she found out that Alex did this..."

"Faith, are you in there?" Buffy asked through the door.

"Yeah, be out in a minute!! Please don't tell her," Faith said to Spike and Spike just nods his head and turns around and heads out of the window.

"Faith, are you ok?, Look, Faith, have you seen Alex? Faith, answer me! Okay, I'm coming in! "Buffy kicks down the door and finds Faith standing right next to the door looking like nothing is wrong.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Faith asked in her perfect innocent voice.

"Nothing just needed someone to train with..." Just as Buffy said that she looks out the window and sees Spike walking down the street.

"What's wrong, Buffy?" Faith says as she comes up behind her with a stake in both of her hands and gives one to Buffy.

"What is it?" Faith whispers to Buffy but before Buffy could answer Faith runs over to the window and jumps out and falls on the ground and rolls into a crouching position. Then a vampire comes out from behind her and before Buffy can yell to Faith, the vampire has already bitten Faith and Faith is screaming in pain and just as Buffy comes out of the front door Faith is on the ground not moving.

The front yard. Buffy is fighting the vampire, just as Spike comes out of hiding he realizing that Faith is on the ground uncouncios and he runs over to find out what happened.

"Faith. Faith! Faith, wake up!" Spike yells and Buffy comes over and tries to find out if she is still alive, Spike pushes her away.

"Just get out of my way," Spike says a little to sharply and Buffy comes over and punches him in the face.

"No, you get out of my way I can handle it she is partly related to me anyway, plus if I can put her in a coma I make sure that she stays alive." Once she got to Faith, she finds out that Faith is still alive but not well, Buffy looks over her shoulder and tells Spike, "Help me."

"I thought that you didn't need my help."

"I don't, only I do right now will you help me?"


"Okay, we need to get her to the couch and can you tell Dawn to get the medicine kit?" Then Spike nods and they pick up Faith and walk her over to the couch and put her on it and once they do Spike yells.

"Dawn!!!" Then Dawn runs down stairs and once she sees Faith she knows why Spike yelled for her and she doesn't need to be told twice and runs off to the kitchen to get the medicine kit. Once she leaves Buffy rips open Faith's jacket and sees a big gash in her stomach.

"Okay, I have jumped out of this house so many times, and there is no way that that is from the jump. You want to start telling me what you were doing with Faith to make her get this bad of wound?" Once Buffy finished saying that Dawn comes in with the medicine kit.

"Here. Buffy, do you want me to help you clean it?" Dawn asked.

"No, it's okay, I got it. Why don't you go get Alex and see if she wants to see what will if she lets a vampire bite her."

"NO, it's okay, Dawn, you don't have why don't you go and make dinner ok nibblet." Spike says.

"Yeah, Dawn, listen to Spike," Buffy says.

"OK, see you later," Dawn leaves the room and Buffy doesn't take her eyes off of Spike.

Willow and Kennedy are in their room talking. Willow was just explaining to Kennedy why she has to train with the other potentials. Kennedy obviously doesn't like what she is hearing.

"But I am way stronger then them, I'm just going to hurt them anyway," Kennedy is yelling.

"Kennedy, I know that you are stronger then them but that doesn't mean that you have to brag..."

"I'm not bragging!"

"Yes, you are." Right after Willow finished saying that Buffy bursts in.
"Guys, stop bickering."

"I'm not..." Kennedy started

"And I don't care, look, Willow, I need you to do a locating spell to find the new potential."

"How do you know that there is a new potential?" Willow asked

"What? Oh.. Spike said something about that Faith and him were talking and she said something about a new potential."

"Oh.. Ok just give me thirty minutes and then I'll bring you the good news"

"Okay...Kennedy, will you help me clean up Faith?"

"Faith needs cleaning up?" Kennedy asked as they leave the room.

The Summers living room. Kennedy is taking a cloth and cleaning out the wound in Faith's stomach, Buffy is sitting on the couch talking to someone on the phone, and Spike and Dawn are playing cards.

We hear Buffy talking but we can't here what the other person is saying.
"Hey.... How are you?....Me? I'm good....Well she is doing okay....Yes...yes, may I please talk to him.. Thank you....Hey look I was wondering if you could stop by town?....No, nothing is wrong. Just wanted to know if you could stop by....Yes; we need you here...No; nobody else just you...Look, I know that your not available but we need you here...Yes, someone with your insight...And medical skills...No, nothing is wrong...Because you're important...So maybe not to everybody...Well you're important to me...Yeah, I know... Yes, I will have Xander set it up...Tomorrow then... Okay, see you in a couple of hours...Bye" Buffy then hangs up the phone and walks over to the receiver and hangs up, then comes back over to the couch.

