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The Chosen: A Buffy Continuation
What happened after the credits rolled on the final Buffy episode? Well in my world, it went a little something like this ... (An ongoing project, a "virtual season" consisting of 22 full-length "episodes" airing weekly on Tuesday at 8pm EST. Wondering what you'd do with yourself now Buffy's gone? Happy to fill the void.)

The Thought was Nice
It's Willow's 21st birthday, but for some strange reason, she doesn't feel much like celebrating.
(Nominated best duo, 2004 Walk With Heroes.)

Dawn laments the things she should have said to Tara while she had the chance.

On Being Brave and Living
Seven vignettes for seven Scoobies facing the rest of forever without Buffy.

Slices of Life
A series of unconnected stories showing random moments taken from the lives of our favourite characters.

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