Some character-biased fic recs 1. Tara Maclay

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Some character-biased fic recs 1. Tara Maclay

Postby Kerkevik » Fri Oct 17, 2008 9:32 am


this really should have been posted yesterday but I just ran out of computer time. I've decided, therefore, to post it separately. I hope other WolfPackers will come up with lists of their own fic recs, biased towards their own favourite characters.

I hope you will forgive me with starting out with my own fic which, like the final rec, is more about Tara, than featuring her. It also happens to be one of the fics that actually resembles the story I saw in my head as I was writing it ( a sentiment which I refer to in the post which I am forwarding here.



as today would be, canon-wise, the 28th birthday of Tara Maclay - the character, above all others, that got me writing again - I thought I'd rec a number of my favouite fics featuring her.

They're not all happy ones, but they do, I hope, show a variety of pictures of the character that I came tolove so much (amongst other things it led me to this list, and the host of fics I've dicovered herein). The very last is by list-mom, WhichWitch, and is a fic I make no apologies for recc'ing yet again. It's just too good a fic to leave off this list, even if it does not, strictly speaking, feature Tara, I believe her spirit infuses it with a whole lot of it's power.

There would be more, but I'm in the process of recovering links to a lot of fics lost a few months ago. I haven't lost the fics fortunately, so I should be able to recover most of the links.

To all the authors who put their stories out there (not just the ones I like); to Joss, Amber & Marti Noxon (who saw in Amber, what Joss did not) for creating the character of Tara; to WhichWitch for founding this list; to Jet Wolf (whose Season 8 'The Chosen' gave me back Tara, in more than wish-fulfillment) , and to Dana, who recc'd her series to me, I say a humungous, and hearty Thank You!

I hope you enjoy at least some of these fics,
Love to you all,
and especially to my favourite character (sorry Spikey-babes! ),
I'm still under Willow & Tara's spell,

The Dance of the Happy Little Toaster by Ray Harley

Easy-Bake by Beer Good ... tml#cutid1

Written Reflections by Deird1

She Always Wanted To Be Harriet The Spy by Ubiquirk ... tml#cutid1

50 Sentences about Willow and Tara by Bakatulip ... tml#cutid1

The Choice of Achilles by Stormwreath

Taking Care by Christina L.Kamnikar ... gcare.html

10 Moments in the Life of Tara Maclay ... tml#cutid1

Only When I Breathe by Buffonia

Shooting Star by Beer Good

Today by Angelus2hot ... tml#cutid1

Silence, Sounds of by WhichWitch

ps. I'm sorry there aren't any synopses. There simply wasn't enough time. I hope you'll give them a try anyway.
Thanks for reading,


To finish, I'd like to add the first couple of lines in a song featured over the end titles of the movie 'Caramel', from the Lebanon, written, directed, and featuring as lead actor, Nadine Labaki. They really speak to that need for stories that people like Joss, Jet Wolf, Beer Good, Deird1, Ubiquirk, Bakatulip (and any number of fic writers, in many fandoms); also the 'greats', like Shakespeare, Dickens, Sappho, Walt Whitman, Woody Guthrie, Leonard Cohen etc.

They are: Mirror, mirror on the wall / Listen to my story / Tell me who I am...

We all need stories, and characters, in which we can see ourselves, but also through which we can experience other worlds. Tara & Spike, on Buffy, are just two of the most important to me. Others, who love them as much as I do, but also dislike them, often for the very reasons I love them, have their own fics that speak to them. But, to me, that just demonstrates the richness that the Whedonverse specifically has.

I hope you will something in the fics I've recc'd here (and that you won't find my own fic out of place),
Take care,
Mirror mirror on the wall
Listen to my story
Tell me who I am
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