"So... What am I setting up?" Xander asks Buffy.

"What?.. Oh..Yeah about that I need you to go and get these" She hands him a paper and we can't see what is on it.

"Buffy, this list..." Xander starts

"Yes, I know it seems a lot to ask in such a short time but it is precautionary."

"No, that is not what I'm worried about, but I need at least two thousand Dollars."

"Two thousand dollars!?!?" Dawn asked as she looks up from the card game.

"Dawn..." Buffy started

"Where are you going to get two thousand dollars?" Dawn asked.

"I already have it. Xander the money is in the dawer next to the sink in the kitchen two rows up from the floor."

"You kept the money with the soap? "Spike asked just now getting in the conversation.

"Yes, I did"

"Buffy, who is coming?" Willow and Kennedy asked walking down the stairs.


The next morning in the dining room. Everyone is waiting for Oz to get there, and it looks like Xander has worked all night because he still has his tool belt on and his shirt is dirty and he is falling asleep in the chair. Willow, Buffy, Kennedy, Spike, Faith, Anya and Dawn are all standing around the table. Willow is typing something on the computer, Kennedy is standing behind her looking at the screen. Anya is still cleaning Faith from the night before, But this time Faith is awake and also helping. Spike and Buffy are sitting down at the opposite side of the table then Willow. We can see that Spike and Buffy are holding hands under the table. Dawn is eating a piece of a bagel and walking around the table impatiently. Then we here a doorbell and everybody gets up from where ever they were and walk over to the door, Spike and Buffy are not holding hands anymore. Buffy opened the door.

There is a general "Hey, Oz" from the group. And Oz and Buffy exchange a hug followed by Willow and Dawn, Spike and Xander shake hands with Oz, Kennedy and Anya just stand behind the group. Oz comes inside and then goes to the living room and drops his bags under the table.

The group follows him around the house until finally Giles comes downstairs and breaks the silence. "Oz. How nice of you to come by."

"Yeah. I thought that I was needed for..." Then Buffy interrupted him

"...Help around the house, Right Oz?"


"Is there something I'm not up on?" Oz asked

"Nope nothing, Everything is just about the same, just little things." Willow added.

"Yeah.. Ok, Anyway we need to go make breakfast. Who wants waffles? Pancakes? What?" Kennedy said

"Well it's not that we don't like your cooking it's just that we don't like cooking." Dawn said

"Okay, but I was talking about going out and ordering food, but sence you brought it up, What's wrong with my cooking? "Kennedy asked.

"Nothing, it's just that sometimes when you use the stove we need to call... "Dawn added, But couldn't finish.

"Anyway, Oz, will you come down stairs with me and Faith so we can show you the operation? "Buffy asked

"Yeah, I guess." The three of them walk down the stairs and everyone else goes their separate ways.

The basement. Spike is in the basement sleeping but he wakes up when Oz, Faith, and Buffy come down the stairs. Spike is wearing his black pants and his bright red shirt. Buffy comes down the stairs and is the first to go get a chair for Faith and Oz. Spike comes over to Buffy as she cleans up the sink and tries to get some information for Oz. We can see a cage near the wall.

"What is the werewolf doing here, and how come there is a cage down here?" Spike whispered.
"Oz is here so he can help Willow find the new potential." Buffy said, not really listening.

"And the cage?"

"That is here because in a couple of days will be the full moon."

"Okay, do you know who the new potential is?"

"If I did Oz wouldn't be here."

Then Buffy walks over to the table that Oz had pulled over and set all the papers on it. Oz takes some of the papers and reads them. Apparently Oz does not like what he is reading.

"Wow, Buffy, there are a lot of people on this list are you sure this is them?" Oz asked

"Well, actually there are about fifty people who fit the profile. Those are only half." Buffy says

"Actually make that seventy-five people." Willow says as she enters the basement.

"Seventy-five?" Spike asked

"Where did you get the other twenty-five?" Oz asked

"Off the information and I used the school network to find out who at the high school fit the profile," Willow says

"So what are we going to do with the information that we now have." Spike asked. Oz is getting more frustrated by the second.

"We are going to go find the people after Willow does a spell." Faith says just now getting in the conversation

"Since when am I doing a spell?" Willow asked

"Since Buffy said you were going to do one."

"Buffy, when did you make the choice to make me do a spell?"

