All about the magnificence that is Jet Wolf. No, really.

Greetings loyal reader, and welcome to the Ego Fest. Here you will find all the sorts of things that I wanted to put up on a web page about Me. You'll find nothing of particular importance, insightfulness, or even necessarily great entertainment value. But you know, that's okay. Because the Ego Fest is about one thing and one thing only -- Me. If you do not wish to read about Me or things in My life which I decided to make a web page about, then this is likely not the place for you. However, if you are the sort of nosey voyeur who enjoys a brief peek into other people's lives, then perhaps you'll want to stick around a bit. There's not much here right now, but given time, I plan to assimilate the entire World Wide Web into one glorious Jet Wolf Ego-Fest. I think this will be of great interest, if little variety.

Manifest Destiny
Go West, young Wolf.

JW By the Numbers
What makes this Wolf tick? No mere document can sum it all up for you, but here's a profile anyway.

The Jet Wolf FAQ
Yes, my own Frequently Asked Questions. Check here before sending off that E-Mail. (Last updated years and years ago, so be forewarned.)

Road Trip!
Take one girl, one guy, almost limitless film and a stretch of open road, and this is the result. Consider it the road scholar's look at the plague of vehicular stupidity sweeping the country.

JW Does Orlando on Someone Else's Dime
A free trip to Orlando? Why, sure! Because it's not at all disturbing that the only other trip I have on here is to Florida.

JW and Ultrace Go Coastal
It's anniversary time, so Jet Wolf and Ultrace take their first Oregon road trip to visit the Pacific Ocean. We hear it's big and wet, but won't believe it until we see it.

Driving Through a Winter Scrubbyland
February 2006 means road trip time! It does in 2006, anyway. Jet Wolf takes it solo on a return to Baton Rouge and back. And you're invited. After the fact. Look, it's not like you chipped in for gas.

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