The Blair Witch Project   5 Disembodied Jet Wolf Heads out of Five
"Whoa. That's some freaky shit."
Sunday, 1 August 1999
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Jet Wolf Says ...

Yes, that's right, Hollywood. You CAN make a good movie without blowing millions.

It was with no small amount of excitement that I discovered The Blair Witch Project was FINALLY going to be released into local theaters. Few things make a person want to do something more than not being able to do it, and deprevation worked my case, most certainly. What with lots of plugging on the Sci-Fi channel, a fascinating special on the aforementioned channel, recommendations from net.friends in those coveted "select cities" and my own intense curiousity, I couldn't see Blair fast enough.

Unfortunately, however, the nature of the movie is one in which there is little I can say that would not spoil those who haven't yet seen it.  As most of you know, I loathe spoilers, so I'm left trying to find some non-incriminating information and opinions to pass along. I'd tell you the base story, but whatever job I do will pale in comparison to the web site, which I cannot recommned highly enough. is by far the most engrossing, well done and informative movie web site that I have ever seen. If you haven't seen the movie, visit. If you have seen the movie, visit. What you will learn here can do nothing but enhance your Blair experience, whether you've partaken of the film or not. But make sure to inspect everything. It's loaded with Easter Eggs and little surprises. I spent over three hours on the site a few nights before I saw Blair, and I still haven't checked out every section.

Now then, my base opinions. I was, and still am, awed by the resourcefulness of the filmmakers of The Blair Witch Project. A low budget horror (horror? I suppose "suspense" would be more accurate) movie, it manages to keep your eyes glued to the screen without a single whiff of cheese and without spending the gross national product of a small country. Yes, that's right, Hollywood. You CAN make a good movie without blowing millions. I recall reading an article in USA Today about how entire sections of the screenplay simply had the structure of the plot, the general direction of the scene. No lines to be learned here, the actors had to get out there and seriously play their part, adlibbing all the lines. Sure, it didn't come of a clean as it might've had there been a script to follow. But guess what? Instead, we got REALISM. And that, more than anything, is what makes The Blair Witch Project one of the freakiest damned movies I've ever seen.

That's about all I can say by way of a general review, however I have several things I'd like to say of a more specific nature. I warn you, they are riddled with the dreaded SPOILER! If you are unpurturbed by this news and would like to see what else I have to say, click here.

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