"Ten minutes ago." Buffy says not looking up from the papers

"What does the spell say to do?" Willow asked sorta angry.

"Just a simple spell" Buffy says as Oz takes the papers and him and Faith go upstairs to work on the papers.

"All you have to do is make a talisman and the talisman will light up when it gets close to the new potential." Buffy contented

"So do we have all the ingrediants?" Willow asked


"Look at me, Buffy"


"I know about you and Spike."

"What about Spike?"

"That you and him are together again."

"We're not."

"Yes, you are."

"No, we're not."

"Yes, you are."

"How do know."

"Kennedy saw you and Spike in the graveyard a couple of nights ago."

"Does anybody else know?"


"Don't tell anybody, okay?"

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"You didn't need to know."

"When my best friend is going through a relationship, I need to know."

"Okay, I'm sorry, Just don't tell anybody."

"I won't but I can't say the same about Kennedy."

"You think that she would tell?"

"Kennedy...Yeah, she would tell."

"Okay, I'll talk to her, Did you know that Alex stabbed Faith in the abdomen?"

"What??? How do you know?"

"I went to Dawn's room looking for Dawn, and Faith was in there and she was covering up a very bad looking gash, then I saw Alex not too long after that and she had Faith's blood on her shirt."

"How did you know that it was Faith's bloods and not her's?"

"I don't know but I just did." Just then Oz rushes in.

"Hey guys we know who the potential is."

"Who?" Willow and Buffy say simultaniously.


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Postby WillowLuver » Thu Aug 03, 2006 6:55 am

Thanks, that helps a lot. and i'm copyed everything that you wrote, and saved it to my harddrive, so i wont lose it.

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Postby lilyme » Fri Aug 04, 2006 5:31 am

Okay, I looked on my favorite Faith/Eliza page for some Faith/Xander fanfiction.

And I found:

Godeater's "Fire and Skin"

Kimmie's "Okay"

And two longer stories:
The "In her arms" series by Nicolette Marquis McFadgen

and the "Auld Acquaintance Series" by NWhepcat

All the fanfics on FaithSolace are excellent, including the stories mentioned above :thumbsup:

Some of the stories are quite disturbing. But, hey, it's Faith, of course it can get disturbung...
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Postby WillowLuver » Fri Aug 04, 2006 5:45 am

cool, thanks, it'll take me a little while to read them... but i'll start today

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Postby lilyme » Sun Aug 06, 2006 3:35 am

Okay, now I finally edited Part II, and also did some re-editing on Part I, since I still caught some mistakes.

Alex (II)

The cemetery, Faith and Buffy are walking. A vampire jumps out from behind a building, Faith runs over to it, while Buffy struggles to keep up. The vampire stops, and turns around, and starts running away from them, Faith just speeds up, and does a flying leap, and lands on the vampire. The vampire just gives up.

"Do it, kill me," he says.

"Now, why would I want to kill you? Let's just talk."Just then Buffy comes over.

"Jeez, when did you get so fast?" Buffy asks.

"When did you get so slow?" Faith counters.

"Maybe you got slow, and you got fast,"the vamp suggests.

"Shut up,"Faith says at the same time that Buffy says it.

"Just stop talking."

"Fine, sorry,"he returns.

"How come you ran away?" Buffy asks.

"You actually think that I would want to go up against two slayers?"

"Well, no, but still, just stake him already." Faith does so, without a second doubt. Faith falls down on the ground where the vampire was, Buffy goes to help her up. Faith and Buffy start walking back home.

The summers house. Oz and Willow had just finished talking to Alex, about how she is a potential. Alex is pacing.

"Will you stop pacing, its making me nauseous," Willow says.

"Well, lets see how you react when you try to find your brother. Get attached by two slayers, find out you're a werewolf, and a potential slayer all in a week."

"Wow, back up, Werewolf? Oz?"


"You knew?"

"Well, I thought, but I didn't have any proof. There was no way to tell for certain."

"We need to get Faith."

"Why?" Oz asks now paying attention.

"You don't know?" Alex said.

"Should I"

"Come on, we just need to find her, and fast, tomorrow is the day before the full moon." Willow says.

They all grab their coats and leave the house, Except for Alex who just sits on the Couch, realizing that this isn&#8217;t her problem.

Upstairs in the bathroom. Dawn is looking in the mirror, looking distressed. There is a knock on the door.

"Come in," Dawn answers. Kennedy enters.

"Um... can you leave, I got to pee," Kennedy says

"No, I can't, can you wait a minute?"

