Jet Wolf's Top 100 Buffy Moments

My first encounter with Buffy the Vampire Slayer was less than favourable. It largely involved me ignoring my friends who were rather ga-ga over the show. I mean, come on. The show's name is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Say it outloud to yourself. I couldn't be bothered with a show that was so obviously ridiculous. I was too busy watching shows with intelligent names, like Sailor Moon.

I stopped rolling my eyes several years later, when a visit to the local Suncoast resulted in an impulse purchase of the first season on DVD. 12 hours of televisual paradise later, and I was hooked. Unfortunately, at the time the first season was all that was released, and since I was so very far behind, I decided to avoid watching them on TV and wait for the DVDs to catch up so I could enjoy new episodes along with everyone else.

Obviously there's zero chance of that happening at this point, what with the series off the air, but I'm not bitter. Much.

Making anal lists like this is one helps me feel better. It satisfies my inner Virgo by giving her another something to analyze in joyous glee. We must keep our inner Virgos happy, lest they criticize us to death.

So, a couple of things you should know before reading.

  1. This should be obvious, but there are massive spoilers here. They come often, and without warning. If there's something Buffy-related that you don't want to be spoiled on, let there be no Top 100 for you. Leave quickly now.
  2. As only up to S5 have been released on DVD, my screen caps and clips for the other two seasons are of lesser quality. This will be rectified upon release and purchase of the other two seasons.
  3. I am totally, unashamedly, biased towards Willow. If you're a big fan of Buffy/Angel, Buffy/Spike, or ... well, not-Willow, this may not be the list for you. However, I point you to the logo up top which makes it quite plain that this is Jet Wolf's Top 100. Don't like it, go make your own.
  4. There will be an update coming soon ("soon" being relative as always) which will possibly expand the list to 200 moments (for reasons that I will make clear if/when I get to the expansion) and a randomizing feature that will explore the other moments that didn't make it into the official lists. Going through all 144 episodes produced over 700 moments, and after so many months of working on this project, I am disinclined to let six-sevenths of my work fall by the wayside.

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Last updated: 1 January 2004.
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