Snyder is 59 today - or at least his RL alias is...

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Snyder is 59 today - or at least his RL alias is...

Postby Kerkevik » Wed Nov 05, 2008 3:17 am


as today is the 59th birthday of Armin Shimerman, who played one of my favourite characters-I- love-to-hate ever on TV:) , I thought I'd put in a polite request for Snyder fics. I can recall a couple of the past couple of years, but not where I saw them. If I get the chance I will check Still Grrr, as the most obvious source (being the fic archive that I check the most).

He also played favourite characters of mine on Stargate SG-1 & ST: Deep Space Nine (Quark - one of my all-time favourite TV characters), of course, so any crossovers that people know about would be appreciated too. Also, if you're involved in writing in those fandoms, and know of any fics that might be worth reading, that would be ultra-cool too.

Snyder's past is of great interest to me, especially given my history of (lifetime) bullying & familial abuse. My own theory is that he underwent a great deal of both, but took a very different route to survive it to Xander, Tara & Wesley (being the most obvious examples) - and also myself. Why did he turn into such a vile and hateful human being, when the three aforementioned did not (while I never liked Wesley, in any incarnation, at least he was a nice guy. Did anyone ever try to steer him away from that life-course (as Angel, particularly, did for Faith for example. Whatever reservations I may have about him as a character, that has not to be forgotten in his favour.) ?

Comments, and discussion, are very much encouraged - and let's not forget the fic recs :)

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