"Um...sure, why? Because you want to look in the mirror for another minute?"

"No, I just need a minute."


"Okay, I'm gonna tell you something that cannot get back to Buffy, or Giles, or Faith, or Xander, or Willow, or Oz, or Spike, you promise you wont tell them?"

"Your scaring me. What is it?"

"You didn't answer my question."

"What? Oh, yeah, I wont tell anyone."

"Okay, here." Dawn hands Kennedy something wrapped up in toilet paper.

"Um... what is this? Do I want to know?"

"Hey, you said that you wanted to know."

"Okay, cant you just tell me, before I unwrap this little mystery?"

"I can't"


"Because I don't know what it says."

"So, it' a note, why did you wrap it up in toilet paper?"

"Well, I..." Before Dawn can finish, a egg timer goes off. "Oh, its time."

"Time for what?"

"Open it"

"It's time to open it...Oh," Something passes through Kennedy's mind, and she now knows what is in the toilet paper. She tears off the toilet paper, she looks in.

"Oh, my gosh!" Kennedy says.

(Note, we do not get to see what is in the toilet paper)

The basement. Spike is playing chess with Xander. Xander is playing white, and Spike is playing black. From the look of it, we notice that Spike is winning.

"So, you think that...?"; Xander asks.

"Anya is pregnant. How many times do I have to say it?" Spike moves a piece.

"But we haven't...not for at least a year."

"Wow, so I guess its not yours, then." Xander moves a piece.

"Well, who do you think that it is?"Xander asks.

"I honestly couldn't tell you, all I know is that she went out to by a test, and told me not to tell anyone."

"So, It might not be her, she could have bought it for someone else."

Spike moves a piece. "Yeah, who?"

"Well, yeah that kinda makes sense." Xander moves a piece.

"See I told you, plus if it was anyone else, why would they trust Anya, I mean she isn't really trustworthy. And.. Checkmate." He moves a piece.

Xander groans. " 6 out 7?"

"No, I've played enough for my unlife." Spike pushes all of the pieces into a box, then the board. He gets up and moves up the stairs, Xander follows him.

"What do you want to do now?" Xander asks while climbing the stairs.

"I don't know. I'm kinda hungry" Spikes returns while entering the kitchen. He moves around to the other side of the island. Xander sits down. Spike smells something.

"Something happened in the bathroom."

"What, eww...That's gross, don't say that."

"Get your mind outta the gutter, nothing like that..." He takes another sniff "Kennedy and Dawn, fighting." He says.

"How do you know?" Just then they hear a lamp break.

"OH, I get it." Xander says as he runs up the stairs, leaving Spike at the island.

The bathroom, Dawn is lying on the ground with a stab wound in her stomach, with Kennedy sitting on top of her, punching her face. Dawn screams in pain. Blood is now coming out of her nose.

The kitchen, Spike chocks on his blood by Dawn screaming he runs upstairs. He finds Xander being pushed up against the wall by...Alex. Spike comes up, and throws Alex, into Willow&#8217;s bedroom, and locks the door.

"You okay?" He asks


"You better be." Spike swings open the door, he walk in, and picks up Kennedy by her hips, and throws her into the bathtub. He picks up the unconscious Dawn, grabs a towel, and applies pressure to her wound.

"Xander, call Buffy. Do it quick. Tell her Dawn's hurt."

"Okay." Xander says, pulling out his cell phone.

"And, Xander?"


"Tell her to hurry."

Time lapse. The next morning, Dawn is sleeping on the couch, Oz and Willow are cleaning Dawn up. Kennedy is sitting in a chair. Alex is tied to another chair, in the dining room. Faith is beating Alex for information. Spike and Buffy are talking with Kennedy, Xander is holding Dawn's hand.

"You what!!!" Buffy yells.

"I told you!" Kennedy screams.

"Well, tell us again." Oz says remaining the only calm one in the house.

"Okay, like I said, we were talking then all of a sudden..." Kennedy doesn't get to finish, because of Alex's scream.

"Shut up!! And tell me what you know!!!" Faith yells.

"Faith, can you turn it down a notch!" Buffy yells.


Oz gets up from Dawn duty, and walk over to Kennedy, and puts a knife to her throat.

"Okay, now your gonna tell me exactly what you know, or I'm gonna do exactly what you did to Dawn and then some." Oz says with controlled rage.

"Uh-huh" Kennedy replies. Dawn starts to stir out of her slumber.

"Ugh..."Dawn mumbles.


