Five Buffyverse Top 5 Posts (Check out #5!)

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Five Buffyverse Top 5 Posts (Check out #5!)

Postby Kerkevik » Wed Dec 08, 2010 8:53 am


dearest Akeela commented on the last of these, so I'm inspired to post them here, in the hopes of getting people to talk about their own favourite fics; moments from the show(s) & The Chosen; as inpsired by the titles of the posts, but also the recs within.

Hope you'll read one, or two, yourself.

Five Buffyverse Xover Fics ... 76014.html

Five Fics I Wish Had Been Filmed ... 76257.html

Five Spike Friendship Fics ... 76684.html

Five of the most imaginative Buffyverse Fics ... 76874.html

Five Moments of Quiet Genius by Jet Wolf ... 77246.html

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