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Postby Kane Magus » Wed Aug 13, 2008 6:23 pm

Here's a list:

--Persona 3 FES (PS2). I finished The Journey a couple of weeks ago, which was awesome. I've been playing The Answer off and on since then, but I just can't get into it as much, since they pretty much took out all of the stuff that made The Journey cool, and turned into all-Tartarus-all-the-time (or the Tartarus equivalent in The Answer, anyway.)

--LostWinds (WiiWare). Eh, it's okay. I bought it on pure whim a couple of weeks ago, and it kept me entertained for a little while. I still haven't finished it yet though.

--Braid (XBLA). This game is awesome, and ingeniously devilish. It's a platformer with a Prince of Persia-esque time reversal mechanic. I've only made it past World 3 so far, though, and haven't played it as much as I could be, due to the below.

--Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People (WiiWare). It's a classic point-and-click adventure, just the way I like 'em. The fact that it's based on Homestar Runner just makes it that much cooler. I got this on Monday, and pretty much completed it that night, though I haven't found all of the little secret thingies yet.

--Ar tonelico (PS2). Playing this one on the recommendation of Mord. Only started it yesterday and haven't gotten very far into it, but so far it seems pretty awesome.

--Aardwolf. Again at the recommendation of Mord. I tried this once back in, like, 2000-2001 or something, played it for a while, then just kind of trailed off. However, there's a lot of new stuff that has been implemented since then that make it a lot more in-depth and overall cooler than it was back then, though. Or, at least, it seems that way to me, anyway. I know there are a few players (or, at least, former players) on these boards, but for those of you who don't know what it is, it's an ASCII-based MUD. I'm currently a lvl 86 Warrior/Berserker, Tier0, first mort. I've been playing for a couple of weeks now, off and on.

And, though I'm not currently playing them yet, I also ordered Shadow Hearts Covenant and Shadow Hearts From a New World, at the same time that I ordered Ar tonelico and they arrived the same day. Of course, I kinda feel obligated to play through the original Shadow Hearts again before tackling them, since it's been so long since I played it. (I'm hoping they don't end up like Fatal Frame and Xenosaga, though, in that I've played through the first of both of those series, part way through the second, and haven't touched the third entry of either at all yet.) Which reminds me... Shadow Hearts isn't actually the first in the series... I should probably try to track down Koudelka at some point as well, since I haven't played that one yet either, though I'm sure it'll probably be pretty difficult to find at a non-retarded price these days...

(EDIT) And I just learned via email that Ben Jordan 7 has recently been released, so I'm sure I'll be playing through that in the near future as well. *goes ahead and downloads it* (/EDIT)


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Postby mordiechu » Thu Aug 14, 2008 12:49 am

Here's my current list:

Persona 3 FES (PS2) Recently started, I bought it on recommendation from Kane. Looks promising, so I just have to find the time around my Aardwolf duties. (I'm a builder and thanks to the new lua capabilities, I've regained an interest in actually building!)

Rondo of Blood/Symphony of the Night (PSP): This is one of the games I bought the PSP for, although haven't really had time to play it much either. x_x Slightly put off that they felt the need to "enhance" it as 3d. Having the originals would have been more than enough to tickle my fancy. Now I still have to try to secure a Turbo Duo. ^_- (Gotta find one anyway since I got the Y's games on it. :P)

.hack//GU Vol 3: Finally secured a copy of this thanks to Kane. Had vol 1 and 2 for ages then when I was finally able to go out and get vol 3... none available anywhere ANYWHERE in the city. x_x Haven't started it yet (heck, it's still sealed!) but it'll probably be unsealed by october at the latest.

I'm planning on doing something I use to do as a kid - keep a list of all the games I've completed. When I stopped keeping the list back in school, it was already up to about 80 or so. (pre-SNES era)

I'm going to restart it from scratch tho. Persona 3 FES is the first game on the list, although I may attempt an extra game at the same time.

Other than that, it's mostly playing Aardwolf (mostly as a newbie Alt: TriBlade - vampire assassin) and I've been surprised at exactly how easy it's been. Seriously. Just make sure you have some time to run through the academy to learn everything you can. It runs damned near all the basics by you, plus has a couple nifty items available to help start off. Between that, a run around the clan shops for lv1 gear (you'll have plenty of money for those things from the academy!) plus a run to do the new goal added to the orchard to finish off your starting gear. (The tumbleweed breastplate is l33t for newbies!)

Remember, it's free! ;)
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Postby Danners » Wed Aug 20, 2008 8:30 am

Currently playing Soul Calibur 4. Happy!

Also got Burnout Paradise mixed in there every so often with some Geometry Wars 2 and soon, Castle Crashers.

Finished The World Ends with You, although I'm still trying to finish the extra story elements that open up after the game is over but I've mostly moved on to playing the FF4 remake on DS. I only ever got halfway through the original.
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