"You better hope that she's okay." Buffy warns to Kennedy. She walks over to Dawn.

"Hey, you okay, Sweetie?" Dawn bults up, and runs over to Kennedy, and stars punching her in the face.

"Dawn!!! No!! Don't!!!" Willow yells.

"You little...", Dawn starts.

"Dawns pregnant!!!" Kennedy yells Dawn turns bright red. She turns around to look at the shocked faces of her family. Willow and Oz sit down on the couch. Faith enters the room, by overhearing what was said.

"Dawn? How?? When?? What?" Buffy asks.

"Okay, listen to me..." Dawn starts

"No, I have to... Be..." Buffy just grabs her coat and leaves. Faith follows her. A moment of silence follows.

"Dawn, go up to your room," Xander says


"No buts, Dawn, just go." Xander says


"I have to agree Dawn."


"Sorry, what Willow says goes."

"Spike, come on, I'm your little bit, you wont make me, will you?

"Dawn, please, I love you, with all my heart, but right now, you have to go upstairs and stay there until we figure out how to deal with this." Dawn is now crying, because all of the people that she calls family have abandoned her.

"Fine." Dawn says, and runs up stairs.

"What do you think that we should do?" Xander asks

"Whatever you guys think is best." Spike replies.

"What do you mean you guys? You're involved in this too, Spike?" Oz questions.

"I'm out," Spike says, while Robin enters.

"What do you mean out? You can't quit this early in the game." Oz replies

"Guys, stop it, Dawn does not need us fighting about how to handle her little problem," Willow says, trying to be calm.

"Wait, her problem, getting pregnant is not a little problem," Xander says

"Wait a sec, Dawn is pregnant?" Robin asks

"Yeah," Xander says, while Spike says, "Pretty much," while Willow says, "I guess so."

"Okay, so apparently I've missed some stuff, because this is all making the kinda sense that's not," Robin replies.

"Short story, Dawn got pregnant, Kennedy found out, and beat the crap out of her," Spike said.

"Wait a sec, back to the whole getting out thing," Willow replies.

"Huh, oh, yeah, I don't want to have anything to be with this." Spike says.
"Why?" Xander asks.

"Because not 10 minutes ago, I told dawn that we were going to deal with this. Now I didn't want her to go, but I love her so much, I don't want anything to happen to her. But, I know how she's feeling right now"

"You've been pregnant before?" Xander asks.

"No, not that, she feels like everyone in her world has given up her."

"How?" Xander asks.

"First, Buffy leaves without letting Dawn explain then, You telling her that she wasn't old enough to handle this, and sent her to her room like a little child. Then Willow the one person who she told me she "can trust with everything", denies her. Then, Oz, she has looked up to you she met you, right now, I'm thinking that she doesn't look up to you anymore."

"What, she said that she can trust me with everything?" Willow asks.

"Yeah, but I'm betting that's not so true right now, look, I'm gonna go check on her, and tell her that I'm on her side."

"Wait," Willow says

"Let him go, she really needs someone on her side right now." Robin chimes in.

Faith and Buffy are walking down the street. Talking about Dawn.
"So...what are you going to do?"; Faith asks.

"What I have to."

"You're not gonna kill Dawn are you?"

"What? No, she is going to have an abortion."

"You just, what? Made up your mind for her?"


"You can't make that decision for her. Its something that she has to make for herself."

"And she will, as soon I tell her to do it."


"What! What do you think that she should do? Because this is not my territory Faith! I don't know to make this decision! The only thing that I know, is that Dawn is not ready for this."

"Are you sure, that you're just not ready?"

"Yes, I'm ready, I want to be an aunt, but not now, not under these circumstances."

"So, how, then?"

"Do I really have to explain this to you? Because I don't think that I can."

"Well, your gonna have to, because Dawn. She isn't gonna want you to tell her that she cant have this baby, just because your not ready."

Dawns room, she is sitting on her bed, crying.

"I can do's not too hard, just don't tell anyone what your doing, and you'll be fine" Dawn walks into Buffy's room, and takes her wallet out of Buffy's purse, and steals, what look like a two-inch wad of fifties, and Xander's car keys. While still crying, she shoves them into her pants pocket, she opens Buffy's window and climbs out, she drops down. Just as Spike goes into her room. She runs over to Xander's car, and gets in. She wipes her tears away from her face, and turns the car on, and drives away.

The living room. Oz is looking out the window.

"Dawn." Oz, says while looking out the front window, watching her drive away.

"Xander, call Buffy." Willow says, Xander walks into the kitchen and calls Buffy, while Spike comes down the stairs.

