Review: 9x02 - "Legacy" [SPOILERS]

For all your Season 9 discussions on The Chosen, because Jet Wolf is anal and likes to keep things tidy. Here we'll talk about the latest episodes and people will theorize for JW's amusement. (Warning: may contain spoilers for any and all previous events in either Buffy or The Chosen.)

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Re: Review: 9x02 - "Legacy" [SPOILERS]

Postby Neet » Sun Dec 10, 2017 9:31 am

I agree that Faith doesn't think she was wrong to kill Judith. She may feel guilty because she doesn't feel guilty and thinks she should, but I think her main problem is that she thought killing Judith was the final, absolute thing that would put her grief about Hazel to bed. Now, Judith's dead but all those feelings Faith had when Hazel died are still there, and she can't channel them into fighting someone else. She has to face herself instead.

I think maybe Faith describing her own behaviour as "crazy" or similar is her trying to put it into terms she can understand. I mean, crazy/mad etc. are very general terms for the genuinely mental ill or neuroatypical, but also for anyone who just doesn't fit with society (that's part of the reason many mentally ill people don't like them). It's convenient when you don't have an official diagnosis to give someone, or you just don't like their behaviour. Faith knows that she did something wrong in season three, something that she didn't want to do and doesn't want to do again. However, she also knows she did do it and can't escape that. She's afraid of that part of herself and hasn't entirely resolved her feelings over the different parts of her life. "I was crazy" and "I was a monster" might be the easiest way she's found to describe who she was then in comparison to who she's trying to be now.

I'd also agree with rmsgrey that the fact Faith hates what she did in season three is another indicator that she does have a conscience, and self-awareness, and can control what's going on in her head (with some effort). It's not that her brain is doing things against her will, it's that she's still learning how to process her own thoughts, feelings and history.

Wes was deliberately trying to goad Faith into feeling a certain way because he thought that was what she needed to take on Angelus. Plus he was having some complicated feelings of his own over asking for help from a woman who tortured him. As for imagining herself stabbing people - it was stabbing someone that pushed her over the edge before, I can understand it being something that would come back to her when she's struggling with herself.
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