"Dawn isn't in her room, I couldn't get a good look but I think that she might have gone out the window." Spikes says going into the living room.

"Yeah, she just drove away in Xander's car." Oz responds.

"What, she drove?" Robin asks

"Yeah, you were here." Willow says

"No, I mean she doesn't know how to drive."

"Actually..." Kennedy starts

"Shut your mouth!" Spike yells

"No, let her talk." Oz responds

"She was taking lessons last year, she just got her license three weeks ago."

"What, why didn't she say anything to us?" Spike asks

"She did," Andrew says walking into the house, because the door was open.

"Where did you come from?" Robin asks

"I was with you, remember, you just left before me." Andrew replies.

"No, that's not important, when did she tell us?" Willow asks

The sidewalk, Buffy is laying on the ground. Faith is standing and helping a little girl get back on her bike and walks over to Buffy, helping her up.

"Okay, that's the second time in two days, that you've fallen. What's wrong with you?" Faith questions.

"Okay, I'll tell you but you have to promise not to tell anyone."

"Yeah, of course."

"Okay, look, I have cancer."

"Huh?" Faith says right as Buffy's phone rings, she answers.

"Hello, hey, Xander... yeah...I'll be right there." She hangs up the phone. "We gotta go, Dawn left."

They turn around and start walking back home.

"Wait, how?"

"She drove."

"No, you, how?"

"Oh, I went for a checkup yesterday, and they found it."

"How long?"

"Till what?"

"How long do you have to live?"

"The doctor says a week."

"What are you gonna do?"

"I have to talk to a guy."

"Which one?" Faith says, walking up to the door


"He's not a doctor."

"Thank you, Captain Obvious."

"No, what is he going to do?"

"He's a vampire, he's gonna do what he does best."

"How do you know that he'll be okay with that?"

"I don't."

"Have you asked him?" Faith says, walking inside.

"No, I was going to, but now with everything with dawn, I don't know how."

"I think that he'll be fine with it."

"Who?" Oz asked.

"Robin!" Faith yells, running up to him.

"Hey, good to see you too," Robin says, hugging her. Buffy pulls Spike aside, to the kitchen, to talk with him.

"When did Dawn leave?" Faith asks.

"I'm not sure, sometime after we sent her to her room." Oz replies

"You sent her to her room?" Faith questions

"No, I didn't, Xander did." Oz says

"Thanks, man," Xander says

"No problem," Oz replies

"No, you sent her to her room?"

"Yeah, Oz just said that, weren't you listening?" Xander asks

"No, I was listening, but you shouldn't have done that, she really need someone on her side" Faith responds.

The kitchen. Buffy is standing near the fridge. Spike is standing near the stove.

"No," Spike says.

"Why not?"

"I'm not gonna kill you."

"No, kill me, let me live, forever:"

"That's what you call this? Living?"

"Well, yeah."

"Well, no its not, I don't breath, I'm constantly cold, and everything I do
to get warm, doesn't help. I cant go outside during the day, I cant eat anything else, but blood. And still no, I'm not gonna do it."

"Well, fine, I thought that I could trust you with this, but I guess not, I'll just go to Angel." Buffy walks to the back door. Spike runs to the door, and holds his hand against it.

"Um...There no way that I'm gonna let Angel do it."

"So, you'll do it?" Buffy asks hopeful

"Yeah, but not now, later. Tonight, in the basement, be there by sundown."

"I will." Buffy leaves the kitchen and goes into the backyard, leaving Spike to think about what he just agreed to.

The living room, Oz and Willow are talking to Faith.

"So, you're saying," Faith starts

"That when Alex stabbed you, she had mixed her blood with yours, and being as how she is a werewolf, you are going to turn into one also," Willow stated.

"But I don't feel any different."

"Well, when your with Buffy, did you notice any changes about her?" Oz asked.

"Well...Yeah, I was a little faster then her."

"Well, I'm not faster then anyone else, that must be your slayer side combining with your new werewolf side." Oz replies.

"Okay, what do I do?"

"First off, you need to get in the cage tonight, Xander installed two more compartments, for you and Alex. All three of us need to get down there." Oz replies.

Faith nods. Oz stands up, and him and Faith go into the other room, pick up Alex and head down to the basement. Spike walks into the room.

"Hey, Spike, where have you been?" Willow asks

"Look, Red, I have to ask you a question, and I cant give you all of the details, but I need help."

"What is it?"

"Okay, there's this guy, he dying, and he knows I'm a vampire, and he wants me"

"To, what? Make him like you?"

"Yeah, he want him to make him like me, but I don't know if I should. If you were in my position, would you?"



"Well, if its somebody that I know really well, and it'll help them, then yeah."

"Thanks you helped a lot."

"No problem."

Spike goes upstairs

Buffy's room. Buffy is sitting on her bed, staring off out the window. Spike walks into the room.

"Hey, sundown" Spike says. Buffy doesn't say anything, just continuing to stare out the window. Spike walks up to her.

"Buffy." Spike says softly. Buffy breaks out of her trance.

"Oh, is it time?"Buffy asks


"Okay, lets get down there..." Buffy starts to walk off. Spike stops her.

"Not down there."

"What? Why?"

"Because it's the night before the full moon, if we go down there, we'll have an audience."

"Okay, so here then?"

"That would make the most sense."

"Okay, do it."

Spike leans over and Buffy tilts her head back, Spike sinks into her neck, he drink for about 5 seconds, then he lays her down on her bed. Spike goes into her purse and takes a knife and slits his wrist. He tilts Buffy up and feeds her. He then stops after about a minute of letting Buffy drink. He gets up, closed the window curtains, locks the door, sits in the chair and waits for morning.

The local gas station. Dawn pulls up, and parks, walks into the store, and goes to the bathroom. She walk up to the cash register.

"How may I help you?" A very perky girl asks

"John here?"

"Yeah, he's in the back."

"Thanks." Dawn starts to walk off.

"Um, Dawn?"


"He's sorry."


"He was supposed to come over yesterday, but he didn't."

"No, I'm glad he didn't, it wouldn't have been the right time for it."

"Hey, I'm no expert, but you don't look so good"

"Yeah, I don't look so good."

"Are you okay?"

"I've been better." Dawn starts to walk away

"What happened?"

"I'm pregnant."

"What? When did this happen?"

"About three weeks ago." Dawn, walks back to the register.

"Does your family know?"

"Unfortunately, yeah."

"How is that bad?"

"My sister, Buffy, she completely freaked, just left the house and didn't let me explain."

"So, what you were going to her that you're engaged? Like she would've handled that well."

"I know. She doesn't even know that I&#8217;m dating, let alone, in love, and getting married, look I should probably be getting home, she's probably getting killed as we speak."


"Tell John, to call me."

"I will."

"Thanks, Jessie, you're a good sister."

"I'm gonna make an even better one, once you marry my older bro."

"Okay, I'll talk to you later."

"Bye." Dawn walk out, gets into Xander's car, and drives back home.

The living room. Willow and Xander are talking, with Kennedy.

"So then she said that she had been seeing this John guy, for like months now, and that they had gotten engaged. But then something... I don't know, she realized something, pointed into the crack in the floor, and the next think I know my head was bleeding, there was a broken lamp on the floor, and she was going to open the door."

"So you..." Willow asks

"Did what I had to, I couldn't risk her getting away, so I picked her up, grabbed a piece of the shattered lamp, and stuck her with it. Then she was on the ground, so I got on top of her, and started punching her."

"That doesn't seem like you." Andrew says walking in, from the kitchen, eating a Popsicle.

"Are you kidding? Its totally like her." Dawn says walking in the house. Xander and Willow jump up from the couch.

"Now look, I need to talk with Buffy, some stuff has happened that she really needs to know about."

"Kennedy told us." Xander replies.

"What did she tell you?"Dawn asks

"Just everything you told me."

"Okay, but Buffy doesn't know."

"No, she's been up in her room for like the past hour." Kennedy answers.
"She's just tired, I'll talk to her in the morning, can I sleep on the couch tonight?"

"Yeah, go ahead." Xander says, stepping out of the way. Everyone leaves the room, heading they're separate ways

The next morning. Buffy's room. Buffy bults up, she has dark black eyes. Spike gets up from his chair.

"How do you feel?" Spike asks.


"Here, I found this yesterday." He hands her a mug filled with blood. She takes it and starts to drink. Then she realizes what it is, and throws it to the wall, the mug shatters, and the blood is now dripping from the wall.

"Pigs blood!!!"

"Yes. You can't have human blood."

"I need it." Buffy says.

"Buffy, do you remember what happened?"

"No, who is this Buffy?"

"That's you, you're Buffy."

"I'm Buffy?"


"I remember."

"Yes, hold on to that memory, you'll need it."

"You," Buffy says, with anger.

"Yeah, I'm me. Did I do something that you don't like?"

"You tried to hurt me."

"I failed. I can't hurt you, not ever."

"Why is that?"

"Because your stronger then me, and everyone."

"Power, I like power."


"I have the power?"

"To do anything you want."

"I want..."

"What?" Buffy kicks down the door and walks down to the basement.

The basement Alex, Faith and Oz, are sitting on the couch. Buffy storms down, lifts Alex up, by her shoulders, and throws her into the cage. Spike runs down after her.

"Buffy, wait!" Oz yells

"Buffy, no!!" Faith screams.

"Guys, wait! Buffy, you have the power."

"I've got the power."

"What do you want with Alex, she has no power."

"Hey!" Alex yells. Buffy just stares at her, "Yeah, that's kinda true" Alex realizes.

"You did this." Buffy says taking a step closer to Alex

"Did what?" Alex asks

"What did she do?" Faith asks

"All of this, is a lie, everything that's happened, you caused this."

"Well, what can I say?" Alex asks

"Tell them." Buffy says

"Okay, so its all a lie."


"I talked to a girl. She asked me if there was anything I wanted more then anything else."

"So, you wanted all of this to happen?" Faith asks

"No, I only wanted to be Xander's sister, and get a chance to meet the slayer."

"You got your chance. Reverse it." Oz says

"I can't, the only person who can is Buffy."

"I'm Buffy."

"Yeah, how does she do it?" Spike asks

"She just has to want it to happen."

"Buffy, do you want to go back to the way it was?"

"Yes." Buffy closes her eyes, everything goes black. When she opens her eyes everyone is in the living room, standing around the coffee table.

"Okay, so that's it right? The spell is ended?" Oz asks

"Not quite." Faith says.

"What do you mean?" Buffy asks

"I'm still a werewolf." Faith responds

"And I'm still a vampire." Buffy realizes

"And I'm still pregnant." Dawn says coming inside.

"But who are you guys talking about?" Spike asks

"Oh, uh..." Dawn replies

"She was..." Faith answers

"I have no idea..." Buffy says.

"Well obviously, who ever it was, wasn't important, sense we don't remember her, Hey Willow, can you..." Oz says

"NO!" Willow says, with pitch-black hair, and black eyes and black veins. She levitates and blows the roof off the house, as well as the second story. She just "flies" away.

"What in the name of..." Buffy says as she, and Spike are on fire by the sun.

"Buffy!!!" Dawn yells, everyone stands up, they take count of everyone who is still alive, Dawn, Oz, Faith, Andrew, Kennedy, and Xander are the only ones alive. They look around at the mess surrounding them. They all have blank faces on. Dawn, Faith, and Oz, are Crying. Kennedy falls to the ground and cries. Andrew just falls to the ground, realizing what just happened.

"You guys!!" Dawn yells. Everyone looks up at her, she is glowing.

"What's happening to you?" Oz asks

"She's a slayer now." Kennedy realizes.

"But, how?" Dawn asks

"When Buffy died, and became a vampire," Oz starts at the same time Faith says.

"You and Buffy shared the same blood, so it makes sense that when she died you would be called next, and sense I&#8217;m outta the picture, and I never actually died you were called and not Kennedy.

"I'm not dead!" Buffy and Spike shout as they reform from their ashes.

"What now?" Kennedy asks. Everybody stares in bewilderment, as the people who had just died are now back. Willow flies over the house, and come back in hair and eyes back to normal.

"What happened here?" Willow asked

"Willow what did you do?" Faith asks

"Oh, me, oh, I contacted the powers, and wanted my life back, so they gave it to me."

"Oh, well as long as you didn't do anything drastic." Buffy says

"What do you want to do now?" Xander asks.

"I need more shoes." Buffy says.

"I'm having a craving for ice cream." Willow says. Everyone gets up and walk out side. It slowly fades to black...

The End


how was that? comments are appreached
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Postby WillowLuver » Sun Sep 03, 2006 3:21 pm

Hmm.. Should i post "The Secrets" Here? Or do you want me to just leave it on the site? Anyway.. let me know!

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Postby DawnBTVS » Sun Sep 03, 2006 4:06 pm

Tiny bit confused on some parts...

Okay, Faith mentions that Xander never knew that Alex was his sister and Kennedy says "okay" but nobody objects to that misinterpretation...

Therefore, if nobody objects to the false wording by Faith, why is everybody (esp. Willow) yelling at Xander? Why does Xander mention his mother telling him to keep the secret if what Faith said was true about him never knowing he had a sister?
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